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Summit Acquires Prosoft
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8/3/1998   Post a comment
Beaverton, Ore.--August 3, 1998-- Summit Design, Inc. (Beaverton) has acquired Finnish software company Prosoft Oy whose principal products are complementary to Summit's hardware/software ...
Embedded Networking: Why Has It Taken So Long?
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8/2/1998   Post a comment
This paper from Osicon Technologies is an interesting view of what has prevented networking from taking on widespread embedded status, how things have changed, and now, where it all might be heading. Coke machines will signal the dispatcher they need refilling. The Maytag repairman will patiently play Solitaire while waiting for email from a washer or dryer in distress. What will make all this happen? Integrated solutions based on systems on silicon that reduce both the cost and complexity of em
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