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Graphics controller cuts display costs for defense, aerospace
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9/30/2003   Post a comment
A new ruggedized PMC board could dramatically cut the costs of graphics controllers in defense and aerospace applications.
Proper Layout and Component Selection Controls EMI
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9/30/2003   Post a comment
Understanding the physics of voltage-regulator topologies is important when designing power systems for EMI and EMC compliance. In particular, the physical principles behind switching regulators (buck, boost, flyback, and SEPIC topologies) guide component choice, magnetics design, and PC board layout. Parasitic elements such as leakage inductance, ESR, and ESL are significant when optimizing circuit performance.
Garmin GPSMap 76S: Sensory overload
9/29/2003   Post a comment
Besides a GPS longitude-latitude position indicator, the GPSMAP from Garmin is an altimeter electronic compass. It has specialized magnetic sensors, and a variety of ICs from suppliers like Cirrus Logic, Fairchild, Linear Technology, and Maxim. David Carey opens the case to show what's inside.
Samsung, Toshiba merge optical disk operations
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9/29/2003   Post a comment
By agreeing last week to combine their optical disk businesses into a joint venture, Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Japan's Toshiba Corp. hope to cut their operating costs and maintain a competitive edge in a market saddled with severe pricing pressures.
Low-Cost Bluetooth Adapter for USB-Enabled Peripherals
Product News  
9/29/2003   Post a comment
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) and Cypress Semiconductor have jointly developed a less-than-$15 (total BOM) Bluetooth solution for off-the-shelf USB-enabled peripherals.
Magnetic components sector pulls upward
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9/29/2003   Post a comment
Rising demand and a sales uptick have analysts believing that the magnetic components market may be headed for stabilizing prices, restored profits, and tighter inventories the remainder of the year.
Broadcom aims two chips at STB, TV market
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9/29/2003   Post a comment
Broadcom Corp. last week extended its presence in the market for set-top-box and TV electronics with the introduction of the BCM3405 multichannel low-noise amplifier (LNA) and BCM-3418 analog cable tuner.
Dropping anchor
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9/29/2003   Post a comment
While highly competitive pricing for electromechanical switches and relays is good news for OEMs, U.S. suppliers of the devices are struggling to achieve profits while vying for shrinking orders.
As component demand improves, raw materials hold fairly steady
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9/29/2003   Post a comment
Though prices of some raw materials used in electronic components are edging up, there is no indication of a return to the steep price hikes and shortages that led some suppliers to engage in long-term agreements three years ago.
Intel digs deep again to prop up ailing DRAM suppliers
News & Analysis  
9/29/2003   Post a comment
Intel Corp. continues to act as an investment banker for the DRAM industry, last week spending $450 million to gain a 5.3% equity stake in Micron Technology Inc.
STMicroelectronics sets sights on China
News & Analysis  
9/29/2003   Post a comment
Refusing to be outdone by competing integrated device manufacturers or made outmoded by pure-play foundries, STMicroelectronics N.V. last week sketched an ambitious manufacturing strategy designed to keep the company at the near-bleeding edge of chip- makers.
AMD throws 64-bit challenge at Intel
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9/29/2003   Post a comment
In a bold attempt to leapfrog Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc. last week introduced a family of 64-bit processors for mainstream PCs that it hopes will mark the beginning of the end for 32-bit computing.
Wafer prices on the move, FSA reports
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9/29/2003   Post a comment
Fabless semiconductor companies and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) are facing sticker shock as foundries, emboldened by rising plant utilization and improving demand, have begun hiking wafer prices in a bid to recoup their investments.
Cypress' clock chip provides field programmability
News & Analysis  
9/29/2003   Post a comment
To reduce development time and cost for PCs and peripherals, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has added field programmability to its family of spread-spectrum clock generators.
CD-quality car radios closer to realization
News & Analysis  
9/29/2003   Post a comment
The move toward CD-quality car radios gained momentum last week, as Kenwood Corp. delivered the first HD Radio tuner and Philips Semiconductors said it will roll out a new chip that could help cut the cost of entry into the fledgling market.
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