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posted in October 2003
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Not a short list: High-speed backplane design considerations
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10/14/2003   Post a comment
A new generation of backplanes is emerging that achieve 5 to 10 GBits/s signal speeds, and even higher speeds are on the horizon. In this paper, adopted from the recent Communications Design Conference, a Flextronics engineer - an old hand at high-speed board design - discusses the design tradeoffs, materials, connectors, transmission line and signal integrity effects necessary to finding workable board and backplane solutions.
Programmable logic devices support hot-socketing
Design How-To  
10/10/2003   Post a comment
The boom of the Internet and the growth in the wireless communication and storage industries have propelled an exponential increase in the real-time data traffic.
Hot swap controller maximizes system up-time
News & Analysis  
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High-availability Central Office systems are typically constructed in hot-swappable configurations, with multiple boards or cards arranged in parallel slots in a chassis or backplane.
Redundant power supplies the key to hot swap
News & Analysis  
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Ever since hot swapping was first used in telecom switching equipment some 40 years ago, the technique has continued to evolve with the times.
Loop speed clues in hot-swap component choices
News & Analysis  
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Most literature on hot swap focuses primarily on the controller.
Multi-voltage systems need tough supervisors
Design How-To  
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The original voltage supervisors met a simple need: monitor the voltage that powered the system logic, and reset the processor following power-up or a low-voltage condition.
Convergence happens at the point of load
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The convergence of computing and communications is happening on both the signal and the power path, creating new opportunities as well as challenges for designs.
Varied power supplies needed
Design How-To  
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Communications infrastructure equipment employs a variety of power system components.
Backplane health rests on fault finding
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10/10/2003   Post a comment
Backplanes and motherboards responsible for delivering and distributing power to multiple card systems must be immune to individual card failures that could jeopardize reliable system operation.
'Rail-to-rail' for HDTV/RGB
Product News  
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Intersil Corp. is aiming two triple rail-to-rail amplifiers at high-definition digital television and high-speed RGB monitor applications that require low power consumption.
ChipCenter's Paul O'Shea does his own assessment
Product News  
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Analog Devices Inc. calls any amp above 50 MHz a high-speed amplifier, while everything between 25 MHz and 50 MHz is defined more by the parameters and design optimization.
Analog Devices Introduces Low-Distortion High-Speed Op Amp with Unprecedented Low Noise -- Company Version
News & Analysis  
10/8/2003   Post a comment
They-say/we-say: Here are two views on an Analog Devices' high-speed op amp. One version is the company's press release, repeated almost verbatum. The other version is Chipcenter's take on the features and functions of this new device, authored by Paul O'Shea.
Programmable clock regeneration techniques get signals through extreme conditions
News & Analysis  
10/8/2003   Post a comment
Blaming the victim? Blaming the clock for system failure is easy, but what are the root causes? Does the problem originate from the clock or is the clock a victim of the surrounding environment? While this article cannot attempt to answer all system specifics, Cypress' David Green does look at the methods of attenuating jitter in the presence of dirty clock reference sources. He explores redundant clocking architectures, and examines some logic-level filter produces that help attenuate jitter.
EMI from the Ground Up: Maxwell to CISPR
News & Analysis  
10/7/2003   Post a comment
Sooner or later, every power supply designer finds this out for himself --- that if anything has the potential to cause a return to the drawing board at the very last moment, it is either a thermal issue, a safety related issue, or a stubborn EMI problem, says National Semiconductor's Sanjaya Maniktala, in the introduction to this multi-part series on EMI effects. In Part 1, here, Sanjaya offers insights into the European and ISO standards that mandate analysis of board level signals. Part 2 sho
Low on-resistance, one key for the perfect switch
News & Analysis  
10/2/2003   Post a comment
The perfect CMOS switch starts from a p-channel FET and an n-channel FET connected in parallel. A digital signal turns it on or off. An Analog Devices technologist offers insights into useful switch configurations.
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