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posted in February 2014
Startup's Cluster Trumps InfiniBand
News & Analysis  
2/25/2014   15 comments
A3Cube has developed an extension of PCI Express it claims supports latency of 100 nanoseconds in server clusters, far less than InfiniBand.
Roundup: Next-Generation Memory
2/25/2014   4 comments
There are a number of next generation memory technologies on the horizon. Here’s a few that merit watching in the next year, including several DRAM alternatives.
$25 Smartphones on Firefox OS to Rock MWC
News & Analysis  
2/23/2014   34 comments
Spreadtrum and Mozilla, Firefox's OS designer, have teamed up to storm emerging markets with a $25 smartphone -- its startling low cost enabled by web technologies.
Startup Stacks Chips Wirelessly
News & Analysis  
2/21/2014   28 comments
ThruChip of Japan wants to license an inductive coupling method for linking 3D chip stacks wirelessly, saving costs and hassles of wired links.
Spansion to Launch HyperBus I/F for Automotive
News & Analysis  
2/18/2014   12 comments
Spansion has developed HyberBus Interface, targeting in-car systems that demand “instant-on” and “interactive graphical user interface.” The proprietary interface offers low latency, high read throughput, and low pin-count.
Deduplication & Compression Extend SSD Lifespans
News & Analysis  
2/18/2014   1 comment
Tegile uses FlashVols to balance endurance and performance, which continue to be challenges as NAND flash scales down.
What's the Latest on Universal Flash Storage?
2/18/2014   1 comment
At DesignCon 2014, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on universal flash storage where panelists gave an update on where UFS is, what challenges remain, and what the future holds.
Sonics' New IP for Low-Power SoCs Patented
News & Analysis  
2/18/2014   3 comments
Sonics revealed the issuance of patent 8,601,288 "Intelligent Power Controller" from the US Patent Office. The hardware-based power-management IP lets SoC designers partition power domains and turn them on and off without software intervention.
Startup Promises Bandwidth Boost
News & Analysis  
2/18/2014   30 comments
Kandou Bus says it can boost data rates or cut power fourfold in many chip interfaces thanks to an insight from its founder, a math professor.
Hot Memory Technologies
2/11/2014   2 comments
As I was getting ready for DesignCon late last year, I asked some analysts/consultants who follow the memory market closely for some informal projections on what will be hot in 2014. Here’s a summary of what they told me.
RRAM: A New Approach to Embedded Memory
2/11/2014   9 comments
If traditional memory technologies can't meet the demand, then what can? And with Flash so ubiquitous in consumer electronics designs, is it even plausible to consider replacing the existing worn-out technology?
Qualcomm Answers 'Auto-Grade Dilemma'
2/10/2014   1 comment
Qualcomm is ideally positioned to answer what I call the "auto-grade dilemma." It's a dilemma because moving technologies originally designed for smartphones to automotive use is a big challenge -- especially for a company like Qualcomm.
Group Forms to Drive NVDIMM Adoption
News & Analysis  
2/10/2014   5 comments
With next-generation memory technologies likely a decade away from mainstream use, NVDIMM combines DRAM and flash technologies to address latency and performance while laying the groundwork for new computing architectures.
Google Cloud Needs Lower Latency
News & Analysis  
2/10/2014   8 comments
A Google fellow asked engineers at ISSCC to come up with new techniques to reduce latencies to handle a rising tide of sensor data from wearables.
CeRAM Memory Gets ARM's Attention
2/6/2014   39 comments
A new approach aims to be a contender for next-generation memory. Here's how it works.
Spansion, Post Merger, to Launch Auto SoC Mid-2014
News & Analysis  
2/5/2014   18 comments
Spansion plans to home in on the automotive market by launching new SoC products, the first fruits of the acquisition of Fujitsu Semiconductor's MCU and analog businesses, in the middle of this year.
Solid State Thrives as Storage Declines
News & Analysis  
2/5/2014   13 comments
The market for SSDs is up in 2013 and is expected to continue to go up next year. The market for HDDs and ODDs, however, along with the overall storage market for 2013 and beyond, looks rather bleak.
Software-Defined Storage Moves Beyond the Hype
2/5/2014   Post a comment
As is the case with many disruptive technology shifts after initial marketing frenzy has waned, the real work on SDS now begins.
Flash Dominates Awards at Storage Visions 2014
News & Analysis  
2/3/2014   1 comment
Annual conference highlights challenges and opportunities in storage, with memory, SSDs, and flash technologies all making a strong showing, with themes addressing non-volatile memory in storage architectures and user requirements for SSDs.

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