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posted in June 2003
Lattice Spins 10-Gbit Transceiver Chip
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6/25/2003   Post a comment
Lattice Semiconductor Corp. this week will unwrap a transceiver chip that moves data at 10 Gbits/second, considered the luxury class among off-the-shelf transceivers. Lattice becomes the second programmable-logic vendor, after Xilinx Inc., to move into standalone serializer/deserializer transceivers as a way to gain sockets in networking equipment.
Altera drives deeper into ASIC turf
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6/23/2003   Post a comment
Altera Corp. appears to be issuing its biggest challenge yet to ASIC manufacturers by enabling customers to convert the company's Stratix FPGAs into mask-programmed ASICs through its HardCopy program. Altera's move is intended to further highlight and take advantage of the cost and time-to-market differences between FPGAs and ASICs.
Actel Unveils Space FPGA Family
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6/1/2003   Post a comment
The hi-rel business segment accounts for nearly one-third of Actel's total revenues. This segment includes space, military/aero, and automotive. Last month, Actel announced that it is pursuing the automotive electronics markets with the introduction of a group of extended-temperature-range devices (see Actel Goes After Auto Market). Designers of hi-rel equipment are attracted to Actel's antifuse FPGAs since
Altera Extends Temperature Range
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6/1/2003   Post a comment

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