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Globalfoundries Expands into Chinese Wafer Fab
News & Analysis  
5/31/2016   Post a comment
U.S.-based foundry plans to upgrade an existing semiconductor facility in inland China to run some of its processes on 300mm-diameter wafers.
Startup Settles With Broadcom, Raises $50 Million
News & Analysis  
5/31/2016   Post a comment
Innovium, a fabless semiconductor startup founded in 2014 to pursue networking technology, said it raised more than $50 million in venture capital and settled a legal dispute with Broadcom.
ARM's Bifrost Steps Up Graphics, Bridges to Machine Learning
News & Analysis  
5/31/2016   Post a comment
The Mali-G71 GPU core is ARM's first that follows a new architecture called Bifrost that has been launched providing support for the Vulkan API from the industry-run Khronos Group.
MRAM Seen Leading Embedded Non-Vol Memory Race
News & Analysis  
5/31/2016   1 comment
Spin-torque transfer magnetic RAM is leading a race for inclusion as an embedded non-volatile memory at the 28nm chip production node according to the memory department director for European research institute IMEC.
Intel Broadens Xeon Video Offerings
News & Analysis  
5/31/2016   Post a comment
Intel announced its new E3-1500 version five (E3v5) and companion Iris Pro graphics processing unit (GPU) for ultra-fast video transcoding.
Paris on a (Connected Electric) Scooter
News & Analysis  
5/27/2016   1 comment
Start-up Cityscoot is bringing shared electric scooters to Paris. The company designed a black box, which makes every scooter “very smart.” Its box enables Cityscoot to book, track and geo-locate, keeping riders safe, and communicating road conditions.
FDSOI Driving ST's Automotive Biz
News & Analysis  
5/27/2016   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics says the fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator chip manufacturing process it championed has become almost the default choice for digital manufacturing within its automotive and discrete group.
Stratix 10 MX: 1 TBps On-Chip Memory Bandwidth in Single FPGA
News & Analysis  
5/26/2016   10 comments
Having up to 16 GB of in-package memory with a bandwidth of 1 TBps is going to be a game-changer for a wide range of applications.
Machine-Learning Radars May Come to Automotive
News & Analysis  
5/26/2016   1 comment
Belgium's IMEC research institute plans to make future sensors --specifically radar sensors -- as well as devices that extract useful information locally and even become learning machines.
IoT Chip Supports Five Networks
News & Analysis  
5/24/2016   Post a comment
Imec announced a low-cost chip supporting five low-power wide area networks for the Internet of Things and started work with Infineon on a car radar device.
Forces Clash over Auto Cyber Security
News & Analysis  
5/24/2016   6 comments
With a growing number of connected cars and autonomous cars planned for rollout, automakers know they have a bulls-eye on their back. The question now is how best to deal with this imminent threat.
Tower Debuts RF Process For IoT Front Ends
News & Analysis  
5/23/2016   Post a comment
Specialty foundry says it has begun mass production of a silicon-germanium process tailored to meet the demands of wireless front-ends on an integrated circuit for the Internet of Things.
Foundries' Sales Show Hard Times Continuing
News & Analysis  
5/23/2016   2 comments
Taiwanese foundries TSMC and UMC, two partial bellwethers of the semiconductor sector, have both indicate with recent sales figures that a chip market slow down that lasted through the winter is not yet over.
Android N Joins Auto OS Battle
News & Analysis  
5/19/2016   3 comments
This week at its Google I/O Conference, Google upped the ante, revealing that the upcoming Android N will come with an auto-centric variant equipped with hooks that sink much deeper into cars.
TI Still Top Dog in Industrial Chips
News & Analysis  
5/19/2016   1 comment
Intel moves into No. 3 position behind Infineon, according to annual ranking compiled by Semicast Research.
IMEC Leverages Si Platform for Quantum Computing
News & Analysis  
5/18/2016   Post a comment
European research institute is taking work it is doing in preparation for the 5-nm manufacturing node and turning it toward quantum computing.
Nissan Integrates e-Mobility with Smart Grid
News & Analysis  
5/18/2016   Post a comment
Nissan intends to establish closer technological and business ties between electric driving and smart grids by testing a vehicle-to-grid system.
IoT Security: Taming a Perfect Storm
News & Analysis  
5/18/2016   4 comments
Panelists at the NXP/FTF Technology Forum 2016 describe the hurdles that need to be surmounted in order to bring security to the Internet of Things.
Mobileye/ST Gun for Sensor Fusion, Go after NXP
News & Analysis  
5/17/2016   1 comment
On the heels of NXP’s Bluebox announcement, Mobileye and STMicroelectronics rushed to reveal a Vision SoC, EyeQ5, touting it as a “sensor fusion central computer for autonomous vehicles.” Unlike Bluebox, already sampling, EyeQ5 won’t be ready until 2018.
Kyocera, FotoNation Unite on AI Car Cameras
News & Analysis  
5/17/2016   Post a comment
Kyocera and FotoNation announce partnership agreement to develop intelligent automotive camera technology deemed critical in coming era of semi- and fully autonomous cars.
Evidence of Chip Sales Decline Mounts
News & Analysis  
5/16/2016   1 comment
IDC becomes the latest market research firm to predict that semiconductor sales will decline in 2016.
NXP Unveils Open, Modular ADAS Car Platform
News & Analysis  
5/16/2016   1 comment
NXP is unveiling a comprehensive ADAS vehicles platform. Central to the platform is its new Bluebox computing engine, capable of fusing data processed from different sensor nodes such as radar, lidar, vision sensing and an onboard V2X system.
What Apple Gains by Sinking $1B into Didi
News & Analysis  
5/13/2016   9 comments
Apple’s $1 billion investment in China’s leading ride-hailing service company Didi Chuxing is surprising but it makes one thing clear: “It tips Apple’s hand. Apple is developing driverless cars,” said an analyst.
Chip Market Slowdown Takes Toll on Suppliers
News & Analysis  
5/13/2016   Post a comment
With the semiconductor market in a lull, most of the top 10 suppliers posted first quarter sales down significantly from last year.
Google, Fiat To Collaborate in Autonomous Driving Development
News & Analysis  
5/11/2016   Post a comment
Carmaker Fiat Chrysler (FCA) will collaborate with Google in developing technologies for self-driving vehicles. According to media reports, FCA will integrate Google’s technology into about 100 Chrysler hybrid minivan Pacifica vehicles.
Cryptographic IP Speeds Car2x Communications
News & Analysis  
5/10/2016   Post a comment
Semiconductor IP provider EnSilica has launched a cryptographic IP that could help meet the high security communication and latency requirements of automotive Car2Car and Car2Infrastructure (Car2x) applications. These applications form part of emerging Intelligent Transport Systems.
Imagination Inside Innovative Video Analytics Engine
News & Analysis  
5/10/2016   Post a comment
Russian ASIC expert company Elvees and UK-based chip IP provider Imagination Technologies are creating an innovative SoC platform, called the Elise SoC, for a wide range of video analytics and high-performance mobile computing.
U.S. Investigates Security Update Practices
News & Analysis  
5/10/2016   4 comments
Federal agencies are seriously worried about cyberattacks. Whether such assaults are launched on smartphone or cars, they’ve come to believe that the threats are real. Agencies are asking industries how they’re responding to the vulnerabilities of their connected devices.
DRAM Goes Hot and Cold
News & Analysis  
5/9/2016   Post a comment
The commodity memory has a lot of niche applications, especially when it's protected against heat, moisture, humidity and cold
NXP Takes Auto Chip Vendor Crown
News & Analysis  
5/6/2016   Post a comment
Following its takeover of Freescale, NXP Semiconductor has been declared the leading automotive chip vendor for 2015 by market research firm Strategy Analytics.
Strong Growth Seen For CMOS Image Sensor Market
News & Analysis  
5/6/2016   Post a comment
IC Insights projects that market will grow at 9% CAGR through 2020 as automotive, security and medical applications adopt the technology.
Analog, MEMS Drag On ST’s Results
News & Analysis  
5/6/2016   Post a comment
Rumor mill says Carlo Bozotti's tenure as CEO could soon come to and end.
Enhanced Guidelines Appear for Safe, Secure C Programs
News & Analysis  
5/5/2016   Post a comment
MISRA C, the coding standard for safety-critical systems, has been enhanced with new rules addressing security in C coding.
Electromobility Drives Infineon’s Sales
News & Analysis  
5/5/2016   Post a comment
The quarterly figures of chipmaker Infineon were slightly better than expected; sales to automotive customers grew faster than average.
Google, Fiat Chrysler Join Forces For Self-Driving Cars
News & Analysis  
5/4/2016   2 comments
The partnership heralds a new chapter in Google's quest to bring autonomous vehicles to public roads in the US.
Activist Investor Attacks Vex Chipmakers
News & Analysis  
5/4/2016   10 comments
Beyond Yahoo, Apple and Sony, chip vendors have been targeted by activist investors. The big change now is that hedge fund investors -- whose focus used to be on small to medium companies -- are now getting much bolder.
Chip Sales Edge Up Slightly
News & Analysis  
5/3/2016   2 comments
The Semiconductor Industry Association reported that chip sales increased slightly in March compared with February, but sales for the first quarter were down sequentially and year-over-year.
MaxLinear Buys Microsemi’s Broadband Wireless Unit
News & Analysis  
5/2/2016   Post a comment
Technology and assets, formerly of PMC-Sierra, to be combined with MaxLinear's low-power, digital CMOS, radio-frequency mixed-signal capabilities.
Chips for Energy Harvesting: The Next Billion-Dollar Market
News & Analysis  
4/29/2016   Post a comment
Although energy harvesting has failed to take off to date, it is expected to drive $3 billion in semiconductor sales in 2020, according to Semico Research.
Cypress to Pay $550 Million for Broadcom’s IoT Business
News & Analysis  
4/28/2016   1 comment
Cypress says deal will open up new markets, give firm leadership position in consumer Internet of Things space.
JEDEC Adds UFS Card Spec
News & Analysis  
4/28/2016   Post a comment
The Universal Flash Storage (UFS) family of standards have been updated along with the introduction of a new removable memory card option for the mobile device market
Auto & Cloud Companies' Alliances Untangled
News & Analysis  
4/28/2016   2 comments
In the era of the Internet of Everything, big data has thrown together a roster of once-strange bedfellows, including Rolls-Royce with Microsoft, Hyundai with Cisco, Toyota with Microsoft, Amazon with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, and BMW with Microsoft.
TI Tops Estimates on Automotive IC Strength
News & Analysis  
4/28/2016   Post a comment
Buoyed by strong sales of automotive semiconductors, Texas Instruments delivered first quarter results that beat Wall Street's expectations.
Macom Sues Infineon Over GaN Rights
News & Analysis  
4/27/2016   Post a comment
RF and microwave chip vendor asks U.S. federal court to protect patented gallium nitride on silicon technology developed by Nitronex, which Macom acquired in 2014.
NXP Bullish on Future With Freescale in Fold
News & Analysis  
4/27/2016   5 comments
No. 1 automotive semiconductor supplier forecasts better than expected second quarter, says integration is going well.
IoT Security Spending to Skyrocket
News & Analysis  
4/25/2016   6 comments
The amount that enterprises and consumers will spend on security around the Internet of Things is projected to grow rapidly after 2020, according to Gartner.
Gel-Coated Nanowires Yield Batteries With Indefinite Cycle Life
News & Analysis  
4/25/2016   3 comments
University researchers report inventing a nanowire-based battery material that can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times, moving us closer to a battery that would never require replacement.
Paying, Building 5G for Autos
News & Analysis  
4/22/2016   Post a comment
Industry experts at the Brooklyn 5G Summit expect, unsurprisingly, that 5G will play a major role in the future of automotive communications. Just how next-generation cellular systems will help form autonomous or automated driver assistance is still being constructed.
DARPA Awards GPS-Beating Sensor Development Contract to HRL
News & Analysis  
4/22/2016   1 comment
U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awards HRL Laboratories $4.3 million contract to develop vibration- and shock-tolerant inertial sensor technology.
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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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