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China Bets on Homegrown OS
News & Analysis  
1/31/2014   30 comments
A new operating system designed in China for smartphones, tablets, set-tops, and PCs could exercise a disruptive influence worldwide.
Broadcom Reports Steady Quarter
News & Analysis  
1/31/2014   1 comment
Broadcom Corporation reported strong financials across the board during its quarterly earnings call on Jan. 30. President and CEO Scott McGregor said the company delivered record revenues across its three business groups and continues to build momentum in LTE and ultra HD.
Ballmer’s Last Stand: Cloud Chief Taking Over Microsoft
News & Analysis  
1/31/2014   32 comments
Microsoft Corp. reportedly is about to name Satya Nadella, the head of its cloud and enterprise division, as Steve Ballmer's successor as CEO.
MediaTek Going Wearable, Chinese & Cheap
News & Analysis  
1/31/2014   17 comments
MediaTek is quietly going after the emerging market of under-$50 wearable devices. The company’s new "all-in-one" SoC, called Aster, is sampling now only to a select group of customers.
Memory Shifts Coming, Says Keynoter
News & Analysis  
1/30/2014   21 comments
Abstracted memory interfaces, DRAM alternatives, and new kinds of processors are in the works, a Micron fellow said at DesignCon.
Qualcomm Beats Its Own Expectation in Q413 Earnings
News & Analysis  
1/30/2014   4 comments
As the smartphone market's growth moves increasingly to China and emerging economies, Qualcomm has sought new ways to keep itself and its CDMA smartphone patent business going strong. The company reported solid earnings for the quarter ending on December 29, 2013.
Power Week in Review: Formula 1 'Power Unit,' Implantable Energy Harvester & Programmable Controller
News & Analysis  
1/30/2014   Post a comment
Highlights this week include the newly designed - and significantly "greener" - Formula One engine, an implantable energy harvester that could do away with the need for surgery to replace batteries in pacemakers etc., and a programmable power controller specifically designed for Information/Communications systems.
Freescale 2013 Strength Driven by Auto
News & Analysis  
1/30/2014   4 comments
Automotive and 32-bit MCUs are big winners for Freescale in 2013, along with multicore and RF.
Qualcomm LTE IC Makes (Auto-) Grade, But Only in Module
News & Analysis  
1/30/2014   8 comments
As car OEMs put together in-vehicle infotainment and telematics systems based on consumer technologies, the question is: Are these consumer chips automotive-qualified?
XPrize Challenges DesignCon Audience
News & Analysis  
1/30/2014   1 comment
A keynote from the XPrize Foundation challenged DesignCon attendees to find a novel battery technology or a new approach to learning to read.
Lenovo Snags Motorola for $2.9B
News & Analysis  
1/30/2014   31 comments
Just six days after agreeing to spend $2.3 billion for IBM's x86 server group, Lenovo bids for Motorola Mobility in an unexpected fire sale at Google.
Tablet Growth Slowing, Says IDC
News & Analysis  
1/29/2014   15 comments
In spite of bullish figures in emerging markets and opportunities in low-margin products, growth in the global market for tablets is going to decline in coming years, according to research firm IDC. Saturation in mature markets is primarily to blame.
Yokogawa Expands Production in North America
News & Analysis  
1/29/2014   Post a comment
The industrial automation and control equipment manufacturer is expanding production at its Newnan, Ga., facility and boosting its workforce in North America to more than 1,000 by next year.
Interesting Wearable Applications to Follow
News & Analysis  
1/29/2014   5 comments
The top 20 finalists and the ultimate winner from the 2013 Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup were just announced at this year’s Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich, out of 600 entries from 69 different countries.
ARM Raises Server Spec
News & Analysis  
1/29/2014   2 comments
EV Charging Equipment Sales to Grow 10X by 2020
News & Analysis  
1/29/2014   1 comment
Worldwide revenue from electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) sales is forecast to grow from $567 million annually in 2013 to $5.8 billion in 2022, according to market intelligence analyst Navigant Research.
Hardware Hacker Joe Grand to Speak at EE Live!
News & Analysis  
1/29/2014   4 comments
Joe Grand, a renown hardware hacker, will speak at EE Live! at both the BlackHat Security Summit and the Hardware Startup Engineering Summit.
IoT Spells Opportunity, Intel VP Says
News & Analysis  
1/29/2014   8 comments
The pace of change is accelerating and providing engineers with new challenges to surmount, Intel’s Hermann Eul said at Tuesday’s DesignCon keynote speech.
Facebook Attracts Server Startups
News & Analysis  
1/28/2014   4 comments
Servergy and Rex Computing showed 32-bit Power- and Adapteva-based low power servers at the Open Compute Summit and promised 64-bitters.
Macronix-Spansion Clash Heats Up
News & Analysis  
1/28/2014   4 comments
The war of words between Spansion and Macronix, entangled in several separate legal fights over flash memory, escalated when Macronix issued a release entitled “Macronix Demands Spansion Cease and Desist False and Misleading Statements Concerning Macronix.”
Is Google-Samsung Licensing a Big Event?
News & Analysis  
1/28/2014   19 comments
Samsung entered a broad agreement with Google to cross-license each other’s patents and agreed to put an end to the ongoing battle with Ericsson. Is the mobile industry suddenly seeing the wisdom of “patent peace”?
CAST Announces World's Fastest 8051-Compatible MCU Core
News & Analysis  
1/28/2014   11 comments
The exciting thing is that the 8051-compativble IP core market continues to be so vibrant.
Qualcomm Buys Mobile Patents From HP
News & Analysis  
1/27/2014   12 comments
In a move aimed at strengthening its mobile patent portfolio, Qualcomm Inc. has acquired a massive amount of IP from Hewlett-Packard Co. that includes patents from Palm, iPaq, and Bitfone involving operating system technologies.
Datacenters Drive Network Shifts
News & Analysis  
1/27/2014   4 comments
Three technologies within the field of network switching are expected to experience significant change in 2014.
Slashing Costs in 3D IC Wafer Process
News & Analysis  
1/27/2014   3 comments
AML has filed a patent for its newly developed vacuum wafer carrier solution, using carriers with etched micro-patterns that allow for a vacuum to be created between the carrier and the wafer to be processed.
Intersil Sensor Brightens Mobile Display
News & Analysis  
1/27/2014   8 comments
After being off the tech radar in recent years, Silicon Valley-based Intersil has released a new RGB light sensor that aims to optimize screen brightness and improve resolution, battery life, and color quality for mobile device displays through management of ambient light.
Toyota Case Expert-Witness to Speak at EE Live!
News & Analysis  
1/26/2014   13 comments
Toyota never had a chance against Micheal Barr. His testimony helped prove to a jury that unintended acceleration in the Toyota Camry was a real and reproducible software flaw. Embedded systems engineer Michael Barr will deliver keynote at EE Times's EE Live! conference on April 1.
SanDisk Ships Enterprise-Grade ULLtraDIMM SSDs
News & Analysis  
1/24/2014   Post a comment
Leveraging the memory channel storage architecture from startup Diablo Technologies, SanDisk’s ULLtraDIMM’s SSD are already being incorporated into IBM servers with use cases ranging from VDI to transaction processing
Tektronix Acquires Picosecond Pulse Labs
News & Analysis  
1/24/2014   2 comments
Move puts Tektronix in a stronger position against signal-integrity rivals.
Is Nokia’s 2007 Decline a Lesson for Samsung Today?
News & Analysis  
1/24/2014   29 comments
As Samsung misses earnings by whopping 20%, Nokia looms large as a cautionary tale for the Korean company.
Samsung SDI Climbing Onto China's EV Bandwagon
News & Analysis  
1/23/2014   2 comments
Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. has signed a preliminary agreement to build an electric car battery factory in Xi'an, China, where Samsung Electronics is already building a multi-billion dollar fab for NAND flash memory chips.
Clemson Student Uses Artificial Intelligence to Gain 10x Speedup on Altera Cyclone FPGA
News & Analysis  
1/23/2014   3 comments
The Blokus strategy game becomes the latest example of the use of hardware acceleration of an algorithm that is traditionally implemented in software.
IBM/Lenovo Deal Wins Praise
News & Analysis  
1/23/2014   17 comments
Lenovo and IBM have agreed to a deal which sends IBM's x86 server unit to the Chinese OEM. Some say that this market is becoming increasingly commoditized.
JESD204B Surging Ahead: News From Altera & TI
News & Analysis  
1/23/2014   1 comment
Altera and TI both have news about solutions and devices that support the JEDEC JESD204B serial interface standard for FPGAs and data converters.
Wearable Devices to Hit 10M Units
News & Analysis  
1/23/2014   7 comments
The earable device market will hit 10M units and generate $3B in 2014, predicts research firm.
Power Week-in-Review: Micro Windmill, Storing 'Solar Fuel' & Next-Gen WPC Controller
News & Analysis  
1/23/2014   1 comment
Highlights this week include a MEMS-based micro-windmill that can be used to recharge batteries in cell phones, a new way to convert and store solar energy, and a new wireless power controller from TI.
Qualcomm Drives LTE-A to 5 GHz
News & Analysis  
1/23/2014   9 comments
With the goal of addressing an expected 1,000x increase in mobile data traffic, Qualcomm has announced the development of a new technology to extend LTE Advanced to the 5 GHz band of unlicensed spectrum.
Power Over Ethernet Group Forms
News & Analysis  
1/22/2014   18 comments
The Ethernet Alliance has launched a Power Over Ethernet Subcommittee as part of the alliance's work in Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE is the delivery of power over Ethernet cables, which has has potential for less power-hungry remote devices, such as wall-mounted cameras and automotive advanced driver assistance systems
AMD Posts Solid Q413 Earnings
News & Analysis  
1/22/2014   9 comments
AMD overcame declines in unit shipments for PCs with its graphics and visuals side of its business, in a positive earnings report for Q4 and 2013.
New Materials, Engines Light Up Detroit Auto Show
News & Analysis  
1/22/2014   3 comments
The Auto Show in Detroit last week offered its annual seamless blend of cars, celebrities, bright lights, loud music, short dresses, and variable camshaft timing.
Intel Sells Media Assets to Verizon
News & Analysis  
1/21/2014   18 comments
Verizon Communications will purchase the assets of Intel Media, a division dedicated to the development of Cloud TV products and services, Verizon and Intel officials announced Jan. 21.
OpenFlow Taps Into Mobile Nets
News & Analysis  
1/21/2014   4 comments
A new working group, including mobile carriers and gear makers, will extend the OpenFlow protocol for cellular and business networks.
Transponder Allows Cars to See Pedestrians
News & Analysis  
1/21/2014   15 comments
You still have to look both ways before crossing the street, but Munich Technical University researchers have developed a method for driver assistance systems to identify pedestrians and cyclists, even if they are obscured by large objects.
Ametek Acquires Teseq
News & Analysis  
1/21/2014   1 comment
With the acquisition, Teseq and its subsidiaries boost Ametek's coverage in EMC precompliance and compliance tests.
Uninterruptible Power Surges as Datacenters Spike
News & Analysis  
1/21/2014   1 comment
Increased dependency of mission-critical applications within the datacenter have offered a boon to the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) market. Power supplies are increasingly important, especially as the worldwide economy rebounds.
Dialog Unveils IC for Qualcomm Quick Charge
News & Analysis  
1/20/2014   4 comments
Dialog Semiconductor has unveiled its high-efficiency AC/DC adapter interface IC for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 power supplies.
Intel to Cut 5% of Workforce
News & Analysis  
1/17/2014   34 comments
Without offering specifics, Intel confirms that it plans to lay off 5% of its workforce by year's end. Given the current state of the PC market, the company's re-prioritization may be due to declining PC chip demand.
8 Bits of Awesome At EE Live!
News & Analysis  
1/17/2014   4 comments
Adam Ellsworth has taken simple ideas from concept to consumer, and he wants to share the process at this year's EE Live!
Krzanich Confirms Intel Overestimated PC Chip Demand
News & Analysis  
1/17/2014   18 comments
Intel's year-on-year increases were slightly tarnished by PC market's moody performance. Fab 42 will be reserved for 'future technologies.'
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