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posted in June 2012
How to select power line polarity protection diodes
Design How-To  
6/30/2012   1 comment
Diode rectifiers are ideal solutions for automotive electronic power line protection and have several important parameters for these applications, including: Forward current, repetitive reverse voltage, forward surge current, and fusing rate.
Silicon Laboratories Si21x8 TV tuners
Product News  
6/27/2012   Post a comment
Silicon Laboratories launched its fourth generation TV tuner product line, which includes devices that offer greater integration, lower power consumption and the highest tolerance to Wi-Fi and LTE interference.
Texas Instruments TPA3116D2, TPA3118D2 and TPA3130D2 Class D audio amplifiers
Product News  
6/27/2012   3 comments
Higher efficiency levels and lower BOM costs will make Texas Instruments' Class D devices more accessible to cost-sensitive applications, including the LCD TV market, soundbars, after-market automotive solutions and portable audio docks.
Infineon lowers guidance as business softens
News & Analysis  
6/27/2012   Post a comment
German chip company Infineon has updated its outlook for the third and fourth quarters of its 2012 fiscal year.
Audio configuration switch IC detects headset type to ease system design
Product News  
6/27/2012   Post a comment
By integrating the automatic detection and switching function in a single device, the TS3A225E audio headset detection and configuration switch IC from Texas Instruments eliminates detection, leakage and click-pop issues.
Wolfson wins audio slot in Samsung smartphone
News & Analysis  
6/26/2012   6 comments
Wolfson Microelectronics, a Scottish mixed-signal fabless chip company, has announced that its WM1811 audio hub IC is being used within the Galaxy S III smartphone from Samsung.
TS12001 combines voltage detector/comparator
Product News  
6/26/2012   1 comment
Touchstone Semiconductor announced TS12001 voltage detector combining a 0.58V reference and a resettable latched comparator in a single package.
Why TI does MCU designs in Shanghai
News & Analysis  
6/26/2012   32 comments
Multinational chip companies who’ve consigned some of their design work to China tend to do so quietly; but a few leading companies are clearly making deeper inroads in China, and they’re not especially shy about it.
Software extends hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulation
Design How-To  
6/25/2012   Post a comment
HIL initiative uses the latest generation of symbolic modeling technology to rapidly develop high fidelity, multi-domain models of the planetary rover subsystems.
Mechatronic approach facilitates automotive electric motor control
Design How-To  
6/22/2012   Post a comment
Mechatronic control architecture simplifies the electrical distribution system, improves quality and reliability, and cuts emissions. Such an integrated and optimized system design includes sensors, actuators, mechanics, electronic components, and all the data processing signals required.
Demise of analog is exaggerated
6/21/2012   14 comments
Analog technology has plenty of gas left in the tank, a Texas Instruments executive argues.
AMS AS3421 and AS3422, single chip ANC solutions
Product News  
6/21/2012   Post a comment
ams has introduced single-chip ANC solutions with integrated speaker driver ICs, which make it easier for manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets, headphones and earpieces to implement Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).
An easy to build high-performance, high reliability isolated power supply
Design How-To  
6/20/2012   Post a comment
Using a patent-pending technique, Linear Technology’s second generation LTC3765/LTC3766 chip-set eliminates both the reliability concerns and performance limitations of the forward converter with active clamp reset.
TI opens window on its diverse technologies
News & Analysis  
6/19/2012   6 comments
“We don’t get affected by the headlines,” said Rich Templeton, at the second annual TI Media Day here last week, referring to the economic troubles in Greece and Spain.
Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator devices
6/19/2012   2 comments
Bulk silicon may be nearing the end of the line as scaling becomes more problematic, FD SOI gives it a kick in the pants, possibly down to 11nm…
Is China's fabless model sustainable?
News & Analysis  
6/19/2012   33 comments
How many U.S. design engineers can name, say, the top 10 Chinese chip vendors destined to become their fierce competitors in three years from now?
Power Tip 48: Tame conducted common-mode emissions in isolated switchers – Part 2
Power Tips  
6/18/2012   Post a comment
We continue our discussion of common-mode currents which started in Power Tip 47.
Europe asks if it is time for an Airbus of chips
6/18/2012   35 comments
Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner responsible for digital matters, used the opportunity of a keynote speech provided to the IMEC Technology Forum, held in Brussels last month, to ask whether Europe should consider the creation of an Airbus of chips.
Large capacity LiFePO4 batteries require high power chargers
News & Analysis  
6/15/2012   3 comments
The modern portable product designer of industrial and medical portable devices has an extremely challenging job – particularly when it comes to power. Businesses continue to demand features that require more power and consequently, larger batteries.
Monolithic component integrates isolation plus ADC for AC line-voltage monitoring
Product News  
6/15/2012   1 comment
The Si890x trio from Silicon Laboratories incorporates capacitive-based digital isolation along with a 10-bit analog/digital converter.
Automotive power MOSFETs come in TO-220 fullpak package
Product News  
6/15/2012   2 comments
Applications include BLDC motors, pumps, and cooling systems.
Awinic, China fabless, flourishes by mimicking Huawei work ethic
News & Analysis  
6/14/2012   20 comments
Awinic’s work ethic (always on call, including weekends) and the way its engineering team interfaces with local customers (Awinic’s engineers do double duty in marketing and product development) have set it up for greater prominence.
Companies with Power/Thermal related products
6/13/2012   Post a comment
Part of the EDA Designline Power archive. Contains listings of companies and power related products plus links to their articles...
Analog Devices ADA4830-1, ADA4830-2, ADA4432-1 and ADA4433-1 analog video filter amplifiers
Product News  
6/13/2012   Post a comment
Analog Devices' video amplifiers integrate short-to-battery protection and fault detection for automotive video applications.
EDA/IP Weekly Roundup – June 13th
6/13/2012   Post a comment
Freescale, GEO, STMicro, Globalfoundries, Altera and SEMI made the lineup today. See here for their news…
Chevy boosts 2013 Volt electric range more than 8%
6/12/2012   12 comments
Battery capacity and chemistry changed.
All-in-one linear ICs cut power by more than 10
Product News  
6/12/2012   3 comments
Touchstone Semiconductor has announced the TS12011 and TS12012, 1.2-microwatt op amp, comparator and voltage reference in one IC.
Automotive ultrasonic ranging: Increasing gain may not improve detection distance
Design How-To  
6/11/2012   6 comments
Depending on the noise sources, increasing the amplifier gain may not always result in the ability to detect objects farther away.
Foundries sales trends diverge in May
News & Analysis  
6/8/2012   1 comment
Foundry TSMC has reported strong sequential and annual sales growth in May while smaller rival UMC reported a year-on-year decline in sales both in May and for the year to date.
Signal processing allows next-gen MOST PHY to retain legacy optoelectronics
Design How-To  
6/7/2012   Post a comment
The optical version of the MOST physical layer has several well-known advantages (virtually no EMI problems, the fiber is low weight, and it and the optoelectronics are low cost). As the need for higher data rates grows, the feasibility of adapting signal processing techniques to use next generation MOST with these current attractive link components becomes compelling.
Microchip MCP6V11 and MCP6V31 op amps
Product News  
6/6/2012   Post a comment
Microchip expands zero-drift operational amplifier portfolio for signal conditioning, instrumentation and portable sensor applications.
Analog Devices ADXL362 low power MEMS accelerometer
Product News  
6/6/2012   Post a comment
ADI's MEMS accelerometer enables wireless sensor networks, wearable motion detectors and other portable systems to significantly extend battery life.
Gregg Lowe, ex-TI exec, takes helm at Freescale
News & Analysis  
6/5/2012   17 comments
Gregg Lowe (shown), who headed analog operations at Texas Instruments, will replace Rich Beyer as the new CEO of Freescale Semiconductor.
Etron preps DRAMs using through silicon vias
News & Analysis  
6/1/2012   2 comments
Taiwan’s Etron Technoogy has started work on buffered DRAMs using through-hole vias for 3-D ICs and is working on an upgrade of its gesture recognition module.

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