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Fluke unveils 5-kV insulation tester
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2/20/2004   Post a comment
Featuring an incremental ramp function, automatic key parameter calculations, and a Windows PC interface, Fluke Corp.'s got a new battery-powered portable that's a 5-kV insulation resistance tester. The safety-rated meter provides insulation resistance testing up to 1-teraohm.
SyntheSys Research debuts high-speed signal integrity instruments
Product News  
2/20/2004   Post a comment
For testing datacomm systems running between 100-Mbits/s to 12.5-Gbits/s, here's a pre-announcement of some instruments that will combine the eye diagram analysis capabilities of high-bandwidth sampling oscilloscopes, together with bit error rate pattern generation and analysis.
PXI Systems Alliance releases new PXI 2.1 specs
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2/19/2004   Post a comment
The PXI Systems Alliance announces the release of new PXI 2.1 specs. These are expected to enhance PXI requirements, and separate hardware and software specifications, permitting each to evolve separately in the future as required by PXI standards.
An E-Waste Call to Arms
Product News  
2/19/2004   Post a comment
The electronics revolution continues to bring us gee whiz tools, making our lives easier and even more fun. But it doesn't come free. We have created so many electronic toys, tools and gizmos that we are awash in them with no letup in sight. We are now facing an overflow of old, used, and broken electronics equipment in our waste stream.
RF test set makes cost-effective WLAN, Bluetooth tests
Product News  
2/18/2004   Post a comment
Test-and-measurement giant Agilent Technologies has a new wireless connectivity tester that includes an option that can speed up measurements and improves accuracy. That's just the ticket for high-volume manufacturing. This test set isn't just a Bluetooth tester. It can be used with a variety of RF connectivity schemes, including most of today's and tomorrow's wireless data technologies.
A/D converter achieves 7.5 ENOB at 1.6 GHz
Product News  
2/17/2004   Post a comment
National Semiconductor Corporation announced a CMOS analog-to-digital converter that requires 75 percent less power than most comparable products on the market. The 8-bit ADC081000 digitizes signals at sampling rates up to 1.6 GHz while consuming just 1.4 watts from a 1.9 volt nominal supply.
Automated test summit's coming to a city near you!
Product News  
2/13/2004   Post a comment
Hosted by data-acq and test instrument maker National Instruments and partners, The 2004 Automated Test Summit looks like it's shaping up as a nifty way to explore developments in test-and-measurement, and to learn new test strategies and techniques.
Precision calibrator tests AC wattmeters, watt-hour meters
Product News  
2/10/2004   Post a comment
Here's news of automated and network-ready instrumentation that can substitute for lash-ups of individual voltage sources, current sources, and phase-angle meters when making AC mains tests. One adjunct serves as a primary watt and watt-hour standard, where it ensures traceability to NIST and other worldwide standards.
Low-priced offerings bolster Agilent calibration service portfolio
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2/9/2004   Post a comment
Test-and-measurement equipment supplier Agilent Technologies is rolling out low-priced calibration services for electronic test equipment, especially gear that's used in general-purpose applications.
Opinion: Rack-and-stack instruments are often a better choice than VXI or PXI systems
Product News  
2/9/2004   Post a comment
At first blush, PXI and VXI test systems can appear integrated and efficient, but shortcomings such as unreliable operating systems and software, packaging restrictions, and limited mixed-vendor support can significantly undermine their value. On the other hand, rack-and-stack ATE systems of mature and robust instruments, tied together with proven interfaces, can provide equal or higher value at lower cost of ownership and much better reliability.
Modular test system gets Serial Attached SCSI boost
Product News  
2/6/2004   Post a comment
High-speed data storage test equipment maker I-TECH announces that it now has Serial Attached SCSI analysis support for its existing modular storage tester. This add-on makes the system a multi-protocol tester for analysis and monitoring of storage devices and infrastructure. With the popularity of SAS on the rise, this announcement of an upgrade to the mainframe is timely.
Tek adds clock recovery module to signal analyzers, scopes
Product News  
2/6/2004   Post a comment
If you use test gear for cutting-edge serial data standards such as XAUI, SATA, or 10 GbE, scope maker Tektronix now has a clock recovery module for use with the company's 8000 Series Communication Signal Analyzers and sampling scopes. You can test optical and electrical serial data signals from 50-Mbits/s to as high as 40-Gbits/s.
Real-time Linux succeeds in aircraft engine test
News & Analysis  
2/5/2004   Post a comment
The trend toward real-time embedded Linux got a boost last week, Pratt & Whitney revealed that it used a Linux-based software kernel to test its new F135 engine, which will power the military's Joint Strike Fighter.
PCMCIA card converts notebooks to MIL-Std.-1553 bus analyzers
Product News  
2/4/2004   Post a comment
Here's a PCMCIA plug-in card that converts a notebook into a MIL-STD-1553 tester. It can then perform all required tasks associated with simulation, testing, monitoring, data communication and production/validation test for various components of the Avionics Multiplex Bus.
Gbytes of acquisition memory land on CompactPCI/PXI platforms
Product News  
2/4/2004   Post a comment
Board-level test-and-measurement and data-acq vendor Gage Applied Technologies is releasing very large memory options for CompactPCI/PXI platforms. Gage has adapted its hardware and software, previously only available for the PCI platform, to create digitizers with up to 2-Gbytes of on-board acquisition memory.
Nanotechology partnership promises nanotech measurement gains
Product News  
2/3/2004   Post a comment
The venerable test-and-measurement firm of Keithley Instruments is partnering with the University at Albany in the State University of New York to share research information on measurements in order to further the understanding of nanotechnology and optoelectronics. Parts Search

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