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posted in November 2003
Low-ohmic analog switches support audio and signal processing applications
Product News  
11/25/2003   Post a comment
Fairchild Semiconductor announces three new low-ohmic analog switch products. The devices' low RON preserves signal integrity and lowers the drive necessary to support audio and signal processing applications.
Design of Base I/O Libraries
Design How-To  
11/20/2003   Post a comment
Cell libraries clearly play a critical role in IC design today. They serve as the fundamental building blocks for any new chip design. Most developers have chosen a standard cell library early in the design process, frequently based on which IC foundry they are working with—and verified that the library works smoothly within their design flow.
No longer shocking: Intersil's ESD-protected fractional-load RS-485/422 Data Transceivers are good for +/- 15,000 volts
Product News  
11/19/2003   Post a comment
Intersil Corp.'s new ESD-protected RS-485/422 serial data transceivers, the ISL8487E, ISL81487L and ISL81487E, half-duplex fractional-load transceivers. Part of the Milpitas company's "Linearlink" family, these devices operate from a nominal 5-V supply over a wide +/-10 percent tolerance voltage range of +4.5 to +5.5 V, which relaxes supply requirements and reduces costs. The offer greater than +/-15 kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection on all Rx and Tx pins, which is good for industrial
LVDS fan-out buffers support high-availability systems
Product News  
11/19/2003   Post a comment
IDT enters the high-performance clock distribution market with the introduction of a family of industry leading, low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) fan-out buffers. IDT believes it is the first to offer LVDS fan-out buffers with redundant clocking and glitchless switchover. This feature reduces system failure and increases reliability.
Addressable 2-Wire bus buffer brings cards and backplanes together on command
Product News  
11/17/2003   Post a comment
I2C and SMBus compatible bus buffers. They provide capacitive buffering, rise time acceleration - and facilitate input-to-output connection control using 2-wire bus commands.
Analog mux parts claim reduction in signal feed-through
Product News  
11/17/2003   Post a comment
Intersil's new MightMUX devices claim a 99 percent reduction in off-state leakage current and a 99 percent reduction in off-state signal feed-through " at least, compared with Intersil's previous-generation switches. But then, a 2-pA leakage current is respectably low.
Safe hot-swap controller serves CompactPCI systems
Product News  
11/13/2003   Post a comment
Chip maker Linear Technology is fabbing a CompactPCI hot-swap controller IC that turns a board's supply voltages on and off in a controlled manner.
Get ready for a new logic family: AUP devices keep your handhelds running longer
Product News  
11/13/2003   Post a comment
Texas Instruments' AUP (Advanced Ultra Low Power) logic devices may give battery-powered devices up to 73 percent longer life than other kinds of 3.3V logic. Intended to be "unnoticeable" in battery-powered portables, the AUP devices reduce the input capacitance on the logic gates and consequently the drive current required. The new devices could be powered from sub-1V supply rails.
Reference design for Power over Ethernet uses dc-dc converter
News & Analysis  
11/10/2003   Post a comment
PoE applies 48 volts to the unused pairs on a CAT-5 cable, to provide full power to the unit receiving the data signals. Fairchild engineers describe how a DC-DC converter steps down the 48 volts to useful levels for ICs.
Parallel port transceiver features power-on protection feature
Product News  
11/10/2003   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics' 74LVC161284TTR is a low-voltage, high-speed IEEE1284 transceiver. A "Z" version, the 74LVCZ161284ATTR is almost identical, but features an error-free power-up function as well. Each of these transceivers can replace the function of two previous-generation 74ACT1284 devices. Both parts support both IEEE1284-I and -II (level one and level two) bi-directional parallel communications between personal computers and peripherals.
Serdes claims 10-Gbit backplane channels
News & Analysis  
11/4/2003   Post a comment
Agere Systems has built a 90-nanometer serializer/deserializer chip that can deliver 12.5-Gbit/second throughput, giving designers a way to provide 10-Gbit channels across backplanes in networking-box architectures.
Fail-safe 40Mbits/s transceivers support Profibus, RS-485/RS-422
Product News  
11/4/2003   Post a comment
Maxim's MAX3465-MAX3469, announced this week are fail-safe, 40Mbits/s Profibus transceivers. These devices are high-speed, differential-bus transceivers for RS-485 and RS-422 communications, and are designed to meet TIA/EIA-422-B, TIA/EIA-485-A, V.11, and X.27 standards. From eeProductCenter's postings, here's the scoop.
IC sales up 6.5% in September, with 17.5% jump in Q3
News & Analysis  
11/3/2003   Post a comment
The IC recovery continues to pick up steam. Worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $14.4 billion in September, up 6.5 percent from $13.6 billion in August, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).
I2C-Programmable Dual PLL EMI Reduction IC
Product News  
11/3/2003   Post a comment
Alliance says their new ic reduces emi at clock source, enables significant system cost savings.
Pb-free products require changes in packaging and board manufacturingHigh-Speed Interconnect: PCI Express Enters the Race
Design How-To  
11/3/2003   Post a comment
PCI Express is about to arrive. This new, high-speed serial interconnect technology at long last promises to bring traditionally slow I/O subsystems up to par with increasingly fast microprocessors, memory, and graphics chips. Gary Legg explains PCI Express and compares it to other high-speed interconnects, such as RapidIO and HyperTransport.


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