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Freescale hits GaAs on RF basestation ICs
Product News  
6/30/2010   1 comment
Freescale is moving into gallium arsenide for monolithic microwave basestation ICs that harness ultralow-noise amps for trunk network amplifier radio cards and as predrivers for its high-voltage lateral diffusion MOS power amps.
Micron's results: What analysts are saying
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   Post a comment
Micron Technology Inc. roared past analysts’ consensus estimate in its recent quarter.
Qualcomm brews apps store for mobile OS
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   Post a comment
Qualcomm Inc. is expanding its efforts in the mobile operating system and connectivity arenas.
Price hikes, shortages seen in hot solar biz
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   2 comments
Photovoltaic demand is projected to double over last year.
Gyro vendor InvenSense files IPO
News & Analysis  
6/30/2010   Post a comment
InvenSense Inc., a provider of motion processing solutions or gyroscopes, is filing for an IPO.
Rohde & Schwarz find scope for expansion
News & Analysis  
6/29/2010   Post a comment
Rohde & Schwarz is today launching its first dedicated oscilloscopes. It has developed its own ASICs and A to D converters to support the new design which is described as 20 times faster than existing devices.
Samsung, TSMC hit by ITC complaint
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   3 comments
STC.UNM (STC)--the technology-transfer arm of the University of New Mexico (UNM)--said that it is charging Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. with alleged patent infringement.
CoorsTek buys ceramics unit for $245M
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6/28/2010   Post a comment
CoorsTek Inc., a manufacturer of ceramic and specialty material components, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase the advanced ceramics business of Saint-Gobain for about $245 million.
Obducat CEO resigns amid losses
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   1 comment
Amid losses and order delays, Patrik Lundstrom has been named acting CEO of Obducat AB (Malmo, Sweden), a supplier of nano-imprint lithography tools.
Report: Firms buy stake in PSi
News & Analysis  
6/28/2010   Post a comment
Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI)and Narra Venture Capital II have acquired a 67 percent stake in PSi Technologies Inc. (PSi) of the Philippines for $30 million.
IBM 'fab club' aligns 28-nm process, jabs rival
News & Analysis  
6/24/2010   1 comment
IBM, Samsung, GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics said that they are in collaboration to ''synchronize’’ the production of chips, based on its previously-announced, 28-nm low-power process.
Aeroflex rolls single-box multi-RAT tester
Product News  
6/24/2010   Post a comment
Aeroflex's 7100 tester now supports multiple Radio Access Technologies (RAT) including CDMA EV-DO and eHRPD as well as LTE to accelerate multi-mode cellular terminal device development for new LTE deployments.
Group forms another 3-D chip alliance
News & Analysis  
6/23/2010   Post a comment
Another three-dimensional (3-D) chip alliance has been hatched.
VLSI ups fab tool outlook in hot market
News & Analysis  
6/23/2010   Post a comment
The fab tool and materials industries are hot.
Intel, FTC in settlement talks
News & Analysis  
6/22/2010   2 comments
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Intel Corp. have filed a joint motion to ''suspend administrative trial proceedings.''
Trio forms 3-D chip alliance
News & Analysis  
6/21/2010   2 comments
Elpida Memory Inc., Powertech Technology Inc. and United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) have formed an alliance to speed up the development of three-dimensional (3-D) chips.
Source Measure Units tame challenges of assessing battery drain, functional test
Product News  
6/21/2010   Post a comment
Source Measure Units tame challenges of assessing battery drain, functional test
Anritsu enhances one-box tester
Product News  
6/17/2010   Post a comment
The MT8820C from Anritsu now simulates an LTE enhanced node B to accurately and cost-efficiently measure LTE device parametrics during development and manufacturing.
Oscilloscope provides faster, more accurate high-speed digital design characterization
Product News  
6/17/2010   Post a comment
Agilent has expanded its digital communications analyzer portfolio with the introduction of the 86100D DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscilloscope that provides engineers with the tools needed to characterize their high-speed digital designs easily and accurately.
Qualcomm hit by Icera allegation
News & Analysis  
6/17/2010   Post a comment
Mobile communications technology company Qualcomm Inc. could come under an investigation by the European Commission after allegations that it has used incentives to try and dissuade customers from dealing with U.K. company Icera Inc.
Group aims to set standards for multicore tools
News & Analysis  
6/17/2010   Post a comment
The Multicore Association has formed a new work group to tackle the problem of incompatible software development tools for multicore processors and expects to have a draft standard for one or more common data format and a Linux-based reference implementation of its work within a year.
Interview: Stanford's top engineer from chips to ABCs
News & Analysis  
6/16/2010   12 comments
We sat down recently with James Plummer, dean of Stanford's school of engineering, for a wide ranging interview on the outlook for CMOS, engineering, education and globalization.
FormFactor to cut 8% of workforce
News & Analysis  
6/16/2010   Post a comment
Wafer probe card maker FormFactor said Wednesday it will lay off about 8 percent of its workforce as part of an effort to reduce operating expenses. It marks the fifth time in a little more than two years that FormFactor has conducted a significant layoff.
MoCA group revs home net spec to Gbit rate
News & Analysis  
6/15/2010   Post a comment
The Multimedia over Coax Alliance ratified its version 2.0 specification for home networking over coax cables that when fully revved up will exceed a Gbit/second, using a combination of new channel-bonding and point-to-point features.
Group develops medical software for smartphones
News & Analysis  
6/14/2010   Post a comment
The Continua Health Alliance is developing a software library of source code to connect consumer medical devices and health records via smartphones.
Indian broadband auctions fetch $8.5 billion
News & Analysis  
6/11/2010   Post a comment
Only one nation-wide carrier emerged from India's broadband wireless auctions.
NSF funds computer virus immunization effort
News & Analysis  
6/10/2010   1 comment
Giving applications unique executables could immunize them against viruses and other malware which preys on a software application's uniformity, according to Florida State University researchers.
Viewpoint: Divining Ethernet's future
News & Analysis  
6/9/2010   1 comment
The next major milestone in the history of Ethernet is anticipated for June 17, when the expected ratification of the 40Gb/s and 100 Gb/s Ethernet standard is set to occur.
Software drives mesh nets for smart meters
News & Analysis  
6/7/2010   Post a comment
Arch Rock is releasing software based on Internet Protocol standards for a new generation of radio chips from companies such as Analog Devices and Texas Instruments aimed at supporting wireless mesh neighborhood networks to link smart meters to utility networks.
SOFTWARE/HARDWARE TOOLS - Experts to be challenged to create logic analyzer in a day
News & Analysis  
6/4/2010   Post a comment
“Logic Analyzer in a Day” will showcase experts' talent with Opal Kelly FPGA modules and FrontPanel SDK. The Logic Analyzers will be available, FREE, on the Opal Kelly website.
Update: Patent office head describes three-track system
News & Analysis  
6/3/2010   4 comments
The United States Patent and Trademark Office proposed a new three-track system for patent applications, the boldest suggestion yet from the new agency director, David Kappos, for dealing with an increasing backlog of applications.
Scope-based JTAG protocol application debuts
Product News  
6/3/2010   Post a comment
Agilent Technologies expanded its Infiniium oscilloscope application portfolio with a Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) protocol decode and triggering application.
Join the Conversation: Do we need another Linux group?
News & Analysis  
6/3/2010   10 comments
Do we need another mobile Linux consortium? That's the question posed by the launch of Linaro, created by ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments to develop Linux software for ARM-based SoCs. We'd like to hear what you think.
New specs rev Infiniband to 100 Gbits/s
News & Analysis  
6/2/2010   Post a comment
The trade group behind the Infiniband interconnect is adding new 50 and 100 Gbit/second milestones to its road map, claiming its members will deliver products for them by early 2012 as the technology revs up to compete with the next wave of Ethernet.
Interview: Vint Cerf on what the Net needs now
News & Analysis  
6/1/2010   Post a comment
In a short Q&A, Internet pioneered Vint Cerf shared his thoughts on a wide range of areas spanning government policy and privacy to cryptography and flow routers. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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