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posted in June 2005
16-bit expanders offer cost-effective approach to increasing I/O capabilities
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6/30/2005   Post a comment
To help designers save development time and cost, Microchip Technology Inc. has designed a pair of 16-bit I/O expanders to provide system I/O expansion through existing microcontroller serial ports.
Modified LDO regulator sinks PECL-termination current
Design How-To  
6/28/2005   Post a comment
For high-speed clock and data systems, positive emitter-coupled-logic (PECL) - a differential signaling scheme - is emerging as a preferred alternative to single-ended CMOS and TTL logic. High-speed ECL offers differential I/O, with excellent skew and jitter control, along with fast rise and fall times. From the June issue of Planet Analog magazine, a Maxim engineer shows how to extract high current.
Single-chip, triple differential receiver reduces board space by more than half
Product News  
6/28/2005   Post a comment
Analog Devices Inc.' AD8143 is a compact, single-chip solution that receives differential signals over a twisted pair cable. The triple differential receiver is primarily designed to receive RGB (red, green, blue) signals with resolutions up to 1600 X 1200; however, it can able be used to receive any other type of differential analog signal or high-speed data transmission.
LED-Treiber für Display-Hinterleuchtung
News & Analysis  
6/27/2005   Post a comment
Eine Familie von LED-Treiberchips mit hohem Wirkungsgrad und niedrigem Spannungsabfall bietet die Chipschmiede Austriamicrosystems an.
Enhanced host bridge supports dual-processor systems
Product News  
6/24/2005   Post a comment
Tundra Semiconductor is concentrating its efforts on producing host bridges that support PowerPC processor-based designs. The company just released a derivative of its Tsi108 system controller that supports dual processors and offers better power management capabilities than its counterpart.
PMC-Sierra cuts 63 more jobs despite meeting guidance
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6/24/2005   Post a comment
Broadband communications semiconductor supplier PMC-Sierra Inc. has decided to eliminate 63 jobs in addition to the 26 positions eliminated earlier.
CAN-Transceiver nach GIFT-Spezifikation
News & Analysis  
6/23/2005   Post a comment
Einen kompakten Low-Speed-Transceiver für Controller Area Networks (CAN) bringt AMI auf den Markt. Die GIFT-Zertifizierung garantiert einen hohen Grad an Kompatibilität – wichtige Voraussetzung bei vielen Automotive-Designs.
Stacked package from Sharp allows 0.5-mm grid
Product News  
6/21/2005   Post a comment
Sharp Corp. has developed packaging technology that allows stacking of multiple packages with 0.5-mm pitch ball grids.
90-nm, PHY series supports high-speed serial interconnect standards
Product News  
6/21/2005   Post a comment
ARM Ltd. is offering silicon-verified physical layer (PHY) devices on 90-nm process technology that support a broad range of high-speed serial interconnect standards from 1-Gbits/s to 6.4-Gbits/s, including PCI Express, Serial ATA, XAUI, Double XAUI and backplane applications.
MCU and networking chipset module target ZigBee apps
Product News  
6/17/2005   Post a comment
Texas Instruments has teamed-up with Ember Corp. to launch a microcontroller and networking chipset module for the ZigBee wireless sensing and control market. TI provides its MSP430F161x series of microcontrollers while Ember provides its EM2420 802.15.4/ZigBee-compliant semiconductor platform.
Ethernet-Controller macht sich ganz klein
News & Analysis  
6/15/2005   Post a comment
Den weltweit kleinsten Ethernet-Controller will der US-Hersteller Microchip entwickelt haben. Mit dem Single-Chip-Controller will der Anbieter vor allem eingebettete Anwendungen vernetzen.
TI, Ember team on low-power ZigBee chipset
Product News  
6/15/2005   Post a comment
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced a collaboration with Ember Corp. to unveil the lowest power consuming ZigBee networking and microcontroller platform.
GaAs still beats CMOS for RF amplifiers, experts say
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6/14/2005   Post a comment
RF CMOS may not be ready for prime time -- at least not for cellphone power amplifiers -- but gallium arsenide will continue to dominate in that slot, according to experts at the Microwave Technology and Techniques Symposium.
StarGen claims first silicon for ASI/PCI Express switch IC
News & Analysis  
6/13/2005   Post a comment
Serial interconnect component supplier StarGen is claiming that its new Merlin ASI Switch IC is the first silicon implementation of the Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI) specification.
3.3-V data transceivers offer small footprint, 15kV ESD protection
Product News  
6/10/2005   Post a comment
Designed to transmit data over long distances and in noisy environments, a family of BiCMOS, single data transceivers operates at 3.3-volts and meets the RS-485 and RS-422 standards for differential data communications.
Maxim introduces a 1024-tap nonvolatile digital potentiometer
Product News  
6/8/2005   Post a comment
Maxim introduces the MAX5494-MAX5499, the industry's smallest SPI-compatible, dual 1024-tap, nonvolatile digital potentiometers, available in a tiny 5 x 5mm TQFN package.
24-lane PCI Express switch offers six configurable ports
Product News  
6/7/2005   Post a comment
A new PCI Express (PCIe) switch has been designed with 24 flexible lanes that can be assigned to six configurable ports for use in high-performance systems ranging from high-speed I/O boards to complex switch-fabric systems. Parts Search

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