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posted in July 2011
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Intersil rolls AEC-Q100 qualified dual synchronous step-down DC/DC regulator
Product News  
7/29/2011   Post a comment
Device targets secondary power automotive applications such as infotainment, camera, and systems modules.
Microchip MCP3903 analog front end for three-phase energy metering
Product News  
7/28/2011   Post a comment
Microchip's latest device includes six 16-/24-bit ADCs, integrated programmable gain amplifiers, low-drift voltage reference, phase-delay compensation and modulator output block.
TSMC forecasts falling sales in Q3
News & Analysis  
7/28/2011   Post a comment
Foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has announced that its net income fell in the second quarter and has forecast its revenue will decline by about 7 percent in the third quarter. Finding the right part just got easier
7/28/2011   24 comments
With the launch of, EDN and UBM Electronics provide engineers access to over 185 million parts, with features such as comparison, parametric search, search save, and alerts.
Composite supersets tame wiring harness engineering complexity
Design How-To  
7/28/2011   Post a comment
With many electrical options and physical variants in today's cars, potential configurations for a single platform may number in the millions. Thus the electrical distribution system harness is at the heart of the automotive complexity challenge.
Op amps in small-signal audio design - Part 3: Selecting the right op amp
Design How-To  
7/27/2011   7 comments
In Part 3 of an excerpt from the book "Small Signal Audio Design," Douglas Self examines various op amps and their key performance specs from a perspective of audio design.
Audio listening enjoyment: Do technical specs matter?
Audio DesignLine Blog  
7/27/2011   14 comments
When it comes to audio listening enjoyment, it isn't always about the specs.
ADI invests $70 million in Irish R&D
7/27/2011   Post a comment
The Industrial Development Agency of Ireland (IDA Ireland) has announced that chip company Analog Devices Inc. is embarking on a 50 million euro (about $70 million) R&D investment program at its Raheen campus near Limerick.
Pro audio techniques applied in mobile devices to improve sound quality
Design How-To  
7/27/2011   9 comments
This article describes various techniques that can be applied to solve the challenge of achieving good sound quality from the small low-profile speakers in mobile devices, and how they can aid in improving communication as well as entertainment.
Mouser launches new audio applications site
News & Analysis  
7/27/2011   1 comment
Mouser Electronics launched an audio applications training site devoted to the newest products and developments for sound engineering.
STMicroelectronics collaborates with Soundchip to bring HD-PA to market
News & Analysis  
7/27/2011   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics is to collaborate with Soundchip SA, a Swiss-based electro-acoustics consultancy and originator of the High Definition Personal Audio (HD-PA) Standard, to bring HD-PA to market by applying their respective strengths in audio system and semiconductor technology, product design and industrialization methods, audio software and sales and marketing.
Ultra-low power DAC delivers crystal-clear audio
Product News  
7/27/2011   Post a comment
Wolfson Microelectronics plc has unveiled the company's latest high performance ultra-low power stereo digital-to-analog converter (DAC) which delivers superior audio to portable applications including mobile phones, tablet PCs, wireless headsets, multimedia players and handheld gaming devices.
Audio streamer delivers class-leading cost and power optimization for mono wireless audio
Product News  
7/27/2011   Post a comment
Nordic Semiconductor ASA has announced the nRF2460 audio streamer IC that offers class-leading power optimization and performance specifically for cost-sensitive battery-powered mono (single channel) C applications such as microphones, subwoofers, musical instruments, and gaming.
Audio SoC gives access to DSP cores
Product News  
7/26/2011   Post a comment
Wolfson Microelectronics has announced a single-chip audio processor that could, potentially, replace up to five of its discrete ICs in mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablet PCs and other handheld media devices.
VoIP SLIC promises smaller BoM
Product News  
7/26/2011   Post a comment
Silicon Laboratories is claiming the title of industry's most integrated, cost-effective and power-efficient subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) solution for voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, with its new Si3226x Dual ProSLIC family.
Low power audio codec optimizes performance and prevents speaker damage
Product News  
7/26/2011   Post a comment
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX98089, a highly integrated stereo audio codec targeted at portable multimedia applications such as tablets, netbooks, and mobile phones.
Class-G headphone and Class-D speaker amplifiers balance audio power versus battery life
Product News  
7/26/2011   Post a comment
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the FAB1200 stereo Class-G ground-referenced headphone amplifier with integrated buck converter, as well as the FAB2200 audio subsystem with stereo Class-G headphone amplifier and 1.2 W Class-D mono speaker amplifier.
Integrated radar front end trims system cost and size
Design How-To  
7/26/2011   5 comments
Integrated automotive chip allows multiple applications in an efficient package—while on-chip signal conditioning and data capture let design engineers program settings for different driving conditions.
TI development kit combines MCU and Bluetooth
Product News  
7/25/2011   Post a comment
Kit merges Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 MCU performance with TI’s seventh-generation CC2560 Bluetooth solution to enable streaming audio, data transfers and other advanced capabilities
Flow batteries: EVs fuel up on electrons at the 'gas pump'
Design How-To  
7/25/2011   9 comments
Batteries with replaceable fluids may improve electric vehicle energy density.
Texas Instruments ADS42xx analog-to-digital converters
Product News  
7/25/2011   Post a comment
TI bolstered its ultra-low-power, high-speed, ADC family with eight dual-channel devices from 65 to 250 MSPS.
Allegro MicroSystems A8502 and A8514 LED drivers
Product News  
7/25/2011   Post a comment
Allegro MicroSystems rolled out a pair of multi-output LED drivers for backlighting automotive LED displays.
Silicon Labs warns of weak demand
News & Analysis  
7/25/2011   2 comments
Mixed-signal IC vendor Silicon Laboratories reported second quarter sales and profit that handily beat consensus analysts' expectations, but warned that it expects sales to fall in the third quarter due to weak end user demand.
Triad offers 1 million gates plus analog
Product News  
7/25/2011   4 comments
Triad Semiconductor Inc., whose via-configurable arrays offer programmable analog with a microcontroller, has announced the availability of its largest configurable array to date, the VCA-6, with more than one million ASIC gates.
Haptics technology: picking up good vibrations
Design How-To  
7/24/2011   14 comments
Understand the existing and new techniques for implementing this motion-transducer function
A Volt for a week
7/22/2011   16 comments
I have a Chevy Volt to drive for a week. If you have any questions on the car or its operation, post them here and I'll try and answer them.
Power considerations for SDI products and other noise-sensitive devices (Part 2 of 2)
Design How-To  
7/22/2011   1 comment
Understand power issues for noise-sensitive, high-speed components
Chevy Volt relies on adroit suppliers
Design How-To  
7/21/2011   Post a comment
What does it take to bring the Chevy Volt to market? Suppliers of advanced technology that can deliver on time—and on budget.
Op amp overcomes precision/protection tradeoff dilemma
Product News  
7/20/2011   Post a comment
ADA4096-2 from Analog Devices offers typical 35 uV offset, with +/-30V OVP
Microsemi offers $549 million to buy Zarlink
News & Analysis  
7/20/2011   4 comments
Analog and mixed signal chip company Microsemi Corp. has announced that it has made a third offer to acquire Canadian mixed-signal chip company Zarlink Semiconductor Inc., this time worth $548.7 million.
Near-field communications has far-reaching effect on markets
Design How-To  
7/19/2011   1 comment
Ensuring reliability, security and ease of use are crucial goals for any near-field communications solution, since consumer acceptance is at the heart of the NFC’s success.
Scalable SoC drives 'hybrid' cluster displays
Design How-To  
7/19/2011   Post a comment
Between mechanical automotive instrument clusters and the growing number of free programmable clusters there are hybrid dashboards, which combine traditional meters and at least one graphical display.
Spreadtrum agrees to buy Telegent
News & Analysis  
7/19/2011   2 comments
Spreadtrum Communications Inc. has announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Telegent Systems Inc., a developer of software and silicon for the reception of live broadcast television signals.
ST teams with Swiss startup on audio ICs
News & Analysis  
7/18/2011   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics NV has said it is working with Soundchip SA, a Swiss electro-acoustic consultancy and originator of the High Definition Personal Audio (HD-PA) standard.
IDMs to hurt pure-play foundries, says report
News & Analysis  
7/18/2011   5 comments
The offer of foundry services and aggressive spending by integrated device makers (IDMs), including Intel and Samsung, is set to impact on pure-play foundries such as TSMC and UMC, according to Taipei Times, which referenced a report from Fitch Ratings.
Adaptive equalizer IC pushes to 14 Gbps, defeats crosstalk, allows lower-cost PCBs and longer runs
Product News  
7/18/2011   Post a comment
Vitesse VSC7224 spans 155 Mbps to 14 Gbps, implements autonomous retiming/redriving hardware function
Power considerations for SDI products and other noise-sensitive devices (Part 1 of 2)
Design How-To  
7/17/2011   2 comments
Understand power issues for noise-sensitive, high-speed components
Uncertainty clouds Telegent's future
News & Analysis  
7/15/2011   9 comments
Telegent Systems Inc., a vendor of TV receiver chips for cell phones and other mobile devices with engineering resources in China, has closed according to Chinese reports which EE Times has seen in Google translation.
Texas Instruments AMC1200 isolated amplifier and AMC1204 delta-sigma modulator
Product News  
7/14/2011   Post a comment
TI rolled out an isolated amplifier and modulator that enable high-precision current measurement in motor control and green energy applications.
Allegro Microsystems Sl-7321M two-phase microstepping motor driver
Product News  
7/12/2011   Post a comment
Allegro's new unipolar two-phase constant-current mode motor driver IC features an efficient unipolar driver design for full- and half-step operation, and 1/4 , 1/8 , and 1/16 microstepping.
ST lays out strategy for analysts in Hong Kong
News & Analysis  
7/12/2011   1 comment
Senior executives from STMicroelectronics explained their view of the market and trends of strategic importance to the company at an investors' and analysts' meeting held in Hong Kong.
Samsung Foundry tapes out 20-nm ARM test chip
News & Analysis  
7/12/2011   9 comments
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has said that is foundry chip making business has taped out an ARM processor test-chip intended for manufacture in a 20-nm process with high-K metal-gate technology.
Globalfoundries says New York wafer fab is ready for kit
News & Analysis  
7/12/2011   5 comments
Globalfoundries Inc., the foundry that is majority owned by an Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, has said that its newly constructed cleanroom in New York and a cleanroom extension in Dresden have both had the first chip making equipment installed.
Japan hit by magnitude 7.0 aftershock
News & Analysis  
7/11/2011   4 comments
Northeastern Japan suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on Sunday morning. It gave rise to tsunami warnings, subsequently withdrawn, and is described as an aftershock to 9.0 earthquake of March 11, 2011 that devastated the region.
WSTS: Chip market now shrinking year-on-year
News & Analysis  
7/11/2011   1 comment
Thanks to modifications made to April's actual chip market figures by WSTS, May becomes the second month on the bounce in which the global chip market has been smaller than it was in the same month in the year before.
Chip inventory continues to build, says IHS
News & Analysis  
7/11/2011   Post a comment
Semiconductor inventory levels at chip suppliers worldwide excluding memory have risen for the seventh consecutive quarter, according to market research company IHS.
ADC family yields direct-RF sampling architecture of 2.7 GHz signals, with 3.6 Gsps rate
Product News  
7/11/2011   Post a comment
National Semiconductor ADC12Dxx00RF converter quintet pumps 12 bits with bandwidth to 2.7 GHz, sampling to 3.6 Gsps, can replace major parts of radio signal path
PXI/MOST interface ensures end-of-line test quality
Design How-To  
7/8/2011   Post a comment
Detailed compliance testing eliminates faults and ensures performance of different MOST interfaces in the same network.
TSMC posts weak June, Q2 sales figures
News & Analysis  
7/8/2011   3 comments
Net sales in June 2011 for foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. were down on a sequential basis, running against historic trends for the month, which helped produce a weak second quarter net sales figure, although this had been forecast.
Sterilization methods and impact on electronics in medical devices
Design How-To  
7/8/2011   4 comments
Understand the different methods of achieving this important objective, and their key attributes
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