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posted in September 2010
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Modular FPGA board for extreme hardware-accelerated computing
Product News  
9/30/2010   3 comments
The M-503 addresses the ever-increasing demands for memory and I/O bandwidth for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications in the bioinformatics, image processing, and signal processing domains.
Book Review: Wetware: A Computer in Every Living Cell by Dennis Bray
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/30/2010   4 comments
How does a single-cell creature, such as an amoeba, lead such a sophisticated life? How does it hunt living prey, respond to lights, sounds, and smells, and display complex sequences of movements without the benefit of a nervous system?
Book Review, In Search of Time, Dan Falk
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/30/2010   8 comments
In his book In Search of Time, the author Dan Falk walks through the theories of time, from our earliest ancestors' perception of time to the development of various calendars to today's world of atomic clocks.
Hello from the Abstruse Goose
9/29/2010   4 comments
Have you seen the cartoons on the Abstruse Goose website? If not there are some real corkers (that means "good ones") there that will bring a wry smile to your face.
Synopsys enhances FPGA synthesis – 4X speedup plus team design capabilities
Product News  
9/27/2010   1 comment
Synopsys has just announced a bunch of enhancements to its Synplify Pro and Synplify Premier FPGA synthesis tools - 4X speedup, team-based eesign capabilities,and more...
What! How big did you say that FPGA is? (Team-design for FPGAs)
Design How-To  
9/27/2010   2 comments
When FPGAs deliver the equivalent of a 20- to 30-million gate ASIC, FPGA design tools, which have traditionally been used by just one or two engineers on a project, begin to break down.
HDMI, DVI, and 7:1 LVDS video display interfaces for Lattice FPGAs
Product News  
9/27/2010   2 comments
Free reference designs are available for the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI 1.3a), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), and 7:1 LVDS video display interfaces.
Don’t re-cycle – free-cycle!
9/24/2010   9 comments
I just heard about the most amazing organization that facilitates one's giving and getting stuff for free... I'm now hoping to acquire a really nice antique radio plus I have a bunch of things I no longer need...
Ultra-low-latency FPGA-based system stuns ITCH-parsing experts
Product News  
9/24/2010   2 comments
Financial organizations strive for microsecond advantages over their competition. This C-to-FPGA-based system bypasses CPU processing and puts "Trigger-to-Trade" capability into the FPGA.
Best of Intel Developer Forum (IDF)
9/23/2010   Post a comment
Kenton Williston offers his view of the best of the Intel Developer Forum.
2D-FFT FPGA IP library for imaging and DSP apps
Product News  
9/23/2010   1 comment
These 2D-FFT library elements from OptNgn are intended for inexpensive, low power sensor data stream processing of convolution and filtering-based applications from video, medical, radar/sonar, and scientific-based real-time sources.
PLD market to grow 43% in 2010, says iSuppli
News & Analysis  
9/23/2010   25 comments
Programmable logic devices are set to beat overall semiconductor market in growth in 2010, according to analyst iSuppli.
It's party time! Actel's SmartFusion FPGAs win award
News & Analysis  
9/22/2010   1 comment
Actel's SmartFusion FPGAs wim the Embeddy Award for Best in Show, Hardware, at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Boston 2010.
New SmartFusion FPGA motor control reference designs from Actel
Product News  
9/22/2010   Post a comment
The guys and gals at Actel have just announced the availability of a suite of SmartFusion intelligent mixed-signal FPGA reference designs targeting motor control applications.
Book Review: Mining for Gold in FPGA Design
9/22/2010   1 comment
A design team as a group can benefit from having at least one copy of FPGA Design – Best Practices for Team-based Design in its library.
ESC Boston keynoter delivers industry prequel
News & Analysis  
9/22/2010   17 comments
John East is looking to retire in the west where he has spent 42 years growing and nurturing the semiconductor industry, first at Fairchild, then AMD and the last 22 years at Actel. The chief executive officer of the FPGA vendor in his "Prequel" keynote here at ESC Boston has admitted to a "green" agenda for his foreseeable future.
How to achieve timing closure in large, complex FPGA designs
Design How-To  
9/21/2010   5 comments
For your delectation and delight, here's an example chapter from a new *Hot-off-the-Press* book on FPGA Design that just recently hit the streets in August 2010.
Making biometrics the killer app of FPGA dynamic partial reconfiguration
Design How-To  
9/21/2010   2 comments
How run-time reconfigurable hardware technology brings key advantages in the design of automatic personal recognition systems.
Knot Now!
9/21/2010   13 comments
Have you seen that amazing site that features animations of knot-tying techniques? This is really, really clever ... who knew there were so many knots?
Halogen-free CPLDs from Lattice
Product News  
9/21/2010   3 comments
Well, this one took me somewhat by surprise, because thus far I'd never seen the words 'halogen' and 'CPLD' in the same sentence (I've obviously lived a sheltered life), but we live and learn...
Debugging FPGAs at full speed
9/21/2010   6 comments
There was a time, not so many years ago, when an FPGA was used only for glue logic, connecting together the main elements of a system; the thought of having to simulate the FPGA design was crazy talk.
Low-cost FPGA-based SPI-4.2 solution from Lattice
Product News  
9/20/2010   1 comment
The chaps and chappesses at Lattice Semiconductor have just announced the immediate availability of their full rate SPI-4.2 solution based on a low-cost, low-power FPGA fabric.
Mentor and GateRocket streamline the FPGA verification flow
Product News  
9/20/2010   1 comment
The folks at Mentor Graphics have teamed up with the guys and gals at GateRocket to provide an integrated solution to streamline the FPGA verification-through-synthesis flow.
RF Engines extends digital RF core offering for FPGAs
Product News  
9/20/2010   1 comment
RF Engines Limited (RFEL) has extended its digital RF FPGA core offerings to encompass the next processing stage of the communication system pipeline – demodulator cores.
Whoosh! Altera demos next-gen 25-Gbps FPGA transceivers
Product News  
9/20/2010   9 comments
Altera has become the first company to successfully demonstrate 25-Gbps transceiver performance in programmable logic.
Book Review: The Symbiotic Universe by George Greenstein
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/17/2010   6 comments
Our existence depends on a network of highly unlikely circumstances. And when I say "our existence" I mean any form of life anywhere in the universe. For example...
EDA Videos... some are great, but some...
9/17/2010   3 comments
There are some really clever (funny and/or educational) videos out there on the Internet created by EDA and electronic companies, and then there are some eye-wateringly bad ones...
CD Review: Magnification by YES
9/17/2010   7 comments
I only recently became aware that YES have a CD out called Magnification. Some of the tracks sound very much like the original YES (like listening to YES for the very first time), while others...
Book Recommendation: Bill and Dave...
9/16/2010   4 comments
I just received a recommendation for a book called *Bill and Dave: How Hewlett and Packard Built the World's Greatest Company* by Michael Malone...
SmartFusion A2F500 dev kit available from Actel
Product News  
9/16/2010   5 comments
The folks at Actel have just announced the availability of their A2F500 Development Kit for customers wanting to take immediate advantage of the highest density member of their SmartFusion intelligent mixed-signal FPGA family.
Actel's largest SmartFusion mixed-signal FPGA now in production
Product News  
9/16/2010   1 comment
The largest member of Actel's SmartFusion mixed-signal FPGA family is now in production.
Altium to acquire fellow Australian software firm
News & Analysis  
9/16/2010   8 comments
Design software vendor Altium said it intends to acquire Morfik Technology, an Australian provider of software tools for building web-based applications, in a stock deal worth about $3.3 million.
Xilinx demos Intel QuickPath technology for FPGAs
News & Analysis  
9/16/2010   15 comments
This is one of those things that is going to have some users jumping up and down with excitement while squealing like schoolgirls, while others are going to say "Ho Hum"...
Has alien life been discovered?
9/16/2010   7 comments
A recent thread on the Yahoo How Things Work [HTW] group caught my eye. It seems that there's a chance we (by which I mean humans) may have actually discovered alien life.
ESC Boston likely swan song for Actel's East
News & Analysis  
9/15/2010   1 comment
When Actel CEO John East steps to the podium to deliver a keynote address at next week's Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, it is likely to represent a culmination of sorts for an electronics industry career that has spanned some 42 years.
KaiSemi offers FPGA-to-ASIC replacement with a *Zero NRE* model
Product News  
9/15/2010   9 comments
Fabless semiconductor company KaiSemi say they can provide customers with a seamless, full turnkey FPGA-to-ASIC solution and sell fully compatible replacement chips at a fraction of the price.
I want to attend the Actel Space forum!
9/15/2010   4 comments
I just heard from the guys and gals at Actel that they are going to be holding the American kick-off of their 2010 series of Space Forums on Thursday 2 December at the Four Points Sheraton in Los Angeles, CA.
The Embedded Treasure Map for IDF 2010
9/15/2010   Post a comment
Intel's Eric Mantion offers an overview of some of the Embedded events happening at the Intel Developer Forum.
2010 TI Engibous student competition proves the kids are (still) alright
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/14/2010   2 comments
The university-level analog-centric contest shows that there's innovation and hard work being done by these aspiring engineers.
How to achieve 1 trillion floating-point operations-per-second in an FPGA
Design How-To  
9/14/2010   4 comments
Based on recent technological developments, high-performance floating-point signal processing can, for the very first time, be easily achieved using FPGAs.
How do mirrors work?
9/14/2010   7 comments
As part of my do-it-yourself Magic Mirror Hobby Project, I've been pondering mirrors in general, and I've come to the startling realization that – at the most fundamental level – I don’t actually know how they work.
Startup takes disruptive approach to Ethernet
News & Analysis  
9/14/2010   5 comments
Startup Ether2 is developing layer-two protocol software and a media access controller it claims can radically reduce the power consumption and boost the efficiency of Ethernet networks.
Actel FPGAs with cryptographic cores offer DPA resistance
Product News  
9/13/2010   2 comments
Actel just announced that several of its FPGAs are now usable with cryptographic cores offering differential power analysis (DPA) resistance.
Actel launches direct sales channel in North America
News & Analysis  
9/13/2010   2 comments
Actel has just announced Actel Direct, a sales channel supplying North American customers with simple and streamlined direct sales, fulfillment, and application support.
QuickLogic introduces VEE Apps Builder for Android
Product News  
9/13/2010   1 comment
QuickLogic’s customizable VEE Apps Builder Android application facilitates mobile product differentiation by offering a better viewing experience and longer battery life.
Webench tool tackles challenging FPGA power-rail specs, offers up various plays and tactics
Product News  
9/13/2010   Post a comment
National Semiconductor FPGA Power Architect extends Webench to solve supply-scenario complexity, assess price, performance, footprint, efficiency tradeoffs
Xilinx design platform emphasizes 3-D TV broadcast
News & Analysis  
9/10/2010   Post a comment
Programmable logic vendor Xilinx announced a new development platform intended to help engineers meet the rapidly expanding demand for 3-D TV broadcast capability and other high definition video applications.
Altera lifts Q3 sales target
News & Analysis  
9/7/2010   3 comments
Programmable logic vendor Altera said it now expects third quarter revenue to be between $516 million and $535 million, an increase of 10 to 14 percent sequentially.
Vector processing: Finally, high-performance software-defined radio
Design How-To  
9/7/2010   3 comments
Although SDR has seen sporadic use in different areas, one barrier has stood in the way of its general proliferation - performance.
Virtex-5Q FPGA approved by NSA for cryptographic processing
News & Analysis  
9/7/2010   Post a comment
The U.S. National Security Agency has approved Xilinx' Virtex-5Q FPGA for use in Type 1 crypto systems.
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