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posted in July 2008
Software tools make automotive control-system design engineers 'greener' and faster: Part 1 - Optimizing internal combustion
Design How-To  
7/30/2008   Post a comment
Design packages allow faster innovation and more effective results.
HP, Intel, Yahoo partner in cloud computing
News & Analysis  
7/29/2008   Post a comment
Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Yahoo have partnered with three research groups to create an open source test bed for research in cloud-computing, the concept of using globally distributed computers as a platform for delivering services.
Top Indian IT firms see sharp declines in growth
News & Analysis  
7/28/2008   Post a comment
After three years of strong growth, India's top 20 information technology firms are reporting sharp drops in annual growth rates as the global economy slows.
Edward Davidson, "Spam King," dead in apparent murder-suicide
News & Analysis  
7/25/2008   Post a comment
Edward Davidson, convicted of distributing the largest volume of spam in U.S. history, died in an apparent murder-suicide that also killed his wife and 3-year-old child.
AdaCore develops GNAT Pro for RTX
Product News  
7/24/2008   Post a comment
AdaCore's product brings Ada to RTX for real-time development on Windows.
Physical Modeling Consortium serves a wake-up call on the automotive industry: Part 1 - A looming problem
Design How-To  
7/23/2008   Post a comment
Burgeoning design-task complexities are projected to outpace critical analytical and modeling tools.
COM Express module features latest AMD mobile processors
Product News  
7/22/2008   Post a comment
Pinnacle Data Systems' COM Express module features the latest mobile AMD technologies, including single- and dual-core AMD Sempron processors and AMD Turion processors and the AMD M690 chipset.
SBC features advanced Freescale processors
Product News  
7/21/2008   Post a comment
Featuring advanced Freescale MPC8640 and MPC 8640D processors, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms' VG6 is available as a dual node/single node, dual node/single node single board computer designed for high performance in harsh environments such as military/aerospace and industrial automation.
Tool targets faulty, 'one-size-fits-all' computer interfaces
Product News  
7/21/2008   Post a comment
User interfaces should adapt to individual skills and style, rather than forcing users to adapt to the layout of buttons and menus in computer application software, researchers told the annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.
Startup brings virtualization to automotive software
News & Analysis  
7/21/2008   Post a comment
In today's automotive landscape, there is a fundamental gap between highly safety and security relevant internal subsystems such as x-by-wire systems or engine control systems at one side and telematics and infotainment systems at the other one. A Berlin-based startup company plans to bridge this gap by means of a technique already commonplace in commercial IT: Virtualization.
Postmortem debugging of embedded RTOS applications
Design How-To  
7/18/2008   Post a comment
Postmortem debugging in desktop operating systems (OSes) such as Windows and Linux has been around for some time.
Debugging multiprocessor code
Design How-To  
7/18/2008   Post a comment
Debugging code running on multiprocessor computing systems--and, in particular, parallel code on multicore devices--is an old problem that has achieved new prominence because of the profound transformation of hardware from single-processor to multiprocessor and multicore solutions.
Automotive vision system recognizes road signs: Part 3 - Implementation of a Sobel filter in C and assembler
Design How-To  
7/18/2008   1 comment
Here are ways of implementing the filter, comparison of results, and how to optimally use available processing capacity.
Automotive Infotainment: The Forefront of Technology
Design How-To  
7/16/2008   Post a comment
Consumers want to be constantly connected, even when they drive in a car. In order to get the flood of consumer devices under control, vehicles need to offer the right software infrastructure.
PRODUCT FEATURE: BSPs - A step up in the right direction?
News & Analysis  
7/12/2008   Post a comment
Board support packages now represent a critical component in product design.
Is the end of competition in industrial computing arising?
Industrial Control DesignLine Blog  
7/11/2008   1 comment
In the industrial computing industry there is a tendency to mergers and standardised hardware and software products. Does this evolution of the market mean we will end up with one single "Wintel"-like company without any further competition?
Research bots leverage open-source for child-like intelligence
Special Report  
7/10/2008   Post a comment
Researchers from across Europe are being trained in Genoa, Italy, this month in advance of taking possession of their very own iCub: a robot designed to have the physical and sensory capabilities of a two-and-a-half year old child.
VITA warns of confused board industry, destabilized chip industry
News & Analysis  
7/10/2008   Post a comment
VITA mid-year study sees possible turmoil in chip markets for board-level computing, and commodification in many board industries.
AI beats human poker champions
News & Analysis  
7/7/2008   Post a comment
Humanity was dealt a decisive blow by a poker-playing artificial intelligence program called Polaris during the Man-Machine Poker Competition in Las Vegas.
Embedded designers on tighter schedules, juggling multiple projects in 2008
News & Analysis  
7/3/2008   Post a comment
Embedded designers reported more late projects and bigger time pressures in 2008, although the size of project teams grew from the previous year.
32-channel VME analog output cards deliver high output current
Product News  
7/1/2008   Post a comment
Precision Analog Systems announced two analog output cards to complement its existing VME product line, one of which provides 32 twelve-bit analog voltage output channels on a 6U card.

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