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posted in August 2012
Xilinx to demo broadcast innovation and differentiation at IBC 2012
Product News  
8/30/2012   Post a comment
Broadcast engineers are faced with the challenges of providing cost-effective, high performance video, audio, and network systems.
Avnet Wi-Fi dev kit designed to attach to FPGA dev boards
Product News  
8/30/2012   5 comments
Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas Introduces the CC3000-Pmod Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter Kit.
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/29/2012   11 comments
My knee-jerk reaction was "Oh dear, what have I said or done that has raised my friend's ire?"
OpenCL for FPGAs previewed via Altera's early access program
Product News  
8/28/2012   Post a comment
Customers receive a first look at how OpenCL can simplify FPGA development and increase productivity.
Xilinx acquires embedded Linux provider PetaLogix
Product News  
8/28/2012   Post a comment
The acquisition of the original developer of embedded Linux solutions for Xilinx FPGAs further strengthens Xilinx's All Programmable solutions for SoC designs.
Promo pricing for new Lattice iCEblink40 eval kits
Product News  
8/28/2012   1 comment
New iCEblink40 evaluation kits from Lattice Semiconductor accelerate application development for the low-cost, low-power iCE40 mobileFPGA family.
FLIR speeds thermal imaging FPGA development
Product News  
8/28/2012   4 comments
Automatic HDL generation from MATLAB reduces concept to field-testable prototype development time by 60%.
Hurray! Xilinx outperforms Spacely Space Sprockets
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/27/2012   3 comments
Spacely Space Sprockets came in at number 25 of the twenty-five largest fictional companies in history with 2007 revenues of $1.3 billion.
DoCD – DCD’s on-Chip FPGA/SoC Debugger
Product News  
8/27/2012   Post a comment
DoCD offers real time, non-intrusive debug capability, enabling pre-silicon validation and post-silicon on-chip software debugging.
Cheesy Sci-Fi TV Series of the 60s and 70s
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/22/2012   92 comments
Here are some of the cheesy Sci-Fi TV Series I used to watch in the 60s and 70s. Did you see these? If so, which did you like the best (and which did you hate the most)?
Fixing an Atmospheric Monitor
Design How-To  
8/20/2012   19 comments
Max recently sent me his latest (non-working) project -- an Atmospherics Monitor. Here is the tale of the reawakening of this unit.
Startup delivers integrated storage, server
News & Analysis  
8/20/2012   1 comment
Startup SimpliVity comes out of stealth mode today debuting OmniCube, an integrated server, storage and networking system packed into a single 2U box.
Microsemi diversifies as DoD budget cuts loom
News & Analysis  
8/17/2012   7 comments
While Microsemi's revenue growth remains vulnerable to U.S. budget cuts, declines could be offset by expansion into communications and industrial markets.
Updated: How Mars rover got its 'dream mode'
News & Analysis  
8/15/2012   23 comments
The Curiosity rover now preparing to explore Gale Crater on Mars has an FPGA-based reptilian brain that keeps its systems going while main computers are in "dream mode".
44 TByte flash array debuts at $3/GByte
News & Analysis  
8/14/2012   1 comment
Startup Skyera debuts its first product today, a flash-based storage appliance for business networks it claims will rival prices of some hard-disk arrays.
"TGIF" said Max, happily!
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/10/2012   10 comments
Good Grief! What a week it's been…
Terasic, Altera FPGA-based boards for high-frequency trading
Product News  
8/9/2012   1 comment
Terasic to release new Altera Stratix V FPGA-based boards for high-frequency trading and cloud computing applications.
Have you got the (inside) edge?
Product News  
8/8/2012   Post a comment
I just received my copy of Altera's monthly eNewsletter – Inside Edge. On the off-chance you haven't already signed up for this, the highlights are as follows…
Xilinx takes Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC to 1 GHz
Product News  
8/8/2012   1 comment
New performance benchmarks and smaller form factor packaging for All Programmable SoC family.
LabVIEW FPGA innovation award
News & Analysis  
8/8/2012   Post a comment
Xilinx honors NI LabVIEW FPGA innovation award winner at NIWeek graphical system design achievement awards ceremony.
Don't fall in the… arrggghhh!!!
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
8/7/2012   13 comments
I just saw a couple of very interesting pictures. I'm not sure if they are real or not…
The basics of FPGA mathematics
Design How-To  
8/7/2012   13 comments
One of the main advantages of the FPGA is its ability to perform mathematical functions as desired. Here's a refresher on the basic rules and methods involved.
Digital Core Design introduces DMAC-RMII
Product News  
8/6/2012   Post a comment
This IP Core, for use in ASICs/SoCs and FPGAs, supports 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX/FX IEEE 802.3-2002 compliant RMII PHYs.
Xilinx spotlights All Programmable Technology at NIWeek 2012
News & Analysis  
8/6/2012   Post a comment
The folks at Xilinx have announced their participation at NIWeek 2012, booth #618, August 6-9, 2012 at the Austin Convention Center.
The adventures of a Sherlock Homes "wannabe"
8/2/2012   4 comments
In which one of our readers turns into an amateur sleuth, tracks down the doer of a dastardly deed, and ensures that the scales of justice are balanced.
Live webinar on motor control apps with FPGAs
Product News  
8/1/2012   2 comments
I just heard from those nice folks at Microsemi that they are hosting a Free Webinar on August 28 2012 (8:00am to 9:00am Pacific Time).
NI LabVIEW uses HLS to improve FPGA design productivity
Product News  
8/1/2012   1 comment
The new LabVIEW FPGA IP Builder software from National Instruments incorporates high-level synthesis (HLS) technology to accelerate system design through increased abstraction.

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