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posted in September 2003
Microsoft, Japan group to work on CE.Net, RTOS environment
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9/25/2003   Post a comment
Microsoft said it would work with the T-Engine Forum to develop an environment in which the T-Kernel real-time operating system would work with Windows CE.Net.
BAE Systems delivers new version of avionics RTOS
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9/18/2003   Post a comment
BAE Systems has rolled out a new version of its real-time operating system that enables avionics developers to run secure two- and three-dimensional graphics displays on the same processor alongside safety-critical applications.
Network spec released for everyday products
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9/15/2003   Post a comment
An industry-academia consortium will unveil the technical foundation Monday (Sept. 15) for its plan to create a worldwide network that will link computers to trillions of everyday objects. Chuck Murray has this report.
Linux extends reach with real-time capabilities
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9/11/2003   Post a comment
On its continuing march to the mainstream, Linux is now approaching the frontier of real-time computing. Linux vendors have recently forged partnerships and rolled out products that move the open-source operating system into new territory.

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