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Test modules support next-generation 4.25-Gbit/s storage area networks
Product News  
3/31/2004   Post a comment
Agilent Technologies announces what it bills is an industry-first storage area network tester. This SAN tester addresses the 4-Gbit/s Fibre Channel standard.
Mid-range digital oscilloscopes are ergonomically designed
Product News  
3/30/2004   Post a comment
Scope maker LeCroy has some new mid-range LCD touchscreen oscilloscopes with both 2- and 4-channel instruments. These tout bandwidths of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, and 500 MHz. All six models offer 2-Gsample/s sample rates.
Multi-function scope-like platform hosts applications-specific modules
Product News  
3/26/2004   Post a comment
Need a configurable modular instrument system that can perform simultaneous mixed-signal testing and multi-channel waveform displays? One that can even test cellphone batteries? Then check out MiNT System's latest.
Agilent to sell used instruments on eBay
Product News  
3/23/2004   1 comment
Instrument vendor Agilent Technologies announces an agreement with auction Web site eBay, permitting sellers to offer used owned test equipment on eBay.
Credence, NPTest to target non-DRAM test
Product News  
3/18/2004   Post a comment
Buesiness is picking up---literally. ATE giant Credence Systems, a provider of design-to-test approaches, and NPTest Holding, a provider of test and diagnostic products, announce they've entered into an agreement where Credence will acquire NPTest.The target is non-DRAM test.
Accord eases rental, leasing of Anritsu test gear
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3/18/2004   Post a comment
Test-and-measurement vendor Anritsu is inking an accord with Electro Rent to expand a partnership to include Anritsu's Scorpion Family of vector network measurement systems.
Signal integrity modeling targets 40-Gbit/s systems
Product News  
3/18/2004   Post a comment
Here's news of a partnership that's demo'ing what's billed as the industry's first software model for testing signal integrity of a 40-Gbit/s backplane.
Software to accelerate time-to-test for first time users of JTAG/boundary scan
Product News  
3/17/2004   Post a comment
Boundary-scan test and device programming vendor ASSET InterTech claims that when it rolls out its new software later this year, the time it will take first-time and occasional users to develop a functional JTAG test, or to reach time-to-test, will be reduced significantly.
Voice-over-IP features enhance existing handheld tester
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3/17/2004   Post a comment
Here's news of new call quality monitoring and analysis software for Voice-over-IP system testing. Run on a modular handheld, the software promises a cost-effective way to test VoIP.
Agilent signs testing deal with eBay
News & Analysis  
3/17/2004   Post a comment
In a possible foretaste of electronic distribution trends to come, Agilent Technologies Inc. has signed a deal with eBay Inc. to provide test equipment assurance for sellers offering used test equipment on the auction Web site. Agilent's Advantage Assurance program gives eBay customers the option of having test equipment calibrated and validated by Agilent after it is purchases, and includes a year of free technical support from Agilent.
Broadband spectrum analyzer touts instantaneous capture bandwidth of 600 MHz
Product News  
3/16/2004   Post a comment
Here's an instrument that's billed as the widest bandwidth signal analyzer on the market. A re-roll of a previously inrroduced spectrum analyzer, it adds new measurement capabilities for quickly and accurately recording, demodulating, and analyzing broadband and frequency-agile communications systems.
Logic Analyzer Connectorless Probing Reduces Loading and Footprint Impact on DDR Memory Validation
News & Analysis  
3/16/2004   Post a comment
In an ideal world, DDR testability would be part of the final design. This would allow test-bench verification of the system as cost engineering and outsourcing occurs over the life of the product. However, this has not been practical until today due to electrical loading and space requirements of logic analyzer probe points. New connectorless logic analyzer probing is allowing DDR testability to be incorporated into the initial and final stages of a product with little impact on cost, board spa
Agilent signs testing deal with eBay
News & Analysis  
3/15/2004   Post a comment
In a possible foretaste of electronic distribution trends to come, Agilent Technologies Inc. has signed a deal with eBay Inc. to provide test equipment assurance for sellers offering used test equipment on the auction Web site.
Focus On: Newest RF signal generators are powerful, smart, and diverse
Product News  
3/13/2004   Post a comment
New RF signal generators come in virtually every color and stripe. Although traditionalists conjure up images of heavy grey-painted bench-level boxes with vernier tuning dials and clicky step attenuators, signal generators these days range from miniature, portable, and modular sources, to software controlled PCI bus and PXI modules, to synthetic instruments.
Teradyne blasts U.S. export controls on test gear to China
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3/12/2004   Post a comment
IC test supplier Teradyne Inc. blasted new U.S export controls for China despite an effort to relax the rules on exports of automatic test equipment to China.
Windows 2000-based mid-range oscilloscopes are intuitively easy to use
Product News  
3/11/2004   Post a comment
Scope maker Tektronix debuts new mid-range Windows 2000-based oscilloscopes that feature the industry's first customizable user interface and new context-sensitive, right mouse click menus.
View temperature and humidity with your Web browser
Product News  
3/10/2004   Post a comment
Monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity can be a critical function in some environments and applications, and monitoring over the Web is becoming quite popular. Now you can do both in a handheld---one replete with an internal Web server.
Readers' Choice Award Winner: Agilent's FPGA logic analyzer
Product News  
3/8/2004   Post a comment
Agilent's latest high-speed logic analyzers, hosted by Windows PCs, will let you look into a design's signals with a variety of new tricks. These latest boxes leverage advanced computing and gigabit local area networking to achieve their stellar performance specs. But, there's more to it than that---especially when it comes to FPGAs. Visitors to eeProductCenter during electronicaUSA selected this as one of the significant new products. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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