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posted in October 2004
UK gives OK to open source
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10/29/2004   Post a comment
The British are coming -- to the open-source software community.
Linux Development Kit announced for Motorola VMEbus product
Product News  
10/27/2004   Post a comment
TimeSys TimeStorm Linux development kit pairs V. 2.6 Linux and development tools with PowerPC-based Motorola MVME6100.
Singapore dumps Microsoft, goes open source
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10/20/2004   Post a comment
Singapore's defense ministry reportedly is turning to the OpenOffice application suite rather than updating Microsoft Office.
68HC11 miniature board has modular I/O expansion
Product News  
10/18/2004   Post a comment
Board maker Mosaic Industries is rolling out a new single board computer that measures just 2 x 2.5-in. in size. Designed for handheld and space-constrained applications, the credit card-sized board sports a 16-MHz Motorola 68HC11F1 microprocessor.
Modem modules ease design-in of embedded TCP/IP
Product News  
10/11/2004   Post a comment
UK-based Comtech Holdings, a so-called machine-to-machine technology provider, is offering a wireless module family that lets you readily embed a TCP/IP stack into your design. The wireless modems support automated e-mail and FTP file transfer modes, and operate standalone or integrated into remote machines for central management applications.
STMicro to partner in Chinese Linux computing initiative
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10/11/2004   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics has signed an agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and CEA, the French Atomic Energy Commission to become a partner in the Chinese Open Platform Initiative, which is developing a new computing platform based on Linux open-source software.
Accord de coopération entre le CEA, ST, Bull et le ministère chinois de la Science et de la Technologie
News & Analysis  
10/11/2004   Post a comment
La Chine et la France resserrent leurs liens au profit de l’innovation et des technologies de l’information. Le ministère chinois de la Science et de la Technologie (MOST), le Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA), STMicroelectronics et Bull ont annoncé samedi (9 octobre) la signature d’un accord de coopération pour le développement conjoint d’une plate-forme informatique ouverte basée sur Linux.
PowerPC-based VME64x board packs Ultra-160 SCSI, dual GBit Ethernet
Product News  
10/8/2004   Post a comment
Industrial board maker Concurrent Technologies is broadening its PowerPC-based VME64x product range with a line of 6U-sized boards designed around Motorola PowerPC microprocessors. Concurrent's VME bus boards offer processor speed options of 800-MHz or 1-GHz, memory options of up to 1.25-Gbytes of 266-MHz DDR SDRAM, and dual SCSI and high-speed Ethernet ports.
AT&T takes the Linux challenge
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10/7/2004   Post a comment
AT&T has set up a program to evaluate alternatives to Microsoft Windows, including Linux, for the company's internal desktop computers.
Kodak, Sun settle Java dispute
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10/7/2004   Post a comment
Sun Microsystems has reached an out-of-court settlement with Kodak in a two-year patent dispute over its Java programming language, agreeing to pay the imaging products company $92 million in return for license rights to the popular software.
India's Sasken plans investments in Symbian OS
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10/7/2004   Post a comment
Sasken Communication Technologies said it plans to invest about $20 million in applications, intellectual property and integration services for mobile platform developers.
Jury reportedly favors Kodak in patent dispute with Sun
News & Analysis  
10/4/2004   Post a comment
A federal jury has backed Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, N.Y.) in a patent-infringement dispute with Sun Microsystems Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) over the company's popular Java programming language, according to an Associated Press report. Parts Search

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