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DCD's DSMART ASIC/FPGA IP Core for Smart Card Reader Apps
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   Post a comment
The DSMART IP core implements the hardware sup-port required to handle both T0 (character-oriented) T1 (block-oriented) protocols.
MediaTek, Pixelworks Gun for Mobile Video Post-Processing
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   4 comments
MediaTek is migrating its home-grown Picture Quality engine, originally developed for large-screen HDTVs by its home business unit, into its latest eight-core mobile apps processor called “True Octa.”
Power Week-in-Review: 'Superlens' Extends Wireless Power, Precision Power Scope & Free Battery Dev Code
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   4 comments
This week, a metamaterial "superlens" that extends the distance of magneto-inductive wireless power transfer, plus free lithium-battery development code, the industry's first precision power scope, and Vicor's first ChiP-based power modules.
TSMC: Solid Growth in Q4 Backed Up by Mobile
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   6 comments
TSMC showed a solid 10.9% year-over-year growth in revenue in the fourth quarter, backed up strong mobile growth. But the demand for computer, consumer, and industrial-related products all declined by double digits.
Intel Cancels Fab 42
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   26 comments
Intel delays opening its 14-nm Arizona fab likely because of slumping PC market.
Test Products 2014: Here They Come
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   4 comments
2014 has begun and, with it, new test products have made their appearance.
Embedded Systems Conference returns to San Jose this March
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   Post a comment
EE Live! to showcase the Embedded Systems Conference.
EDA Market Blooms Despite Japan's Fall
News & Analysis  
1/16/2014   1 comment
Global sales of EDA tools in the third quarter of 2013 were driven upwards by demand for physical design and verification tools and semiconductor IP, according to the EDA Consortium (EDAC) Market Statistics Service (MSS).
EE Live! Conference to Offer IEEE Professional Credits
News & Analysis  
1/15/2014   3 comments
Engineers attending any of the conference events at EE Live! can now earn IEEE credits.
Want to Join Me in the EDA Playground?
News & Analysis  
1/15/2014   6 comments
EDA Playground is free and online, there is nothing to install, and it runs on any OS.
Intel Seeks Visibility in Cloud Service Market
News & Analysis  
1/15/2014   2 comments
Intel starts program with 16 cloud service providers to reveal tghe Intel technology inside their servers.
IBM, Samsung & Qualcomm Among Top Patent Recipients
News & Analysis  
1/15/2014   5 comments
Analyst firm IFI Claims Patent Services released its annual list of the top recipients of US patents in 2013. IBM remains the top awardee for the 21st year in a row as Google and Apple break into the top 20 for the first time.
Tesla Recalls Overheating Chargers
News & Analysis  
1/14/2014   19 comments
Tesla Motors announced on Tuesday that the company sold almost 6,900 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2013, bringing the total number of Model S's delivered worldwide during 2013 to 22,300.
Google Acquires Nest Labs for $3.2B
News & Analysis  
1/14/2014   45 comments
Let the battle begin over the so-called "conscious home" -- a vision held by Nest Lab’s co-founder Tony Fadell. Now that Google is that "home" picture, through the acquisition of Nest, expect the market segment to heat up.
Samsung Aims SSD Encryption at Enterprise Environments
News & Analysis  
1/14/2014   1 comment
Firmware, third-party software support part of broader strategy to offer more SSD-based applications for enterprises and regulated industries.
Server Market Faces Disruption in 2014
News & Analysis  
1/14/2014   11 comments
Virtualization and public clouds are causing disruption in traditional server markets, while white-top box vendors from Taiwan and cloud providers from China are making inroads in the server market, says an analyst.
IBM Turns to Semiconductor Packaging Post-Moore’s Law
News & Analysis  
1/14/2014   12 comments
IBM is facing the challenges of a post-Moore's Law world including lithography and back-end scaling. The company is looking to move beyond traditional CMOS technology and its Von Neumann architecture to use more 3-D and 2.5-D scaling.
Stars of Open-Source in China, Says Hacker 'Bunnie' Huang
News & Analysis  
1/14/2014   11 comments
A quick chat with open-source guru Bunnie Huang about open-source, hacking, and engineering reveals China excels at open-source model.
AMD Extends Graphics Lead Over Intel
News & Analysis  
1/14/2014   9 comments
AMD's Kaveri chips extend the company's lead over archrival Intel in graphics performance in PC processors, analysts say.
Making Smartphones Smarter
News & Analysis  
1/13/2014   2 comments
A panel of experts discussed trends in handset development at International CES and debated what will spark public interest in 2014 and beyond. Executives from Intel, Samsung, Microsoft and Ad Colony agreed that managing data and making meaningful consumer experiences will be the deciding factor in manufacturer and advertiser success.
Auto UI at Digital Cusp
News & Analysis  
1/13/2014   8 comments
As evidenced at CES last week, the automotive industry is exactly at the digital cusp that swept the mobile phone industry two decades before, with its human-machine interface still in its infancy.
10 Power Management Startups to Watch in 2014
News & Analysis  
1/13/2014   Post a comment
As we enter into 2014, here are ten European startups in the power management sector that are worth keeping an eye on, in order to see how they progress (or slide backward) this year.
IBM Founds Watson Group
News & Analysis  
1/13/2014   6 comments
IBM Watson Group's headquarters will be at 51 Astor Place in New York City’s “Silicon Alley” technology hub.
CES Mobile Wrap: DSP, GPU, CPU Redefined
News & Analysis  
1/13/2014   4 comments
Apps processor designers are prompted to rethink DSP, GPU, and CPU cores. This year’s CES saw Nvidia’s Tegra K1, MediaTek’s octa-core apps processor, and new generation of Ceva-TeakLite-4 DSP architecture.
Intel Surfs Millimeter Waves to 5G
News & Analysis  
1/10/2014   30 comments
The PC company is researching the potential for 60 GHz backhaul and 28 GHz and 39 GHz access technologies for 5G cellular services.
FCC's Wheeler Stresses 'Values' in CES Debut
News & Analysis  
1/10/2014   10 comments
New FCC chairman, responsible for upcoming spectrum auction, tells broadcasters to view upheaval as an opportunity to harness the digital universe while performing the same public services.
Toshiba Flash Marries Q'comm SoCs in Vegas
News & Analysis  
1/9/2014   3 comments
Toshiba's UFS solution will be added to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 chipset. The Ver2.0 solution will go into production for smartphones and tablets in the second quarter of 2014.
Andrew 'Bunnie' Huang to Keynote at EE Live! 2014
News & Analysis  
1/9/2014   7 comments
Popular X-box hacker and open-source hardware proponent Andrew “Bunnie” Huang is confirmed as a keynote speaker for EE Live!, featuring the Embedded Systems Conference, on Wednesday, April 2, at 9:30 a.m. at the San Jose Convention Center.
Conexant Targets Far-Field Voice Processing for TVs, PCs, Smartphones & Tablets
News & Analysis  
1/9/2014   2 comments
We are currently poised on the brink of a dramatic increase in the deployment of voice-controlled "things." Hold onto your hats, because the world is about to change!
Power Week-in-Review: Mega Flow Battery, EV Forecast & Mag Res Charger for Qi Phones
News & Analysis  
1/9/2014   Post a comment
This week, a possible breakthrough in renewable energy storage, a forecast for the growth in electric vehicles, and the debut of a magnetic resonance charger for wirelessly charging Qi phones at longer distances.
Octacore Lands in Alcatel's Android OneTouch
News & Analysis  
1/9/2014   2 comments
At this week’s CES in Las Vegas, Alcatel revamped its flagship smartphone lineup with the Android-based OneTouch Idol X+, which takes advantage of MediaTek’s new eight-core MT6592 True Octa-Core chipset.
CES Panel: Autonomous Cars Are 'Long Way Off'
News & Analysis  
1/9/2014   11 comments
Acknowledging the "critical issue" of reconciling the average car's lifespan of seven years with the barely 18-month lifecycle of a CE device, an executive at BMW said: "I don't see any solution. We need your help."
CEVA Gains from MediaTek’s Global Plan
News & Analysis  
1/9/2014   9 comments
MediaTek unveiled a multimode LTE chipset. MediaTek also announced a partnership with VIA Telecom for integrating CDMA2000 into its upcoming “worldphone” SoC, which in turn will allow CEVA to move into MediaTek’s SoC big-time.
Chips Are Down for VCs, Wall Street
News & Analysis  
1/8/2014   14 comments
Venture funding, IPOs, and acquisitions were all down in 2013 for the semiconductor industry, said a new report, and an analyst said the situation will only worsen.
Mediatek SOC May Drive Ultra HD Uptake
News & Analysis  
1/8/2014   2 comments
Mediatek adopts HEVC on its new SOC to decode Ultra HD video content.
Multimode Wireless Charger Debuts at CES
News & Analysis  
1/8/2014   4 comments
MediaTek announces multimode charger for resonant as well as inductive charging.
ST Brings 64-Bit ARM Home
News & Analysis  
1/8/2014   14 comments
STMicroelectronics announced plans to upgrade its existing 32-bit ARM-based SoCs for TVs and set-tops to 64-bit using ARM Cortex-A53 and A57 cores.
CES: 9-Axis Sensor Stars in Movea Wearable
News & Analysis  
1/8/2014   3 comments
Reference designs for wearable spots and wellness applications debuted at the CES from Movea, Xm-Squared, and Texas Instruments.
10 Top IoT Stories of 2013
News & Analysis  
1/8/2014   5 comments
Internet of Things articles on security, low-cost dev boards, Intel's Quark, and reports from a handful of conferences won the most clicks in 2013.
Wireless Execs Make Waves at CES
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   Post a comment
Here are excerpts from a panel at CES on the status and outlook of wireless technology that included experts from Broadcom, Ericsson, and the Wi-Fi Alliance.
The New T&M Company Name Is…
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   27 comments
The new electronic measurement company to split from Agilent Technologies will be called Keysight Techologies. Senior Technical Editor Martin Rowe spoke with an executive of the new company.
Samsung & Rambus Agree to 10-Year License
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   4 comments
Samsung Electronics and Rambus have come to terms on a 10-year deal extending their relationship through 2023. Samsung will pay Rambus $60 million a year for access to security and other capabilities on tablets, smartphones, and other devices.
LG Revives webOS for Smart TV
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   13 comments
LG Electronics has breathed new life into webOS – a mobile operating system originally developed by Palm, by redesigning it as an OS for its new smart TV platform.
Intel Edison Aims to Dress Wearables
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   15 comments
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich outlined a vision for a wearable world at Monday's pre-CES keynote, the cornerstone of which centers on a SD-sized computing system.
Toyota Suddenly Accelerates Fuel-Cell Race
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   45 comments
Toyota announced at International CES that it will put on the road a mass-market hydrogen fuel-cell car in 2015.
Oscilloscopes, Sensors, Noise, and Football
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   Post a comment
Get the in-depth word on connecting sensors to oscilloscopes, measuring phase noise, measuring first downs, going beyond ADC specs, and designing instrument user interfaces.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 Powers Smart TVs
News & Analysis  
1/7/2014   2 comments
Qualcomm faces tough competition as it steps into the smart TV market with a chip that might not be so unique after all, says one analyst. So why the move into TV?
GlobalFoundries Appoints Sanjay Jha CEO
News & Analysis  
1/6/2014   16 comments
Motorola's Sanjay Jha takes on CEO role at GlobalFounderies.
Platform Brings Hypervisor & Virtualization to Automotive
News & Analysis  
1/6/2014   Post a comment
At CES, Harman showcases a scalable platform for in-vehicle infotainment in the connected car. The platform transplants concepts known from commercial and consumer computing -- such as hypervisors and virtual systems -- to automotive environments.
CES Hosts Low-Energy iBeacon Scavenger Hunt
News & Analysis  
1/6/2014   1 comment
Proximity awareness gets a fun test at the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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