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posted in June 2009
Micron puts 34-nm NAND chips in mass production
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6/30/2009   Post a comment
Micron Technology announced mass production of NAND flash memory chips using 34-nanometer (nm) process technology. Micron also said its subsidiary, consumer memory product provider Lexar Media, would deliver flash memory cards and USB flash drives based on the 34-nm devices.
Taking the West Bridge to higher mass storage densities on Digital Still Cameras
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6/29/2009   Post a comment
In digital still cameras, processor-intensive functions, such as USB or mass storage control, may be offloaded to a West Bridge for maximum performance.
Micron fiscal Q3 loss widens on lower sales, price pressure
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6/25/2009   Post a comment
Micron Technology Inc. lost money for the tenth consecutive quarter in its latest reporting period as sales fell on a year-over-year basis although unit shipment continued to rise and the company made gains in efforts to trim operating costs.
The iPhone 3GS costs $172.46, says iSuppli
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6/24/2009   Post a comment
The Apple iPhone 3GS has a bill of materials cost of $172.46, and Toshiba took the largest share of the pie at $24 for its 16 Mbyte flash module, according to market watcher iSuppli Corp.
Rambus lowers revenue target
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6/23/2009   Post a comment
Memory technology licensor Rambus lowered its revenue target for the quarter ending June 30, saying it now expects sales of between $26.7 million and $27.2 million.
SanDisk files suit against LSI
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6/22/2009   Post a comment
SanDisk has filed a complaint against LSI asking for a declaratory judgment of non-infringement of several patents held by that company. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court, also alleges libel against LSI and requests damages.
UPDATE: B'com, Toshiba win sockets in iPhone 3GS
6/19/2009   Post a comment
Teardowns of the third generation Apple iPhone reveal a more integrated—and probably lower cost--handset thanks in part to new design wins for Broadcom and Toshiba that caused one analyst to quip the 'S' in the iPhone 3GS may stand for savings.
Video: First looks inside the iPhone 3GS
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6/19/2009   Post a comment
The iPhone 3GS arrived at Apple retail stories this morning to lighter than previous sales and few surprises for teardown experts who were among the first in the lines.
Hot papers at 2009 VLSI Technology Symposium
6/11/2009   1 comment
Hot papers from this year's VLSI Technology Symposium include three nonvolatile memory advancements: Toshiba' BiCS Flash, Samsung's vertical-stacked transistor structures and Hitachi's PCRAM. Two papers on advanced logic processes include: Intel's" High-k/Metal Gate Stacks" and IBM's "32nm SOI CMOS with Highk/ Metal Gate."
Samsung-Spansion fight resumes after judge rejects deal
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6/9/2009   Post a comment
South Korea's Samsung Electronics and bankrupt U.S. memory vendor Spansion appear set to resume litigation over memory patents after a judge last week rejected a settlement under which Samsung was to pay Spansion $70 million.
Rambus drops some claims against Nvidia
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6/8/2009   Post a comment
Memory technology licensor Rambus has asked an administrative law judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission to terminate the investigation of Nvidia on four of the nine patents that Rambus claimed Nvidia infringed in an ITC complaint filed last year.
A first look inside the Palm Pre
6/7/2009   Post a comment
A new multi-touch display controller from Cypress Semiconductor is one of few surprises inside the modular design of the Palm Pre handset, according to a teardown by Portelligent.
Updated: PTO rejects Rambus claims, Nvidia says
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6/2/2009   Post a comment
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has initially rejected 41 claims challenged by Nvida in seven patents that Rambus has asserted in litigation against the company, Nvidia said.
Trip report: The search for ARM-based netbooks at Computex
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6/2/2009   1 comment
A veteran observer of the Asian electronics market provides a glimpse of what's happening at this year's Computex show in Taiwan.
Netbook hopefuls dive into Computex
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6/2/2009   Post a comment
On the opening day of Computex, a handful of semiconductor companies announced new chips and software for netbooks and other mobile systems but software issues surrounding Adobe Flash and Linux still dog some of the mobile designs, and one underscored the cloud still hanging above the computer industry.
Micron selling majority stake in sensor unit
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6/2/2009   Post a comment
Micron Technology has reached an agreement to sell a majority interest in its imaging solutions business, Aptina Imaging, to a pair of private equity firms, the company said. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.
Microsoft's Bhandarkar on server chips: 'main challenge is power'
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6/1/2009   Post a comment
The engineers at Microsoft Corp.'s Global Foundation Services unit (GFS) are among the professionals looking to tame the data center's runaway power requirements into submission.

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