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posted in May 2005
Get ready to rumble (strip)
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
5/31/2005   Post a comment
I tried fooling the system by letting the car drift right with the left turn signal on.
Smart card IC partitions memory between code and data
Product News  
5/27/2005   Post a comment
EM Microelectronic has developed a smart card IC that allows users to divide 176-kilobytes of memory between code and data. The EMTCG176-3G is designed for Java subscriber identity module (SIM) cards, which are located in GSM phase 2+ phones.
Flow-control management ICs buffer data at 13.3-Gbits/s operating speeds
Product News  
5/25/2005   Post a comment
Integrated Device Technology has launched its second family of Multi-Queue flow-control ICs that offers up to 10-Mbits of storage density and supports high-speed operations exceeding 10-Gbits/s using clock rates up to 166-MHz double data rate (DDR).
Quad wideband noise canceller accelerates interconnect speeds by up to 400%
Product News  
5/24/2005   Post a comment
The Nx2000 is a VLSI analog device that integrates eight of the company's channel emulator cores, each with fully adaptive phase, amplitude and frequency control. It can cancel eight network aggressors from four victim channels dynamically in under a square inch of board area. As a result, channel throughput is improved by up to 400%, according to the company.
IC steuert Handy-Lightshow
News & Analysis  
5/23/2005   Post a comment
Einen programmierbaren LED-Controller hat Dialog Semiconductor entiwckelt. Der Baustein lässt sich in überraschend vielen verschiedenen Anwendungen einsetzen – von Lightshows bis zu Signal-Anzeigen in Handys.
Serial RapidIO gains momentum as second switch hits the market
Product News  
5/20/2005   Post a comment
Following its introduction in February of the industry's first serial RapidIO switch, the Tsi568A, Tundra Semiconductor Corp. has added to its product portfolio another device that is cheaper and smaller but delivers the same performance to build high-performance communications systems.
Broadcom, Qualcomm head back to court as they engage in legal tussle
News & Analysis  
5/19/2005   Post a comment
Broadcom's announcement Thursday that it would file multiple lawsuits against Qualcomm Corp. for alleged patent infringement have brought both companies back into the familiar arena of court patent battles.
California Micro Device CEO joins Transmeta's board
News & Analysis  
5/19/2005   Post a comment
Troubled processor company Transmeta Corp. appointed Robert Dickinson, president and chief executive of California Micro Devices, to its Board of Directors Thursday.
ASICS bescheren ZMD Umsatzrekord
News & Analysis  
5/18/2005   Post a comment
Zufriedene Gesichter beim Dresdener Chiphersteller ZMD: Der Gesamtumsatz stieg um gut 9 Prozent, im ASIC-Geschäft sogar um 44 Prozent. Auch die Auftragslage entwickelt sich laut Geschäftsleitung "sehr gut".
Real-time clock equipped with battery saver technology
Product News  
5/17/2005   Post a comment
The ISL1208 is designed with Intersil Corp.'s proprietary battery saver technology called InterSeal, which prevents initial battery current drain on products until the unit is first powered up. The ISL1208 is the first chip in Intersil's portfolio to implement the technology. It is also designed with analog trimming registers (ATR) and digital trimming registers (DTR), which dramatically improve the real-time clock's accuracy. Manufactured on a 0.6-micron, CMOS process, the clocking device also
New Serial ATA core supports both 1.5- and 3-Gbits/s operations
Product News  
5/13/2005   Post a comment
A serial ATA (SATA) core that was recently added to LSI Logic Corp.'s CoreWare IP portfolio offers designers a storage interface that can easily be integrated into cell-based ASIC or RapidChip Platform ASIC designs.
SRS Labs restates 2004 results
News & Analysis  
5/12/2005   Post a comment
SRS Labs Inc. announced Thursday (May 12) it would file restated financial statements for the quarterly periods ended March 31, 2004, June 30, 2004 and Sept. 30, 2004, and amend its Form 10-K for fiscal 2004.
With ATA and SCSI Making Serial Connections, Disk Storage Architectures and Choices Multiply
Design How-To  
5/12/2005   Post a comment
System administrators are constantly looking for ways to save money on storage equipment while still getting the best possible performance, capacity, reliability and scalability. Performance and capacity are fast becoming the two most critical criteria as the raw volume of data and long distance transmission becomes commonplace. In this feature article, Jack Shandle explains how ATA and SCSI, the two leading hard disk drive interface standards, have evolved over the past few years and discusses
CoSine SoC relieves DSPs
Product News  
5/10/2005   Post a comment
Micro Memory's CoSine performs real-time field programmable gate array (FPGA) processing in a system-on-chip (SoC). It bridges two high-speed interfaces — PCI-X or PCI-Express and Serial Rapid I/O — through a multi-port DDR controller, enabling access to a user programmable logic (UPL) block without any difficulty.
Zoran loses COO in management shakeup
News & Analysis  
5/9/2005   Post a comment
Plagued by recent losses, Zoran Corp. made management changes, appointing 26-year semiconductor industry veteran Gary DeMel senior vice president of sales while announcing the departure of chief operating officer Camillo Martino.
Sprint, Intel to team on WiMAX standards
News & Analysis  
5/5/2005   Post a comment
Sprint Corp. has jumped into the WiMAX arena, announcing Thursday it has signed an agreement with Intel Corp. to advance the development of IEEE 802.16e WiMAX mobile technology, which can provide high-capacity wireless broadband coverage and services throughout metro areas.
Qualcomm says chip sets will support Linux
News & Analysis  
5/5/2005   Post a comment
Qualcomm Inc. said it would support the Linux operating system on its Mobile Station Modem MSM6550 chip sets.
Smart Telematics Enable Fiat's 'Connected Cars'
Design How-To  
5/4/2005   Post a comment
Platform designed for the future has enough system resources and bandwidth to cope with changes throughout the development cycle.
Ground Bounce Primer
News & Analysis  
5/4/2005   7 comments
Many electronics enthusiasts don't know the purpose of the bypass capacitor in ICs and choose not to use it, making ground bounce an issue. In this feature article, Logic Eastern's Vikas Kumar discusses the ground bounce phenomenon and how to prevent it by using a bypass capacitor.
Atmel, Veridicom partner on PC security devices
News & Analysis  
5/2/2005   Post a comment
Veridicom International Inc. announced Monday (May 2) it has chosen a processor from semiconductor supplier Atmel Corp. for inclusion in its portable biometric identity product line.

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