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SMIC to Report Tunnel-FET Extension to CMOS
News & Analysis  
10/9/2015   Post a comment
Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. has manufactured complementary Tunnel FETs (C-TFETs) that operate at 0.4V using a CMOS baseline technology.
Chip Sales Projected to Decline in 2015
News & Analysis  
10/9/2015   Post a comment
Gartner revised its forecast, calling for chip sales to decline due to weakness in PCs, smartphones, and tablets.
Q'comm Unveils Server Bid
News & Analysis  
10/8/2015   4 comments
Qualcomm officially entered the server market with a single chip SoC server development platform. The company first announced that it would tackle the much-sought after market last year, but had been largely quiet about its progress.
GE Launches Current for Energy
News & Analysis  
10/7/2015   Post a comment
launched a new energy spin-off company dedicated to developing energy efficient devices. Current will combine GE’s LED, solar, energy storage and electric vehicle businesses with its Predix industrial analytics platform to focus on commercial, industrial, and government customers.
M'soft Attacks Apple with Win 10
News & Analysis  
10/6/2015   1 comment
Microsoft unveiled new Surface, Lumia and Microsoft Band devices on Tuesday, highlighting how its new hardware will take advantage of Windows 10 for enterprise.
Cadence DSP Promises More Horsepower for Next-Gen Smartphones
News & Analysis  
10/6/2015   Post a comment
Next-generation Tensilica vision and imaging DSP promises up to 13X boost in performance, 5X decrease in power consumption.
Battery Market Growth Is Tricky Business
News & Analysis  
10/5/2015   1 comment
Numerous industries are showing an increased demand for Lithium ion automotive batteries, according to Yole Developpment, as many companies aim to diversify into battery-related businesses. However, the burgeoning market may be a tricky investment.
ARM Joins Semiconductor Research Corp.
News & Analysis  
10/1/2015   Post a comment
Processor intellectual property licensor ARM Holdings plc (Cambridge, England) has joined the global research collaboration program operated by the Semiconductor Research Corp. (Research Triangle, North Carolina).
Powering a U.S. Battery Charger Standard
News & Analysis  
10/1/2015   Post a comment
Battery chargers sold in the U.S. could be operating more efficiently in a few years thanks to the Department of Energy’s proposed efficiency requirements.
ST to Shift Auto MCU from Power to ARM
News & Analysis  
9/29/2015   Post a comment
With an eye toward becoming the world’s third largest automotive MCU supplier by the end of the decade, STMicroelectronics is staking its automotive future on ARM’s new 32-bit ARMv8-R technology.
India Scores Support of Silicon Valley Giants
News & Analysis  
9/29/2015   Post a comment
U.S. tech giants have committed to participate in Digital India and Smart Cities projects after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Silicon Valley on Saturday (Sept. 26).
PCs, Not Profits, Drive Chip Companies
News & Analysis  
9/29/2015   4 comments
while PCs are refreshed twice a year and a company could have a design win every six months. When two public companies have to respond to investors and continue to innovate at a rapid clip, even short-term success in a flat market is preferable to long-term innovation that won’t immediately pay off
India Could Tap Tesla for Solar Battery Solution
News & Analysis  
9/28/2015   2 comments
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make a visit to Tesla Motors to seek a viable solution to power storage problems that have been hounding solar electricity planners in the country.
After VW’s Dieselgate: 5 Questions for Carmakers
News & Analysis  
9/28/2015   19 comments
Since the Volkswagen scandal first broke, we know a lot more about how Dieselgate started to unravel. We made a list of five automotive issues the recent scandal has exposed.
Scalable Transistors in High-Voltage CMOS at ams
News & Analysis  
9/28/2015   Post a comment
The Full Service Foundry division of ams AG is expanding its 0.35µm High-Voltage CMOS specialty process platform by adding a set of truly voltage scalable transistors to its advanced “H35” process.
Solar Cells Made Obsolete
News & Analysis  
9/28/2015   13 comments
Georgia Institute of Technology researchers aim to obsolete conventional solar panels with optical rectennas made from carbon nanotubes with integrated metal-to-metal tunneling diode.
Sensor Biz Booms Under Fab-Lite Model
News & Analysis  
9/25/2015   Post a comment
ams AG CEO Kirk Laney talks candidly about the company's future. The fab lite company recorded about 170 million euros of revenues during Q2 2015, a 60% increase over the same quarter last year, with gross margins in the 54% region (including acquisition-related costs).
VW's Woes Could be Solved by Tailpipe Add-on
News & Analysis  
9/25/2015   10 comments
Transient Plasma Systems already has the solution to VWs woes with a retrofit for the tailpipe that is has already demonstrated to the company.
Egypt's Semiconductor Cluster Stronger Than Reported
News & Analysis  
9/25/2015   Post a comment
The semiconductor cluster in Egypt runs to more than half-a-dozen startups that are operating as fabless chips companies, as IP licensors and design teams for hire, in the domains of analog, mixed-signal, RF and power.
AMD Trims Carbon Footprint
News & Analysis  
9/22/2015   Post a comment
A study conducted by AMD’s Power and Performance Lab found that 82% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the consumer use phase of a processor life cycle, while 18% comes from manufacturing and transportation.
Smart Battery Startup Raises $5.5 Million
News & Analysis  
9/18/2015   2 comments
Roost Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), a startup that is trying to retrofit IoT functions and connectivity into consumer electronics by including them in a battery form factor, has raised $5.5 million in a Series A round of financing.
Picotest Named Keysight Solutions Partner
News & Analysis  
9/16/2015   Post a comment
Picotest is not only ay Keysight Solutions Partner, but CEO Steve Sandler is also a Certified Keysight Expert.
Dresden Memory Startup To Debut At Semicon Europa
News & Analysis  
9/15/2015   4 comments
A startup company that is working on a ferroelectric non-volatile memory technology based on hafnium oxide is set to make its debut at the Semicon Europa exhibition taking place in Dresden, Germany, October 6 to 8.
Intersil Buys Great Wall Semi to Boost Power MOSFET Expertise
News & Analysis  
9/14/2015   1 comment
Intersil is to acquire Great Wall Semiconductor, a private technology company developing state-of-the-art power MOSFET technology for cloud computing, space and consumer applications.
Software Regulates Voltage in Everyday APUs
News & Analysis  
9/14/2015   Post a comment
Instead of using a higher-speed application processor or a dedicated co-processor just for voltage regulation, reasearchers demonstrate how to reduce system cost by using real-time interrupts to the applications processor to regulate voltage.
Smart Inks Monitor Glucose
News & Analysis  
9/10/2015   Post a comment
Researchers at the University of California San Diego are working toward the holy grail of sensor technology – non-invasive glucose testing. A team at the school’s Jacobs School of Engineering developed high-tech bio-inks that react with several chemicals, including glucose, to create temporary sensors.
GaN For Power To Show Extended Market Boom
News & Analysis  
9/10/2015   Post a comment
Specialist companies will benefit from a forthcoming boom in gallium nitride for power semiconductors, but will find themselves under competitive or acquisitive pressure from larger players such as Infineon/International Rectifier.
Apple Unveils New Chips For Mobile
News & Analysis  
9/9/2015   2 comments
Apple rented out the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium -- a 7,000 person capacity arena in downtown San Francisco -- to unveil a handful of devices that are much, much smaller. The company’s new iPad and iPhone will run new processors with an updated architecture.
Beyond iPhone 6S: What To Expect At Apple’s Sept. 9 Event
News & Analysis  
9/8/2015   Post a comment
Here's what we know so far about the company's upcoming media event, and what it will reveal for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.
DecaWave Preps For Expansion, Next Location Chip
News & Analysis  
9/8/2015   Post a comment
Even though ultrawideband fabless chip company DecaWave Ltd. has only recently raised funding of $4.5 million the company is planning for another substantial round as it looks to develop future lower power chips.
Green Gaming is Possible
News & Analysis  
9/8/2015   17 comments
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has described how to save up to $18 billion annually by convincing gamers to make more energy efficient choices in their hardware without sacrificing high performance.
MediaTek Pursues PMIC Market with Richtek Buy
News & Analysis  
9/7/2015   Post a comment
Taiwanese fabless chip company MediaTek has announced it plans to bid to buy Richtek Technology Corp., a fabless vendor of analog ICs and power management ICs also based in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
LED Displays Get Wearable
News & Analysis  
9/3/2015   14 comments
A flexible, stretchable fabric-based light-emitting-diode (LED) display is built into a comfortable fabric by Imec and partners.
Cree Divests RF, Power Business
News & Analysis  
9/3/2015   Post a comment
LED manufacturer Cree (Durham, N.C.) announced that the company’s power and RF division has been re-branded as Wolfspeed. The company announced in May that it would separate the business into a standalone company.
DesignCon Luminary Passes Suddenly
News & Analysis  
9/2/2015   Post a comment
Last week, the signal-integrity community was left stunned when we heard about the death of Steve Weir.
SiC/GaN Poised for Power
News & Analysis  
9/1/2015   6 comments
Power transistors consume less space while supplying more power when using silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) substrates over ordinary silicon wafers.
LEDs Get As Cheap as Bulbs
News & Analysis  
9/1/2015   11 comments
Researchers at Florida State University have cut the cost of making LEDs for lighting, promising to deliver white lighting systems for the same price as incandescent bulbs.
TSMC Pulls Plug on Solar Business
News & Analysis  
8/27/2015   Post a comment
TSMC's six-year flirtation with solar and LED manufacturing as diversifying alternatives to IC foundry work is coming to an end.
Wireless Charging Visits The Hospital
News & Analysis  
8/26/2015   Post a comment
Wireless charging is making its way into hospitals with the goal of eliminating power issues in everything from surgical tools to defibrillators.
Superconductivity Temp Record Achieved
News & Analysis  
8/26/2015   Post a comment
Researchers have found that hydrogen sulfide loses its electrical resistance at high temperatures when placed under high pressure -- a discovery that could pave the way for superconductors that operate at room temperature.
CEO Interview: Ambiq Sees Broader Options for Low Voltage
News & Analysis  
8/25/2015   Post a comment
Mike Noonen, recently appointed interim CEO at microcontroller startup Ambiq Micro, discusses the focus and opportunities for this pioneering company designing circuits that can operate below the threshold voltage of the constituent transistors.
Tesla Engineer Jumps Ship To Join Apple
News & Analysis  
8/25/2015   Post a comment
Apple is adding another senior automotive engineer -- this time from Tesla -- to its roster of people working on the closely guarded Project Titan autonomous vehicle project.
Will Apple Build an Entire Car?
News & Analysis  
8/25/2015   20 comments
Whether its creators call it ‘iRod’ or ‘iCar,’ Apple has launched a pedal-to-the-metal drive into the automotive industry, while keeping typically mum, according to industry analysts.
iPhone6 Powered by Hydrogen
News & Analysis  
8/25/2015   17 comments
Intelligent Energy, the company that already sells external fuel cells to recharge iPhone in Apple Stores, wants to put one inside the phone, demonstrating a prototype fuel cell exactly the same size as an iPhone6's lithium-ion battery.
Cellular, Asia Drive RF Sales
News & Analysis  
8/25/2015   Post a comment
Basestation proliferation in China and the Asia-Pacific region are driving demand for RF power devices, according to a report from ABI Research. The market for RF power devices grew by approximately $1 billion in 2014, over 50% growth year-over-year.
Albany Research Hub Drives Collaboration
News & Analysis  
8/24/2015   Post a comment
The College of Nanoscience and Engineering has grown from a physics department at the State University of New York’s Albany Polytechnic campus to the hub of research and development for New York state.
Smart-Meter ICs on Rise, Predicts Report
News & Analysis  
8/21/2015   Post a comment
The global market for smart meters is going to be 132 million units in 2015 rising to 150 million units in 2019 providing significant growth opportunities for ICs, according to research firm IHS.
Google Loses Data: Who Says Lightning Never Strikes Twice?
News & Analysis  
8/20/2015   Post a comment
In a four-strike incident, power to Google Compute Cloud disks in Ghislain, Belgium, gets interupted and data writes are lost.
AMS Plans To Rent A Wafer Fab In New York
News & Analysis  
8/20/2015   2 comments
Austrian analog, mixed-signal and sensor company is set to manufacture chips in New York in a custom-built, rented wafer fab.
Cypress Solar PMICs Charge Indoors
News & Analysis  
8/19/2015   Post a comment
Cypress Semiconductor announced a new family of solar energy harvesting power management integrated circuits to provide power to wireless sensors nodes that may be in the field for years at a time.
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