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posted in October 2010
Carbon Design Systems launches IP web portal
Product News  
10/29/2010   1 comment
New IP web portal eliminates the virtual platform assembly bottleneck by offering models for the majority of third-party IP content used in advanced SoC / FPGA designs.
New design software transforms board management
Product News  
10/29/2010   1 comment
New software enables analog and board designers to integrate a circuit board’s power management and digital board management functions into the newly announced Platform Manager device family.
Lattice intends to blow your socks off at Electronica 2010
News & Analysis  
10/29/2010   9 comments
Held every two years, Electronica – one of the largest and most anticipated trade shows in the industry – attracts thousands of companies and tens of thousands of attendees, including over 700 journalists from 34 countries.
Help needed with Microsoft Visio
10/27/2010   8 comments
To be honest this is a bit of a bummer, because if you had asked me only a week ago I would have claimed to be one of the world's experts in using this little rascal.
Xilinx multi-FPGA provides mega-boost re capacity, performance, and power efficiency!
10/27/2010   17 comments
The underlying idea seems simple enough – stick multiple FPGA die into a single package. It's the implementation that's so clever, and – as we shall discuss – the ramifications are truly enormous!
Agatha Christie meets Dr. Who
10/25/2010   5 comments
A brief account of my recent travels to England where I smash my computer, see the reconstruction of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine, discover a Dr. Who Police Box, and see an Agatha Christie play…
Lattice Semi's Q3 comes up short
News & Analysis  
10/21/2010   Post a comment
Lattice Semiconductor reported sales for the third quarter that fell short of consensus analysts' expectations, saying the last month of the quarter was slower than expected.
Record Xilinx quarter falls short of estimates
News & Analysis  
10/20/2010   Post a comment
Xilinx reported record revenue for the fourth consecutive quarter, but sales fell just short of consensus analysts' expectations.
Analysts fret over FPGA lead times
News & Analysis  
10/20/2010   3 comments
Wall Street analysts see the shortening of programmable logic device lead times as a sign of slowing demand, though they appear divided on how severe the impact might be.
Smarter auto system designs with Xilinx FPGA development platforms
Product News  
10/20/2010   1 comment
Xilinx XA Spartan-6 FPGA targeted design platforms enable innovation and reduced design risk of instrument clusters, surround view systems, and infotainment head units.
Altera posts third consecutive sales record
News & Analysis  
10/19/2010   Post a comment
Programmable logic vendor Altera reported third quarter sales that exceeded expectations as the company turned in record revenue for the third consecutive quarter.
How fast will a fictitious 8-bit micro run in an FPGA?
10/19/2010   18 comments
In which my friend Joe Farr poses a question to ponder with regard to the effective speed he might obtain if he were to implement an 8-bit micro of his own devising in an FPGA
Time to working prototype
10/19/2010   2 comments
With regard to an earlier blog *Emulate or Prototype?*, Brian takes his discussions a little further and explores some figures brought to his attention by Dave Orecchio, the CEO of GateRocket.
Report: Altera to get TSMC's 28-nm in Q4
News & Analysis  
10/19/2010   3 comments
Foundry TSMC is set to put its 28-nm CMOS process into production this year in response to orders for programmable logic chips from Altera, according to a Taiwan Economic News report.
Analyst sees 'PLD inflection point'
News & Analysis  
10/18/2010   4 comments
Programmable logic vendors should be more resilient in the face of cyclical downturns with the semiconductor industry entering a "PLD inflection point" where programmable logic appears to be gaining favor versus traditional custom ASIC solutions, according to a Wall Street analyst.
FPGAs advance, but verification challenges increase
10/18/2010   3 comments
Programmable logic is currently experiencing tremendous growth but... back in the day, there was a *verification gap* in the ASIC domain; now we’re seeing a similar situation in the FPGA world.
DSP options to accelerate your DSP+FPGA design
Design How-To  
10/14/2010   14 comments
Before embarking on a high-performance DSP system design, it would pay to evaluate the DSP solutions portfolio offered by the different silicon vendors. This article explores some typical DSP solutions required to speed up FPGA-DSP design implementation.
Career choice: Tennis shoes or transistors?
10/14/2010   17 comments
Did you hear about the artist who became an integrated circuit mask designer because it seemed to offer a more interesting career than that of a shoe salesman?
QuickLogic's new ArcticLink II CX CSSPs target smartphone and tablet applications
Product News  
10/13/2010   1 comment
QuickLogic's new ArcticLink II CX family of CSSPs are ideally suited to address the needs and challenges of the mobile market with regard to products such as smart phones and tablet computers...
QuickLogic ArcticLink II CX CSSP family
Product News  
10/13/2010   1 comment
QuickLogic's new ArcticLink II CX family of CSSPs are ideally suited to address the needs and challenges of the mobile market with regard to products such as smart phones and tablet computers..
ESC Boston and embedded's #1 problem
10/13/2010   Post a comment
"Embedded" has somehow evolved to a dirty word, or at least a boring one, getting associated with many vital, but "boring" machines that just don't generate excitement.
Two keys to success in Tablet PC design
Design How-To  
10/13/2010   10 comments
The effective utilization of USB for both internal and external connectivity and the offloading of the system processor are two keys to success in tablet PC design.
U.S designers watch out: Renesas signals may influence you
10/13/2010   20 comments
There’s nothing subliminal about Renesas’s strategy: With an emphasis on automotive, cloud computing and social infrastructure and ‘green’ industries, it is aggressively out to influence the influencers - -- those 80% of design decision makers that reside outside of Japan, primarily in America.
CommAgility's AMC-V6 for wireless features Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA and high speed I/O
Product News  
10/12/2010   Post a comment
The AMC-V6 from CommAgility is a high performance FPGA-based interface and processing module for wireless baseband applications. For maximum processing power, the AMC-V6 incorporates a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA. The new module is designed for wireless radio head interfacing applications requiring multiple CPRI links at up to a 10x (6.144Gbps) line rate.
Altera launches major embedded initiative
News & Analysis  
10/12/2010   7 comments
As part of its embedded initiative, Altera will expand its current embedded partner programs by embracing the broad ecosystems from ARM, Intel, and MIPS Technologies, as well as the FPGA world.
How exciting – a new mixed-signal programmable device family
10/12/2010   3 comments
I think that this new mixed-signal family from Lattice could well change the face of platform management as we know it for a wide range of application areas.
Lattice mixed-signal Platform Manager set to transform board management
Product News  
10/12/2010   2 comments
Lattice's new mixed-signal Platform Manager devices will significantly simplify board management design by integrating programmable analog and logic.
How to reduce board management costs, failures, and design time
Design How-To  
10/12/2010   3 comments
The Lattice Platform Manager is a single programmable mixed-signal device that provides all the necessary building blocks to integrate board (platform) management functions.
LatticeMico8 FPGA microcontroller boasts new C compiler
Product News  
10/11/2010   2 comments
The LatticeMico8 soft processor is a free, easy-to-use embedded microcontroller optimized for implementation in Lattice FPGAs and PLDs.
A bit of a laugh...
10/8/2010   3 comments
I have all sorts of things I should be doing, but I just ran across something that made me laugh, and that led to something else ... you know how it goes. So I thought you might enjoy a bit of a laugh also.
Have you done anything interesting with CPLDs?
10/8/2010   4 comments
In this week's newsletter I asked: "Have you done anything interesting with CPLDs or FPGAs or any other type of programmable device recently? If so, please drop me a line and tell me about it." Well Ken Whiteleather, who is now with Sparton Defense and Security Systems, responded as follows...
Embedded systems design with FPGAs
10/8/2010   3 comments
Last week there was a bustle of activity at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston. In particular, it was apparent that the use of programmable logic in the form of FPGAs is dramatically increasing in today's embedded systems designs.
If you were on a deserted island and...
10/7/2010   22 comments
Within the past few minutes as I pen these words, emails have been flitting back and forth between Jack Olson and me on a mix of topics that I thought I'd share...
Just what does happen when a processor is reset?
10/7/2010   13 comments
I just received a rather interesting question from a reader with regards to what happens when a processor is reset that set me to pondering...
Exec: Microsemi to support all Actel products
News & Analysis  
10/6/2010   27 comments
Microsemi has no intention of killing off any Actel product lines following the anticipated close of the $430 million tender offer the company made for Actel earlier this week, according to a Microsemi executive.
More *Stuff* (Alien life, steampunk computer, man-powered flight...)
10/6/2010   3 comments
I'm busy... confused... enthused... eternally optimistic... blessed with a short-term memory with regard to unhappy things... and easily distracted (Ooooh, did you see that?)
The *Long Tail* of FPGAs
Design How-To  
10/5/2010   7 comments
There is a *Long Tail* market for FPGAs lurking in the shadows that opens up new opportunities for electronics designers and their companies.
eASIC Nextreme
Product News  
10/5/2010   1 comment
eASIC's NEW ASICs offer ASIC-like performance, power, and low unit-cost combined with an FPGA-like design flow and rapid delivery of devices.
Microsemi acquires Actel-analysis
10/5/2010   24 comments
Analog and digital integration are more crucial today than ever, and device makers are getting the message.
I LOVE my new Android mobile phone!
10/4/2010   19 comments
After struggling along with my old mobile phone for several years, I finally took the plunge and purchased a Droid Incredible by HTC, and I am DELIGHTED with the result.
Eeeek! Actel to be acquired by Microsemi!
10/4/2010   2 comments
Well, this news took me completely by surprise. It seems that Microsemi Corporation has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Actel Corporation for approximately $430 million.
Microsemi CEO would kill some Actel products
News & Analysis  
10/4/2010   15 comments
Microsemi wants Actel for synergies in several markets, but the firm also plans to discontinue some Actel product lines, said CEO James Peterson.
All sorts of *Stuff* (good and bad)
10/1/2010   3 comments
Here are a bunch of items that recently caught my eye, from computer worms to a new way to tie your shoelaces to Mark Twain to nanotechnology to ... the mind boggles!

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