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posted in April 2006
Microsoft attacked over China piracy rates
News & Analysis  
4/25/2006   Post a comment
Despite recent success for Microsoft Corp. in getting China’s big PC makers to bundle legitimate copies of the Windows operating system, the software giant remains cautious on how long it will take for China to stamp out rampant piracy.
McNealy out as Sun CEO
News & Analysis  
4/24/2006   Post a comment
Jonathan Schwartz will replace Scott McNealy as Sun Microsystems' CEO, the company said.
U.S. tech lead challenged by globalization of innovation
News & Analysis  
4/21/2006   Post a comment
The U.S. retains its innovation edge in electonics, but experts said the globalization of innovation is transforming the technology landscape in ways that could threaten U.S. leadership.
Microsoft to aid Indian software startups
News & Analysis  
4/19/2006   Post a comment
Microsoft Corp. has launched a program under the Microsoft Innovation Center and aimed at aiding the startups building software products and solutions for the global market.
FTD to blend India, China product development
News & Analysis  
4/19/2006   Post a comment
Singapore-based FTD Technology Pte. Ltd., said it is looking at an India-China mix as demand is emerging for a dual nation-based development paradigm.
Sun, EPA seek server energy spec
News & Analysis  
4/14/2006   Post a comment
Taking a cue from the automotive industry, Sun Microsystems and other electronics companies are working with the Environmental Protection Agency to define a standard metric to measure energy efficiency in server technology.
RoHS-compliant ETX board runs 2-GHz Intel dual core, PCI Express
Product News  
4/10/2006   Post a comment
Take a look at this plug-compatible system for embedded system manufacturers facing complete re-designs of ETX baseboards. This RoHS-compliant ETX board runs a 2-GHz Intel dual core and uses PCI Express. Use it to provide a path forward for existing ETX designs.
Cray faces delisting due to 10-K delay
News & Analysis  
4/10/2006   Post a comment
Supercomputer maker Cray Inc. announced that it received a notice from the Nasdaq Stock Market stating the company is not complying with the requirements of Nasdaq Marketplace Rule 4310(c)(14), due to Cray's failure to file its annual Form 10-K report for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2005, on a timely basis.
PC/104-Plus single-board computer is RoHS-compliant
Product News  
4/10/2006   Post a comment
Power-managed single-board computers from VersaLogic are PC/104-Plus-compatible and RoHS-compatible. These boards dissipate 900-mW in standby, making them useful for nomadic and battery powered designs.
Home media center built with Linux on PowerPC Architecture
Design How-To  
4/10/2006   Post a comment
The authors describe the design of a consolidated home media center based on using a PowerPC architecture and the Linux OS as well as the intricacies of leveraging SIMD extensions for multimedia applications.
McAfee, VeriSign deepen Israel data security link
News & Analysis  
4/7/2006   Post a comment
U.S. data security providers are acquiring and teaming with Israel-based companies to tackle computer security issues there.
Embedded software expert: Test everything
News & Analysis  
4/6/2006   Post a comment
Before their next project blows up, software engineers should learn a lesson from the Ariane 5 rocket that exploded, destroying two $100 million communications satellites: Test everything.
Wedge brake design boosts by-wire stopping performance
Design How-To  
4/6/2006   Post a comment
Intelligently controlled electronic brake converts vehicle kinetic energy directly into braking energy, is faster than hydraulic brakes, requires only 10% the energy to operate, and eliminating hydraulic lines and controllers lowers system weight.
Less-than-$1200 cPCI Pentium M single-board computer packs PCI Express
Product News  
4/5/2006   Post a comment
The board makers at MEN Micro are dishing up a $1200 CompactPCI single-board computer that runs a 2-GHz Pentium M processor and packs multiple PCI Express lanes.
TI, ARM team on mobile security
News & Analysis  
4/4/2006   Post a comment
Texas Instruments Inc. and ARM announced Tuesday (April 4) a collaboration to provide a unified mobile security technology, enabling mobile security market applications and services with a standard-based, interoperable, extensible framework. Parts Search

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