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posted in June 2002
Circuit techniques minimize temperature dependence for DPPs
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6/26/2002   Post a comment
The digitally programmable potentiometer (DPP) has two temperature dependent parameters, writes this now-famous applications guru. The temperature dependence of an analog circuit using a DPP is reduced if the main temperature coefficient can be shifted from the end-to-end resistance of the pot to a more ratiometric value. Catalyst Semiconductor's Chuck Wojslaw gives details.
Motion control technology jumps into the driver's seat
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6/26/2002   Post a comment
Today's motion control technology - specifically variable speed motor control - offers a navigation path to the high performing, fuel-efficient vehicles of the future. Running a car from multiple motors (instead of a single fan belt) enables peppy acceleration, precision steering and ride control - all with greater fuel economy. Power management electronics plays a key role, says visionary Alex Lidow.
Wireless mesh shares MP3 files
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6/24/2002   Post a comment
You pull up to a light, and the car next to you is playing a song you wish you could hear from the beginning.
Rights concerns limit distribution
News & Analysis  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
Imagine yourself in the following scenario: You drive out to the mall on a Saturday afternoon to buy a pair of the latest Air Jordans.
Reservation approach guaranties quality sound delivery
News & Analysis  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
Audio, however it is transmitted, challenges a system's real-time capabilities.
Memory systems define consumer options for portable audio players
News & Analysis  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
Although experimentation will continue with portable Internet audio players, three device classes will dominate the market for the next few years: portables based on flash memory, optical spinning media, and hard disk drives.
Internet Audio
News & Analysis  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
IP transport the ideal vehicle for Internet audio
News & Analysis  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
Selecting transport mechanisms for a digital media device is one of the most important choices designers have to make.
Endpoint techniques bolster audio quality for VoIP
News & Analysis  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
Once a novelty, Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) has become a serious alternative for enterprise phone systems.
Distribution/protection dilemma
News & Analysis  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
What if there was a free publishing Web site, called, say, Bookster?
Codec designs fine-tuned with spectral band replication
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6/24/2002   Post a comment
Over the past two years, two new audio codecs have made their inroads into the market.
Better test strategies needed for quality digital audio
Design How-To  
6/24/2002   Post a comment
When they work well, Internet audio devices seem to be the essence of simplicity; press "play" and hear your music.
Studios pause as audiophiles embrace digital
News & Analysis  
6/21/2002   Post a comment
The next big format for music may be just plain bits. Many audiophiles who have amassed collections of vinyl records, cassette tapes and compact disks see digital as the ultimate format-though it's not clear where users will house liner notes and album cover art.
Après DAC—But Wait, There's More
Design How-To  
6/18/2002   Post a comment
The Design Automation Conference is over, but some additional product announcements promise exciting design advancements down the road. TechOnLine's Jim Lipman discusses some of the ones that were of particular interest to him.
Test techniques provide insights for noise-sensitive applications
News & Analysis  
6/12/2002   Post a comment
If there is an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter in the signal path of your signal-condition system, there are three fundamental tools that can be used when assessing the circuit's performance. These include frequency analysis (FFTs), time analysis, and DC analysis techniques. In this tutorial, Microchip Technology's famous apps engineer, Bonnie Baker, offers some waveforms - and advisories for interpreting them.
Engineers note: Capacitors are key to voltage regulator design
News & Analysis  
6/12/2002   1 comment
Why do LDOs hate ceramic bypass capacitors? Why do LDOs oscillate? Some 99 percent of the "design" problems associated with linear and switching regulators can be traced to the capacitors: the wrong type, the wrong value, or bad physical placement. National Semiconductor's power supply technologist, Chester Simpson offers some long overdue advisories.
Complete SoC Design, Verification Reign at DAC Exhibits
Design How-To  
6/7/2002   Post a comment
So you're going to the Design Automation Conference and don't know where to start on the exhibit floor? Save your shoe leather—TechOnLine's Jim Lipman takes you on a DAC virtual tour of some the most interesting products in several key technology areas.
Reduce Power-Supply Effects on ADSL Data Rates
News & Analysis  
6/1/2002   Post a comment
Careful selection of the supply's switching frequency can improve the data rate, size, power consumption and cost of ADSL modems. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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