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Trump, Truth and American Manufacturing
Semi Conscious  
8/18/2017   16 comments
The President's strained credibility and controversial stance on the ugly incident in Charlottesville has imperiled potential opportunities to revitalize high-tech manufacturing in the U.S.
Engineer Looks to Crowdfunding to Stoke Kids' Interest in Electronics
Semi Conscious  
8/16/2017   Post a comment
A veteran software engineer is looking to harness the power of crowdfunding to get his pet project -- an intuitive, digital circuit design kit aimed primarily at kids -- off the ground.
Semiconductor Counterfeiting is a Global Problem
Semi Conscious  
7/26/2017   Post a comment
The problem of counterfeit semiconductors extends far beyond the borders of the United States.
Fake Chips on Amazon Are Nothing New
Semi Conscious  
7/24/2017   2 comments
The "news" that counterfeit semiconductors have been sold on Amazon comes as no surprise to industry insiders.
Analyst Tempers IoT Chip Forecast
Semi Conscious  
6/13/2017   1 comment
It's still a huge market, but IC Insights sees slower revenue projections for government projections.
Could Intel enable $200 Ultrabook?
Semi Conscious  
5/20/2013   19 comments
Market research firm IHS believes the chip giant could reinvigorate the PC industry--if it's willing to sacrifice its own margins.
Samsung wants to launch 5G in 2020
Semi Conscious  
5/14/2013   4 comments
South Korean giant claims first adaptive array transceiver technology operating in the millimeter-wave bands.
BeagleBone Black: A 1-GHz computer for $45
Semi Conscious  
5/2/2013   18 comments
This credit card-sized Linux computer was one of the coolest demos on the show floor at last week's DESIGN West.
Apple iWatch, Google Glasses to lead wearable computing surge
Semi Conscious  
2/21/2013   6 comments
The rumored Apple smart watch and the augmented reality glasses being developed by Google are expected to be just the beginning for wearable gadgets.
Could RIM really mount a comeback?
Semi Conscious  
1/30/2013   10 comments
IHS says Blackberry 10 is Research and Motion's last, best hope to challenge the smartphone powers that be.
Samsung overtakes Apple as top chip buyer
Semi Conscious  
1/23/2013   2 comments
Together, pair of global electronics giants consumed 15 percent of semiconductors in 2012.
PLX Tech stands alone
Semi Conscious  
1/18/2013   2 comments
After its proposed acquisition by IDT was blocked by regulators, a leaner version of he PCI Express chip company is moving on.
Fabless model shows no sign of collapse
Semi Conscious  
1/14/2013   Post a comment
Some see evidence of the decline of the fabless-foundry model. The numbers tell a very different story.
EDA vendors cashing in on move to FinFETs
Semi Conscious  
12/6/2012   Post a comment
Synopsys co-CEO Aart De Geus says technical challenges facing chip makers bode well for design tool vendors.
Windows 8 failing to boost PC sales
Semi Conscious  
11/29/2012   14 comments
Much hoped for boost to PC sales from the launch of the new operating system has thus far failed to materialize.
Texas-sized supercomputer rising in Austin
Semi Conscious  
11/19/2012   1 comment
Stampede, featuring the first installation of Intel's Xeon Phi coprocessors, is the seventh most powerful supercomputer in the world.
Consumers staying away from high-end PCs
Semi Conscious  
11/9/2012   25 comments
More bad news for the PC industry: Consumers think low-end and mid-range models will do just fine.
Apple mulls switch away from Intel chips
Semi Conscious  
11/6/2012   23 comments
Apple is reportedly exploring options for replacing Intel chips in its Macs with its own internally designed chips.
Apple, Samsung still hogging all handset profits
Semi Conscious  
11/1/2012   4 comments
Consumer electronics' dynamic duo once again took more 100 percent of handset profits in the third quarter.
Wireless charging's Wild West landscape
Semi Conscious  
10/31/2012   7 comments
Amid a tangle of proprietary technologies and looming battles over standards, there are still plenty of questions about wireless charging.
Audience Inc. is no one-trick pony
Semi Conscious  
10/26/2012   2 comments
Audio processing IC supplier got lumped after being left out of iPhone 5, but firm sees new era of voice command interfaces in electronics.
Huawei using ASICs for first time
Semi Conscious  
10/24/2012   8 comments
To the chagrin of FPGA vendors, Chinese telecom equipment giant is starting to convert some designs to ASICs.
Microsoft needs a hit with Win 8
Semi Conscious  
10/19/2012   7 comments
Believe it or not, mighty Microsoft's future hinges on the success of its latest operating system.
ASML doubles down on EUV
Semi Conscious  
10/18/2012   15 comments
Considering how much is at stake for ASML in the development of extreme ultraviolet lithography, doubling down by buying Cymer makes sense.
Does Amazon want TI's OMAP?
Semi Conscious  
10/15/2012   6 comments
Firms won't comment on report by Israeli newspaper that they are in advanced negotiations on the sale of the apps processor line.
Can Windows 8 rescue the PC?
Semi Conscious  
10/10/2012   25 comments
Facing fierce competition from new types of mobile computers, PC shipments now projected to decline for first time since 2001.
Tezzaron's Austin fab rescue saves jobs and more
Semi Conscious  
10/8/2012   2 comments
An Austin chip fab run by SVTC Technologies was set to close, lay off more than 100, until Tezzaron Semiconductor stepped in.
Intel could win, even if Ultrabooks fail
Semi Conscious  
10/2/2012   9 comments
OEMs are recasting some systems as "ultrathins," but they still need chips.
Why OMAP can't compete in smartphones
Semi Conscious  
9/27/2012   10 comments
How Texas Instruments' decision to pull out of the cellular baseband business determined the future course of its apps processor.
Does Tesla's Supercharger answer the road trip question for EVs?
Semi Conscious  
9/26/2012   25 comments
A network of fast-charging stations could make longer trips in electric vehicles more realistic.
Tablet craze a boon to contract manufacturers
Semi Conscious  
9/24/2012   Post a comment
Nearly nine out of every 10 media tablets is built by contract or outsourced manufacturers based in Asia.
Heard any good iPhone rumors lately?
Semi Conscious  
9/10/2012   7 comments
The Internet is abuzz with rumors about iPhone 5 features, functionality and components.
Baseball, hot dogs and building your own PC
Semi Conscious  
8/31/2012   7 comments
AMD is preparing for an interesting event that combines two great American pastimes: pennant race baseball and DIY-style PC building.
AMD plots resurgence in servers
Semi Conscious  
8/28/2012   Post a comment
After years of neglect, AMD has spent much of 2012 beefing up its offerings for what it hopes will be a resurgence in the server market.
Made in America, by robots
Semi Conscious  
8/21/2012   18 comments
Believe it or not, increasing factory automation could actually be good news for creating U.S. jobs.
When will NAND sales surpass DRAM?
Semi Conscious  
8/17/2012   4 comments
Applied Materials CEO Mike Splinter says the NAND market will overtake the DRAM market when solid-state drive adoption occurs in earnest.
The new HP way
Semi Conscious  
8/10/2012   10 comments
Another Hewlett-Packard blunder has us wondering if bad acquisitions, layoffs, and scandals are the way of the future for Silicon Valley's original company.
Is emulating a product the same as stealing?
Semi Conscious  
8/7/2012   58 comments
It's clear that Samsung recognized that the iPhone was a game-changing product and tried to learn from its success. Does that constitute intellectual property theft?
FPGA vendors squabble over 28-nm market share
Semi Conscious  
8/1/2012   15 comments
Tired of the constant war of spin between Democrats and Republicans? The biggest FPGA companies sometimes make the D.C. crowd seem collegial.
Black Hat goes back to the future
Semi Conscious  
7/23/2012   1 comment
To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the annual Black Hat USA information security conference, organizers are bringing back five speakers from the original 1998 event.
Could Apple play the 'Made in the USA' card, too?
Semi Conscious  
7/20/2012   15 comments
An AppleInsider story argues that more components in the iPhone are built in the USA than most realize. Really?
Even with Intel's chips on the table, EUV still no sure bet
Semi Conscious  
7/19/2012   8 comments
Intel opened its wallet to help fund extreme ultraviolet lithography R&D, but the technology is still a work in progress.
ASML: We won't get fooled again
Semi Conscious  
7/11/2012   25 comments
Intel's $4.1 billion investment in ASML is not unlike the waiter bringing the check before serving the meal. But it had to be this way.
UMC looks to rebound with IBM license deal
Semi Conscious  
6/29/2012   3 comments
UMC is looking to increase its relevance with a license deal that means it could be the only pure-play foundry to offer a 20-nm low power process.
Armed with new products, Freescale sees growth ahead
Semi Conscious  
6/25/2012   9 comments
Freescale Semiconductor is seeking to grow relative to the overall chip market, armed with core products that almost across the board didn't exist before 2010.
AMD's new mojo: Betting big and doubling down
Semi Conscious  
6/19/2012   3 comments
AMD's Fusion Developer Summit last week was surprisingly heavy on swagger—and gambling analogies.
Slideshow: Scenes from the 49th Design Automation Conference
Semi Conscious  
6/8/2012   6 comments
Jugglers, magicians, acrobats, booth babes, Barak Obama and an angry man with a bullhorn...The 49th DAC had something for everyone.
A modest proposal: Creating an automated IP marketplace
Semi Conscious  
6/7/2012   7 comments
Is Naveed Sherwani's vision of an automated IP marketplace where IP could be evaluated and procured at pre-negotiated prices feasible?
EDA vets down on lawsuits
Semi Conscious  
6/5/2012   Post a comment
EDA has a well-earned reputation as a litigious industry, much to the dismay of customers, investors and even some EDA executives.
Gary Smith on what to expect at DAC 2012
Semi Conscious  
5/30/2012   Post a comment
The dean of EDA analysts shares his thoughts on what will be hot at the 49th Design Automation Conference in San Francisco next week.
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