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posted in May 2011
Elpida, Powertech, UMC team on 3-D at 28-nm
5/31/2011   2 comments
Elpida Memory Inc. of Japan, Powertech Technology Inc. and United Microelectronics Corp. of Taiwan have announced that they have finalized a three-way collaboration to deliver 3-D IC integration technologies for advanced manufacturing processes including 28-nm.
Renesas Mobile CEO predicts 10 fold growth for its global market share
News & Analysis  
5/27/2011   3 comments
Ikuya Kawasaki, CEO of Renesas Mobile, hopes to turn his company into a credible competitor against Qualcomm with a 20 to 30 percent share, using a proven LTE protocol stack Renesas gained from Nokia.
Digital audio relies on the features and benefits of IEEE 1394
Design How-To  
5/25/2011   8 comments
This article argues that IEEE 1394 is the only interconnect proven to be able to support the bandwidth, timing and synchronization needs of pro audio applications.
Model-based methodology optimizes functional safety, Part 1: Timing
Design How-To  
5/23/2011   2 comments
Timing is a safety issue—this insight has consequences for safety-relevant evaluation and even the design process. Here is a model-based methodology to maximize functional safety.
Analog Devices ADM2682E and ADM2687E are single-chip 5-kVrms signal- and power-isolated RS-485 data transceivers
Product News  
5/18/2011   2 comments
A pair of 5-kVrms signal- and power-isolated RS-485 data transceivers from ADI meets the safety isolation requirements of high voltage systems in motor, power and energy control systems.
Imec launches neural science lab
News & Analysis  
5/16/2011   Post a comment
Belgium's Imec research institute has officially opened a new center to study the brain as part of a broader European research program.
Embedded Systems Conference wrapup
IC Design Corner  
5/16/2011   Post a comment
Mike Demler's summary of EDA and IP vendor announcements at the Silicon Valley Embedded Systems Conference.
10GBase-T Ethernet revs up at Interop
News & Analysis  
5/13/2011   15 comments
10GBase-T Ethernet was one of the stars of the Interop event, with product announcements or demos from Cisco, HP and Emulex.
Rambus spends $342M in security deal
News & Analysis  
5/12/2011   3 comments
Extending its technology portfolio into security, Rambus Inc. has bid to acquire Cryptography Research, Inc. for $342.5 million
Diodes 74LVC2G dual gate logic devices
Product News  
5/12/2011   Post a comment
Diodes has unveiled its first series of dual gate logic devices designed to help reduce component footprints in handheld products.
Updated: Chromebooks challenge netbooks
News & Analysis  
5/11/2011   11 comments
The Google notebook named for its Chrome Web browser hopes to make good on the long sought concept of the thin-client network computer.
ZMDI ZSSC3170 sensor signal conditioner
Product News  
5/10/2011   Post a comment
This sensor signal conditioner IC from ZMDI integrates a LIN transceiver, helping to save component costs and board space in automotive applications.
Parade PS8720 USB 3.0 dual repeater/redriver IC
Product News  
5/10/2011   Post a comment
Housed in a 32-pin 3x6mm TQFN, Parade claims its latest device is the smallest dual port USB 3.0 redriver available.
Updated: Android targets unity, USB support
News & Analysis  
5/10/2011   6 comments
Google outlined plans to pull together separate phone, tablet and TV versions of its Android environment late this year and extend the software to support USB.
MOST150 optimizes data bus efficiency
Design How-To  
5/9/2011   Post a comment
The MOST150 infotainment bus system is about to take the place of earlier MOST systems. With its high bandwidth which can be utilized up to nearly 100%, MOST150 is a viable platform for advanced next-gen infotainment systems. Daimler already has gathered experience with the new bus.
Analog Devices ADV7619 3-GHz HDMI receiver supports 3D and HD
Product News  
5/5/2011   Post a comment
Analog Devices' 3-GHz, dual-port receiver enables AV designers to realize the full benefits of 3D and HD video formats, while future-proofing designs for the delivery of 4K x 2K digital cinema content.
National Semiconductor DS80PCI102, DS80PCI402, DS80PCI800 and repeaters
Product News  
5/4/2011   Post a comment
National's latest PowerWise PCIe repeaters solve the signal integrity challenges presented by the 8 Gbps Gen-3 data rate.
Low-power 802.11n Wi-Fi I/O connectivity for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 platforms offered by Cypress and Redpine
Product News  
5/4/2011   Post a comment
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation and Redpine Signals have jointly developed 802.11a/b/g/n wireless-connectivity solutions that make it easy for system engineers to add low-power, single-stream 802.11n Wi-Fi capability to embedded systems with Cypress's PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 programmable system-on-chip platforms.
Spec turns USB3 into chip link
News & Analysis  
5/3/2011   8 comments
The USB 3.0 Promoters Group and the MIPI Alliance are pooling technologies to define a high speed, low power chip-to-chip interface for chips used in mobile systems.

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