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posted in May 2010
MCU to Intel architecture conversion
Design How-To  
5/31/2010   Post a comment
This white paper gives an overview of the real-time nature of PLC applications and analyzes the interrupt architecture on platforms featuring the Intel Atom processor.
X-ES bases OpenVPX module on Freescale eight-core P4080 processor
Product News  
5/27/2010   Post a comment
The XPedite5470 from Extreme Engineering Solutions Inc. (X-ES) is a high-performance 3U OpenVPX single-board computer featuring a Freescale QorIQ P4080 processor with eight Power Architecture e500 cores at up to 1.5 GHz.
Dell taps Android, Snapdragon for mini tablet
News & Analysis  
5/26/2010   3 comments
On the same day Dell Inc. announced an ARM/Linux tablet, a panel of mobile experts—including a designer of the Dell device—suggested alternative platforms for tablets and netbooks are on a road of slow but steady growth.
Clients to become more like servers, says ARM's CTO
News & Analysis  
5/24/2010   Post a comment
Processors for mobile clients are going to have to take on many of the functions associated with networking infrastructure, according to Mike Muller, chief technology officer of ARM. This will be part of an explosion of processing requirements for wirelessly-connected devices that will require multiple application-specific processors to keep power consumption down, he added.
An introduction to networking
Design How-To  
5/24/2010   Post a comment
Here's Part I of Chapter 2, Introduction to Networking, an excerpt from µC/TCP-IP: The Embedded Protocol Stack by Christian Legare of Micrium. This chapter segment provides a quick introduction to networking protocols and then moves rapidly to a discussion on TCP/IP over Ethernet.
Who'll provide the power behind the mainstream business tablet?
News & Analysis  
5/24/2010   6 comments
I recently got An iPad to try as part of our analysis work on the Apple tablet, and it is becoming apparent to me that devices of this class will grow to be as popular as the current crop of e-mail-enabled smartphones.
New tube: Interview with GoogleTV's top engineer
News & Analysis  
5/21/2010   7 comments
A day after the announcement, we spoke with Vincent Dureau, the engineer behind GoogleTV about the genesis and outlook of the project, its technical specs and why he doesn't see it as a problem that GoogleTV does not have any cable-TV partners yet.
Coming this fall: GoogleTV on Intel-powered Sony TVs
News & Analysis  
5/20/2010   10 comments
Google officially rolled out its GoogleTV initiative at its annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco, promising its designs for set-top boxes and related software and services will reshape television by integrating the Web and TV.
Using Windows Embedded Standard to create a battery powered device
Design How-To  
5/17/2010   Post a comment
Here's a look at how Windows Embedded Standard (WES), properly configured, can be productively employed for battery powered x86-based devices in consumer, commercial and industrial applications.
Ask a BIOS Guy: Debugging BIOS
Design How-To  
5/17/2010   Post a comment
In his latest blog post, American Megatrends' Brian Richardson focuses on how an Independent BIOS Vendor handles debugging BIOS issues.
Marvell plans 40-nm ARM server processors
News & Analysis  
5/10/2010   10 comments
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. aims to supply silicon for ARM-based servers with 40-nm multicore processors it will ship this year and is working with multiple partners including one that hopes to port a server version of Microsoft Windows to ARM.
Intel targets smartphones with new Atom chips
News & Analysis  
5/5/2010   5 comments
Intel Corp. rolled out its latest Atom chip set, the 45nm Moorestown platform geared for use in the burgeoning market for smartphones and tablets, but observers said the PC giant's next-generation 32nm chip set will compete more effectively for handset design wins.
Low-Power Intel Architecture Platform for In-Vehicle Infotainment - Part 2: Virtualization, hyperthreading, security, connectivity and power management
Design How-To  
5/3/2010   Post a comment
Part 2 of this white paper highlights - from both a hardware and software perspective - the challenges and opportunities presented by the Intel-based IVI platform to meet the power, performance, size, differentiation, and other needs of the automotive environment and usage models.

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