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posted in January 2003
Mixed-Signal PLD builds multi-voltage power supply
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1/30/2003   Post a comment
Proponents of programmable analog have long argued that their utility extends way beyond prototype development for analog circuits. In this promotional article, a Lattice Semiconductor engineer shows how a programmable mixed-signal device - one combining both programmable logic and programmable analog functions - can serve as a multifunction power supply controller, integrating many sequencing, monitoring and supervisory functions with a single device.
Searching for the right keys
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1/29/2003   Post a comment
The advertisers were right. That car you're driving is not your father's automobile. It's a large and increasingly complex network of electronic subsystems and components.The transformation reflects a quiet but ongoing revolution in automotive design. Features that not long ago were considered ground-breaking, like automatic braking systems, electronic ignition systems, airbag restraints, and rear-seat video entertainment, are now accepted as standard. An old friend, John Mayer, has this report.
Low audio amplifier PSSR saves LDO costs in GSM cellular phones
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1/29/2003   Post a comment
GSM handsets generate RF noise and lower-frequency harmonics that penetrate all the subsystems. How can anyone think about 3G when you earphone is howling? An On Semi apps engineer examines the specs that can cut noise - and save you the cost of an LDO.
Advanced motor control ICs move into the driver's seat
Product News  
1/23/2003   Post a comment
Motor control applications are shifting into higher gear, buoyed by advances in the power ICs that turn on the motor, the microcontrollers that drive the system and the design tools needed to speed the system's time-to-market.
Baseline JPEG compression juggles image quality and size
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1/23/2003   Post a comment
In this JPEG picture-processing tutorial - another of the many outstanding DSP-related stories on consumer algorithm processing slated for EE Times' January 6th Signals section -- Analog Devices engineers offer insight into the scanning and encoding techniques used to affect JPEG compression. Unlike other versions of the article, this one does the math.
CMOS op amp gives pulse generator low parts count
News & Analysis  
1/22/2003   1 comment
The natural choice for generating a pulse of variable frequency and duty cycle is a good bench-top pulse generator. If you don't have a generator or must build one into your system, however, you can do it with a few op amps and some external components. Maxim's Roger Griswold shows how.
Floating gate trimming saves backend testing costs
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1/22/2003   Post a comment
"Trimming semiconductors with floating gate technology is a state-of-the-art replacement for older mechanical potentiometer trimming."
LVDS, CML, ECL-differential interfaces with odd voltages
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1/21/2003   Post a comment
While some interface technologies such as ECL and CML focus on ultra speed, others concentrate on multiple attributes. LVDS for example, offers both high-speed and low-power operation. National's interface expert, John Goldie, tells what you should know about some of today's popular high-speed differential interface technologies.
MPEG-4 toolkit improves on motion vector calculation
News & Analysis  
1/8/2003   Post a comment
Digital video, with its inherent quality, reliability and flexibility advantages over traditional analog video, is showing up in a wide range of applications. Unlike analog video, signals in the digital domain allow users to view, access and manipulate content in entirely new ways. In this MPEG-4 tutorials - one of the many outstanding DSP-related stories on consumer algorithm processing slated of EE Times' January 6th Signals section - TI engineers offer insight into the features that elevate M
On-Chip RF-Isolation Techniques
Design How-To  
1/8/2003   Post a comment
Higher frequencies, higher integration levels, and increased analog content on mixed-signal chips is making on-chip isolation more difficult for designers. In this feature article, authors from Cadence and Atheros describe several commonly used isolation techniques that you can often combine to protect your chip designs from noise-induced problems.
Gbit Ethernet transceiver saves power
Product News  
1/3/2003   Post a comment
Texas Instruments Inc.'s TLK2208 eight-port Gigabit Ethernet transceiver is claimed to lower power consumption to a maximum of 162 milliwatts per channel at 1.25 Gbits/second. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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