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posted in February 2011
Do we need a new FPGA structure for prototyping?
2/22/2011   2 comments
I have been talking to a lot of people recently about the subject of prototyping. Not only do I believe that it is one of the most important applications related to the success of ESL, but...
Check out the new HDR video camera dev kit and reference design from Lattice
Product News  
2/22/2011   2 comments
Production-ready development it and FPGA reference design accelerate time-to-market and enable full HD HDR camera designs at lowest system cost.
What's the best way to backup / secure the data on my computer?
2/22/2011   13 comments
Around the middle of last week my computer crashed and burned (see The white screen of death). Fortunately, I managed to save my data, but it was a close call and it's set me to thinking...
Our friends at GateRocket need your vote
2/17/2011   6 comments
I just heard from the folks at GateRocket that they are a finalist in the EDN Innovation awards for their FPGA debug technology, but they need our help to win.
Free whitepaper - An easier way to rad-tolerant FPGA design
2/17/2011   1 comment
I just heard from the folks at Mentor about a free whitepaper that describes how you can create rad-tolerant FPGA designs.
Correlating to good effect
Design How-To  
2/17/2011   1 comment
Correlators are a surprisingly common part of everyday life. They are used in RFEL's audio-visual recognition units as well as in wireless systems such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, digital TV and remote controls, where a receiving device has to lock onto and interpret information that is being transmitted. They are also used to aid high-speed communication between devices even though physically they may only be a couple of centimetres apart.
The white screen of death...
2/16/2011   27 comments
I am not a happy person at the moment. The radiance of my smile is no longer lighting the world around me because earlier today, with no warning whatsoever, my computer gave up the ghost...
Creating the F18A – An FPGA-based TMS9918A VDP
Design How-To  
2/16/2011   14 comments
How an FPGA-newbie reproduced the TMS9918A Video Display Processor (VDP) on an FPGA so he could get VGA output from his antique TI-99/4A Home Computer.
New development kit for Tabula’s ABAX 3D FPGAs
Product News  
2/15/2011   7 comments
Comprehensive development kit delivers versatile platform for building next-generation applications with ABAX 3D Programmable Logic Devices (3PLDs) [which I think of as 3D FPGAs].
Tabula releases Stylus design software for ABAX 3D FPGAs
Product News  
2/15/2011   4 comments
Cloud-based Stylus design software delivers Spacetime’s 3D Architecture breakthrough price/performance advantages to ASIC and FPGA designers.
Lattice to demo new products and technologies at Embedded World
News & Analysis  
2/14/2011   2 comments
At the forthcoming Embedded World 2011 conference Lattice Semiconductor will have exhibits, displays, and demonstrations of programmable embedded design solutions that reduce costs, power, and design time.
I want my own Jet Pack!!!
2/12/2011   9 comments
I know that the use of three exclamation marks (as in the title to this blog) is the sign of a deranged mind ... but I don’t care ... I want my own personal Jet Pack!!!
Health management solutions firm joins Altera's IP program
News & Analysis  
2/11/2011   Post a comment
Ridgetop Group, a designer of electronic diagnostic and prognostic solutions, has joined Altera's AMPP intellectual property partnership program.
Does EMC stand for exasperating, magic, or confusing?—Part 1
Design How-To  
2/10/2011   10 comments
While it is merely a nuisance to experience radio interference, it is definitely a serious matter if an ABS, stability control, or airbag suffers a malfunction because a vehicle passes a TV tower too closely. Thus, mastering EMC is a basic requirement for automotive electronics designers. Part one of this article explains basic strategies and provides useful hints.
Teaching an old dog (me) new tricks
2/10/2011   24 comments
Have you seen those things called ‘The Great Courses’? These are college-level courses that are available on DVD for you to study from the comfort of your sofa. I just ordered three...
So, what would you do?
2/8/2011   1 comment
Speaking of human mirrors, did you see…? And what about...? And you must have seen…! So what do you think you would do if you were ever faced with a situation like...?
Altera FPGA I/F targets serial, high-density Bandwidth Engine device from MoSys
Product News  
2/8/2011   3 comments
Support for MoSys GigaChip interface in Stratix IV GT FPGA provides developers of 100G wireline applications a proven high-performance serial memory solution.
Are there any FPGA tool developers out there?
2/7/2011   15 comments
The only thing you have to worry about with an FPGA is making everything fit, and a little bit of timing – right?
Designing remote radio heads (RRHs) on high-performance FPGAs
Design How-To  
2/7/2011   3 comments
Current and future generations of wireless cellular systems feature heavy use of Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) in the base stations. This article discusses using FPGAs to implement RRHs.
Five new IP suites for LatticeECP3 FPGAs
Product News  
2/7/2011   1 comment
Limited quantity promotions on IP suites, design software, and PCI Express Development Kit for LatticeECP3 system designs...
Book Review: The Smart Swarm by Peter Miller
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
2/7/2011   3 comments
How understanding flocks, schools, and insect colonies can make us better at communicating, decision making, and getting things done.
Another cool trick with Windows 7
2/4/2011   4 comments
I friend of mine – Chris Lewis in the UK – has just solved a problem with Windows 7 that’s been nagging me for ages...
Amazingly cool trick with Windows 7
2/3/2011   55 comments
Someone just showed me an amazingly cool trick with Windows 7 that’s going to save me a whole bunch of time (and frustration) in the days, weeks, months, and years to come...
And the winners of the Microchip bundles are...
2/3/2011   1 comment
A few weeks ago I posted an article about some cool development boards and tools from Microchip that I had to offer for free to whoever suggested the most interesting projects...
Head-turning motorcycle helmets
2/3/2011   1 comment
Now I’m not sure if these are real helmets or just Photoshop creations, but if they are real I would love to know where they are to be found...
An ‘exporting to China’ success story
2/2/2011   1 comment
It seems that the folks at Impulse Accelerated Technologies are increasing their exports of FPGA-as-Coprocessor tools to China…
Amazing deal – Fantastic 28” computer monitor for only $249.99
2/1/2011   11 comments
I am currently bouncing around my office doing my happy dance (not a pretty sight), because I’ve just powered-up my new 28-inch monitor and it is WONDERFUL!!! Parts Search

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