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LED company shaves 2 years off R&D
News & Analysis  
4/30/2013   2 comments
Intermolecular, Inc. snags its first LED company with its High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) technology that accelerates R&D.
China became biggest PC market in 2012
News & Analysis  
4/30/2013   5 comments
Unique market conditions and massive population propelled China's PC shipments past the U.S. for the first time, according to IHS.
AMD to support shared-memory spec this year
News & Analysis  
4/30/2013   1 comment
The AMD-led HSA Foundation has described its uniform memory access technology expected to be released and supported in an AMD chip later this year.
DESIGN West Slideshow: From mustaches to Lisa the robot
News & Analysis  
4/29/2013   16 comments
Conference featured diverse gathering of products, people and demos, including wireless Java, racing cars and more than a few robots.
TSMC races up MEMS foundry ranking
News & Analysis  
4/27/2013   1 comment
ST still leads the MEMS foundry business but TSMC nearly doubled its MEMS sales in 2012, moving the world's largest logic foundry into third place as a MEMS foundry, according to Yole's annual sector ranking.
DESIGN West: Robots study for butler role
News & Analysis  
4/26/2013   1 comment
The robotic butler or surgeon is still years away, but the bots are learning faster according to an artificial intelligence researcher.
Teardown: Samsung Galaxy S4
4/26/2013   17 comments
TechInsights examines the innards of Samsung's latest and greatest smartphone.
Smart switch tracks mobile and cloud access
News & Analysis  
4/26/2013   Post a comment
Vitesse's Service Aware Architecture (ViSAA) for its Carrier Ethernet Switch chips provides hardware-based tracking of mobile access and cloud services usage for billing purposes.
Spreadtrum sacks CTO
News & Analysis  
4/26/2013   3 comments
The sudden firing of Qiuzhen Zou, Spreadtrum's chief technology officer, hints at internal turmoil within the Chinese fabless chip firm. What’s the story behind Spreadtrum’s sudden sack of its CTO?
DESIGN West keynoter envisions biomechatronic future
News & Analysis  
4/25/2013   3 comments
Hugh Herr, an MIT researcher and double amputee, provided attendees at DESIGN West with a vision of how synthesized biological and mechatronic systems can repair and improve the human body.
DESIGN West: Mentor Sourcery conjures virtual prototypes
News & Analysis  
4/25/2013   Post a comment
Mentor Graphics integrates support for Vista Virtual Prototypes with Veloce emulation in latest Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition.
Memsic sale set at $88 million
News & Analysis  
4/24/2013   Post a comment
MEMS maker Memsic with origins that go back to Analog Devices has agreed to be bought out for $88.5 million.
DESIGN West: Open source hardware searching for business model
News & Analysis  
4/24/2013   9 comments
The motivations are diverse and the projects are exciting, but the long-term impact remains questionable.
Design West panel scopes out future of IoT
News & Analysis  
4/24/2013   6 comments
The Internet of things will reshape business models for embedded systems companies and raise the level of security concerns according to a new report.
IBM and Airlight boost solar energy 10X
News & Analysis  
4/24/2013   11 comments
IBM and Airlight Energy announced $2.4 million grant to build a full-sized prototype of a solar power station that produces 25 kiloWatts.
Wolfson to become primary Samsung audio partner for the Galaxy range
News & Analysis  
4/24/2013   Post a comment
Wolfson Microelectronics and Samsung Electronics have agreed a multi-year IP License and a Component Supply Agreement which establishes Wolfson as a primary Samsung audio partner, which will turn Wolfson as a major audio component supplier for the company's Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets, including the Galaxy S4, in 2013.
MOST Forum sheds light on the future of automotive optical data communications
News & Analysis  
4/24/2013   Post a comment
After twelve years of serial production, the MOST bus technology for automotive infotainment environments is more vital than ever. At the MOST Forum which will take place on April 23, in Esslingen (Germany), industrial and academic stakeholder will discuss future developments.
TI's profit up despite declining sales
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   Post a comment
First quarter performance in line with analysts' expectations even as customers continue to operate with very low levels of inventory.
Slideshow: DESIGN West gets virtual Mars rover tour
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   4 comments
A NASA engineer provided a design review of the guts of the Mars Rover and the systems that safely set it down on the red planet.
Energy harvesting pioneer named top ACE innovator
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   1 comment
Yogesh Ramadass was named Innovator of the Year in the ACE Awards for his pioneering work in energy harvesting circuits at MIT and Texas Instruments.
Add radio on-a-chip to any design
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   7 comments
Designers can add FM radio to any of their consumer gadgets with a $5 software-defined radio-on-a-chip, an antenna-to-audio solution from mixed signal semiconductor maker, Silicon Labs (Austin, Texas).
ARM continues to outperform market
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   Post a comment
Leading processor IP licensor continues to rack up better-than-market sales growth and profits and continues to sign more licenses for advanced processors.
DESIGN West: Agile-for-embedded improves code quality
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   1 comment
Agile software development methods produce higher quality code more quickly than traditional techniques, but needs to be specifically adapted to embedded system design.
DESIGN West: 'Boring' MCUs need shake up says entrepreneur
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   1 comment
In an interview at Design West, the new CMO of Energy Micro shares his ideas for injecting innovation into microcontroller market.
ST's losses continue, outlook brightens
News & Analysis  
4/23/2013   Post a comment
ST has posted yet another quarterly loss driven by its involvement with the ST-Ericsson mobile chip joint venture.
DESIGN West: Nordic to demo low-power RF chip
News & Analysis  
4/22/2013   Post a comment
Low-power RF specialist highlights chip and module designs using ANT+, Bluetooth and proprietary 2.4-GHz wireless communications and "appcessories" from third parties.
Slideshow: Is Europe Stealth Semiconductor Research Leader?
News & Analysis  
4/22/2013   4 comments
From energy harvesting to efficient lighting, Europe continues to live up to its tradition of excellence in academic and collaborative research.
Applied Materials back on top in chip equipment
News & Analysis  
4/22/2013   Post a comment
Displaced by ASML in 2011 after nearly 20 years as No. 1, chip gear giant regained leadership last year on strength in deposition.
IBM invests $1 billion in flash development
News & Analysis  
4/19/2013   2 comments
Big Blue to demonstrate the technology with competency centers and a line of all-flash storage appliances.
3-D interposers stack chips
News & Analysis  
4/19/2013   2 comments
A silicon interposer technology jointly developed by Silex and BroadPak may bring 3-D chip integration to mass market.
AMD's Q1 beats estimates
News & Analysis  
4/19/2013   2 comments
Microprocessor vendor says it has largely completed restructuring initiatives which resulted in thousands of job cuts.
Will ASICs be replaced in comms gear?
News & Analysis  
4/19/2013   16 comments
A prominent Stanford engineering professor sees a new breed of merchant networking processors replacing ASICs in routers and switches.
Slideshow: How SMIC attracts talent
News & Analysis  
4/18/2013   28 comments
Chinese foundry's template for recruitment of world-class talent includes choice residential living and an award-winning school.
Intel buys Mashery for API management expansion
News & Analysis  
4/18/2013   Post a comment
Chip firm to acquire manager of APIs that allow public-facing companies to make their services accessible to remote device users.
Mobile SoCs still lacking good software model
News & Analysis  
4/18/2013   1 comment
The industry lacks consensus on programming the heterogeneous mobile SoCs now on the rise but some promising power-friendly techniques are emerging.
Geo Semi tackles video analytics
News & Analysis  
4/18/2013   1 comment
Geo Semiconductor combines analytical software with its high-speed video processor chips to solve problems in automotive and consumer electronics.
Microsoft, Foxconn ink patent licensing deal
News & Analysis  
4/17/2013   8 comments
World's largest contract manufacturing to pay software giant royalty for every Android handset it builds.
Cheap smartphone boom bodes ill for Intel
News & Analysis  
4/17/2013   18 comments
Intel is not well poised for the battle ahead in smartphones costing less than $350, expected to drive most of the sector’s growth, said a market watcher.
Slideshow: Reinventing Networking for the IoT
News & Analysis  
4/17/2013   5 comments
Vint Cerf kicked off the Open Networking Summit here saying software-defined networking promises a comms revolution, but demos showed it’s still in an early phase.
Intel's Q1 profit tumbles on weak PC market
News & Analysis  
4/16/2013   23 comments
Chip giant continues to expect moderate growth for the year, banking on the success of new computing form factors in second half.
Smart watch sales expected to surge
News & Analysis  
4/16/2013   8 comments
Smart watches may finally be catching on after more than a decade of existence thanks to a number of new models.
Microchip’s MASTERs Conference for embedded-control engineers
News & Analysis  
4/16/2013   Post a comment
Conference to be held August 19-24, 2013 at Phoenix Resort; Classes available for all experience levels, from beginner to expert.
Lithium ion battery gets nanowire boost
News & Analysis  
4/16/2013   15 comments
Stanford-spinoff Amprius recently described how its silicon nanowire based anodes can boost the energy density of traditional lithium ion batteries by 10-fold.
Indian chip market set to jump 20% in 2013
News & Analysis  
4/16/2013   Post a comment
Improving consumer confidence means Indian semiconductor consumption in 2013 is set to grow even faster than it did in 2012, according to Gartner analyst.
Altera acquires TPACK; expands OTN solution capabilities
News & Analysis  
4/15/2013   1 comment
TPACK delivers complete FPGA-based OTN (optical transport network) products targeting packet and optical networking equipment suppliers.
DESIGN West Fun Guide: From Propeller Beanies to Arduino
News & Analysis  
4/15/2013   1 comment
You’re attending DESIGN West to learn and grow your skills, but you might as well have a little fun while you are there, too.
5 questions with TSMC founder Morris Chang
News & Analysis  
4/15/2013   8 comments
The man who invented the concept of a semiconductor foundry briefly entertained questions from a small group of reporters and customers on an annual trip to the US.
GapSense unclogs WiFi channels
News & Analysis  
4/15/2013   2 comments
University of Michigan will propose a solution to the problem of interference among an increasing number of WiFi and ZigBee wireless devices at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications.
Huawei, world’s biggest underdog
News & Analysis  
4/15/2013   10 comments
The ascent of Huawei -- from a reseller of commodity PBX equipment in rural China to a global telecom equipment behemoth with $34 billion revenue today -- is a story told and retold in China.
FCC ignoring danger?
News & Analysis  
4/12/2013   12 comments
Another sad moment for the FCC: radiation violations by wireless carriers get a pass at rooftop sites across the U.S.
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