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Welcome to the changing face of digital signal processing
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
7/29/2010   3 comments
The world of DSP has undergone a massive shift, from the use of well-defined, math-oriented architectures to a more holistic approach that looks at the problem and selects any combination of available architectures, DSP, RISC or FPGA, to solve it. We've changed our approach too, to help you navigate these new waters more effectively.
Life, attachments and how to smash a CRT
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
5/7/2010   6 comments
It’s funny how you never realize how much something has woven itself into the fabric of your life until you sit down and try and figure out the best way to smash it to smithereens.
TI's multicore SoC: Right notes, ringing hollow
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
2/17/2010   Post a comment
While the new multicore system on chip (SoC) signal-processing architecture announced by Texas Instruments this week at Mobile World Congress hits all the right notes with respect to what's needed in next-generation basestation designs, it rings a bit hollow given how sketchy the architectural details remain when contrasted with more 'real' announcements from the likes of Freescale.
The SoC in 2020: Advances to redefine how we live
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
12/3/2009   Post a comment
In this fourth installment of TI's 2020 Vision series, Senior Fellow Bill Witowsky (retired) explains why the inherent functionality of future high-performance SoCs will be defined by software in order to facilitate the repurposing required to offset their development costs.
Magic microphone: All smoke, no mirrors
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
11/19/2009   1 comment
To get around the dynamic range issues of current microphone pickups, Schwartz Engineering and Design has devised a laser-based pickup that detects voice-induced 'distortions' in a flowing stream of smoke and that then relies on proprietary digital signal processing to translate those distortions into audio. And it works!
The path to money in medical systems design
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
9/21/2009   Post a comment
Between government stimulus packages, an aging population, exploding healthcare costs and increasing need for better remote diagnostics, it's understandable that engineers looking for the next big opportunity would look up and cry: "Thars gold in them thar [medical] hills." But not so fast.
Chip vendors making VCs redundant
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
9/11/2009   Post a comment
The next time you have a great idea for an end product, you should look at bit more closely at your choice of IC: the vendor-as-partner model can do more to realize your idea than any venture capitalist or angel investor ever could--without eating into your long-term profits.
From 2009 to 2020: A history of developments in programmability
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
8/28/2009   3 comments
Predictions come easy, but from the demise of FPGAs to the emergence of 32-core processors, DSPs are showing some strong trends and I think it is possible to divine what will happen in the next few years as we move towards the next order of magnitude increase in computational efficiency.
Old and new: Marconi's Irish roots
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
8/17/2009   Post a comment
In a remote region of Ireland last week I happened upon a monument to Guglielmo Marconi's first commercial wireless transmission: between Rathlin Island and Ballycastle in North Antrim on July 6th. 1898.
Processor architectures: Where will we be in 2020?
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
7/22/2009   10 comments
In the first of a series of "2020 Vision" forward-looking perspectives by Texas Instruments' leading visionaries, TI Fellow Gene Frantz looks at where processors will be by then.
How a felt-tipped pen saved the Apollo 11 mission
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
7/20/2009   4 comments
Buzz Aldrin wasn't the first to "McGuyver" a solution to a difficult problem, but his use of a felt-tip pen to activate a broken circuit breaker to enable the Eagle to blast off from the moon surely ranks as one of the most dramatic.
Hey Red, is space exploration worth it?
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
6/25/2009   8 comments
Hearing Buzz Aldrin talk at a book signing last night did little to relieve the nagging concern that there may be better ways to invest in our future than space exploration.
ADI launches online processor community help site
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
6/15/2009   1 comment
Analog Devices' digital signal processing group has jumped into the vendor-driven engineering community fray with an online community center where designers can get answers to their technical questions either from ADI specialists or their peers.
Intel hiring DSP programmers
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
5/26/2009   Post a comment
I don't want to read too much into this, as it's part of the natural way of things given recent processing trends, but this job opening does did stop me in my tracks: Intel Ireland seeking senior DSP software developer.
Can Star Trek really be revisited?
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
5/8/2009   1 comment
This weekend we go back to the future with the launch of a reinvigorated Star Trek. By all accounts it has most of not all of the elements of the original, amplified by special effects. But can we really go back?
Which DSP for audio?
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
5/1/2009   2 comments
For high-end audio it's typically been a choice between Freescale's Symphony, Cirrus Logic's lineup, TI's C6000 or ADI's TigerSharc, but with the OMAP and Blackfin processors getting faster, might they also now be encroaching upon that space and becoming viable options?
OMAP or Blackfin: Which do you prefer?
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
4/24/2009   Post a comment
For years the two excellent architectures from two great companies have vied for your attention. You've looked at them, evaluated them, used them and even (though rarely) crossed back and forth between them. What's your verdict?
Engineers are political lightweights
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
4/15/2009   Post a comment
The general response to any political commentary in a technical outlet is that politics should be kept out of engineering. As one reader put it, engineering is his 'refuge' from the political fray. Amen to that! But not so fast... We're shooting ourselves in the foot!
Bluetooth: Dead and alive
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
4/14/2009   1 comment
After all the research, development, marketing and debates, Bluetooth was successful. But only as a mobile headset cable replacement. So, is that it?
IMEC needs your help
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
4/7/2009   Post a comment
IMEC, the famed Belgian research group is working on new, more-efficient approaches to dynamic, heterogeneous processing across distributed systems and is actively soliciting any and all suggestions as to how it should be done.
From math to reality: the story of memristors
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
4/3/2009   Post a comment
Being able to see and resolve the nature of things through a kaleidoscope of mathematical equations is a gift that few of us have. Sure, most engineers have a 'knack' for math. Many of us even enjoy it and spend many hours noodling over arcane matrices, integrals and differentials. But how many truly view the world as a set of math equations?
It's the little things that count
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
4/2/2009   Post a comment
You would think that BIOS design is a boring topic, but it turns out that it is a diverse and complicated field.
Networking the lightbulb
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
4/2/2009   Post a comment
What do you get when you combine a lightbulb, a sensor, and a network connection? That question sounds like the setup for a bad joke, but it is actually the secret to solving our energy problems.
Speed multicore development with IMEC tools
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/31/2009   Post a comment
IMEC is now licensing its impressive low-power multicore development tools.
RapidIO Gen2: double speed, lower power
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/31/2009   Post a comment
RapidIO Gen2 offers twice the performance, lower power, and lower system cost than RapidIO 1.3--all while maintaining backwards compatibility.
DSP for beginners
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/31/2009   Post a comment
Are you new to DSP? Here are some resources that will get you up to speed.
The Tao of DSP
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/31/2009   1 comment
DSP and martial arts have a lot in common. It doesn't matter what tool, hardware or environment you use, having a vision and an understanding of the underlying mechanics needed to get you there is all that matters.
DSPs they are a-changin'...
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/19/2009   Post a comment
Free DSP software!
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/16/2009   Post a comment
My friend John Edwards has generously posted his DSP algorithm libraries and filter design software.
Meet your new editor
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/15/2009   Post a comment
After running this site for three years, I am handing over the reigns to Patrick Mannion. But first, I'm going to indulge in some nostalgia!
Huge ESC discounts available now!
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/9/2009   Post a comment
Readers can now save 25% on the Embedded Systems Conference. That's a discount of up to $400!
Why SDR is at a tipping point
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/6/2009   Post a comment
People have been talking about SDR for nearly 20 years. Here's why it is suddenly becoming a reality.
The quiet SDR revolution
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
3/2/2009   5 comments
SDR is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology. So where's the fanfare?
Obama's stimulus: let's get our facts straight
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
2/20/2009   5 comments
Stephen Brennan's guest column on the stimulus left me shaking my head. Here's my attempt at setting the record straight.
Way-cool video analytics
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
2/12/2009   Post a comment
BriefCam's technology lets you review 24 hours of footage in as little as one minute. You have to see it for yourself!
Some more analysis on Xilinx and Altera
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
2/9/2009   Post a comment
For more on the new Xilinx and Altera FPGAs, check out The Linley Groups' analysis.
DSP sales tank--here are the graphs
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
2/5/2009   Post a comment
The end of 2008 was "clearly a disaster." Well, at least smart phones are still selling!
Smartphones show growth during downturn
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
2/5/2009   Post a comment
Forward Concepts has a new study out on smartphones and smartphone chips. Here are the highlights.
Home networks and other dumb ideas
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
1/31/2009   Post a comment
My review of the LiquidHD networking technology was too hash, but revisiting the topic just makes me more skeptical about home video networks in general.
How bad are DSP sales, really?
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
1/24/2009   Post a comment
The DSP sales numbers aren't as bad as I first thought, but we still have reason to be worried.
Massively parallel processors: Who's still alive?
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
1/21/2009   Post a comment
Here's a survey of massively parallel processor companies. Find out who's dead and who's still in business.
The trouble with a DTV delay
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
1/13/2009   Post a comment
Delaying the transition to digital TV will companies that have already paid for the spectrum, and will derail plans for wireless Internet and public safety systems.
CES review: winners and losers
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
1/12/2009   Post a comment
Here's a quick roundup of the hits and misses of CES. Read it to see what all those other news stories missed!
Multicore DSPs for LTE
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
1/6/2009   1 comment
In his latest newsletter, Will Strauss predicts that we'll see six- and eight-core DSPs in LTE baseband processors.
Video: Ford's new 'Active Park Assist'
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
1/5/2009   Post a comment
Here's a fun use of DSP technology. Parking-assist technology has been available from a while, but only in high-end cars. Hopefully Ford will make it more affordable!
Keep it simple, stupid!
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
12/29/2008   2 comments
Consumers love easy-to-use electronics. Here are the secrets to design success.
More details on defense spending
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
12/21/2008   Post a comment
The New York Times has a thoughtful editorial detailing how we should redirect our defense dollars. I highly recommend reading it.
The good news about 2009
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
12/20/2008   Post a comment
A lot of DSP products are well-positioned to ride out the bad times of 2009. In fact, some products could even see growth during the next year. Here are my top technologies to watch.
Unlocking the promise of graphics processors
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
12/13/2008   Post a comment
Graphics processors (GPUs) have incredible promise as high-performance compute engines, but the programming model is a problem. RapidMind and PGI have come up with two different solutions. Here's what you need to know about them.
Iraq and defense tech--a personal story
Signal Processing DesignLine Blog  
12/6/2008   1 comment
My cousin got hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq. It didn't have to happen--the TALON robot might have saved him.
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