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posted in November 2011
Ratiometricity, digital signal correction enable high-res, low-noise smart sensors
Design How-To  
11/29/2011   3 comments
Use of specific analog and digital sensor signal processing concepts enables interference-immune, highly accurate sensor signal measurements. Proper application of concepts, such as ratiometricity or signal conditioning, is paving the way for energy-efficient, high-performance standard solutions.
ADLINK Rugged COM Express Type 6 module targets mobile apps
Product News  
11/29/2011   Post a comment
ADLINK's latest Express-HRR COM Express Type 6 module offers a modular, power-efficient design with Intel Core i7 processor, QM67 chipset, and standards-based design to support multi-vendor interoperability.
Intel Capital starts $100 million apps investment fund
News & Analysis  
11/26/2011   1 comment
Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of the world's biggest chip maker, said it has launched a $100 million fund to invest in invest in software tools and services companies developing applications and digital content for mobile devices and PCs.
Video teardown gets inside iPhone 4S
News & Analysis  
11/23/2011   4 comments
UBM TechInsights posted an interactive video animation of an Apple iPhone 4S teardown that lets viewers click through areas of interest inside the new smartphone.
Reports: AMD cancels Globalfoundries 28-nm APUs
News & Analysis  
11/23/2011   18 comments
Microprocessor vendor Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has decided to cancel APUs that Globalfoundries Inc. was set to make for it on 28-nm process technology, according to online reports.
HP's profits plummet after nixing WebOS
News & Analysis  
11/21/2011   6 comments
Hewlett-Packard's quarterly profit sank a whopping 91 percent to nearly zero in its latest quarter due to $2.1 billion in costs associated mainly with its decision to jettison its WebOS tablet and smartphone business.
32-bit MCUs boost in-vehicle security and tamper-proof ECUs
Product News  
11/21/2011   Post a comment
Devices bring security from software to hardware level and feature secure boot and crypto module.
Intel details 22-nm Ivy Bridge at ISSCC
News & Analysis  
11/21/2011   11 comments
Intel will describe at ISSCC as many as four designs using its 22-nm process technology with 3-D transistors, including one of its next-generation Ivy Bridge processors.
AS3922-based NFC MicroSD features integrated antenna and active booster
Product News  
11/17/2011   Post a comment
austriamicrosystems has announced a solution, developed in cooperation with Infineon Technologies AG, that enables NFC (near field communication) data transfer on removable secure elements using a micro-antenna design.
Microsoft calls for cloud flash, server SoCs
News & Analysis  
11/16/2011   4 comments
Big data centers want lower power flash chips, integrated processors and building blocks larger than shipping containers, said Microsoft architect..
LSI, Fujitsu announce supercomputer Sparc
News & Analysis  
11/16/2011   3 comments
LSI Corp. has announced that it worked with Fujitsu Ltd. to design the Sparc64 IXfx 64-bit multicore processor intended for use in supercomputing applications.
Chevy Volt fires cause concern
11/15/2011   29 comments
After the "shock" of that headline, more facts are needed.
OpenCL gets upgrade, Altera tips FPGA tool
News & Analysis  
11/15/2011   2 comments
Khronos announced version 1.2 of its OpenCL standard for GPUs as Altera said it is testing a prototype tool to let designers program its FPGAs with OpenCL.
Spain, Nvidia plan ARM-based supercomputer
News & Analysis  
11/14/2011   7 comments
The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) has announced it will develop a hybrid supercomputer based on Nvidia Corp.'s Tegra ARM CPUs and the firm's CUDA-supporting Tesla GPUs, with hopes of reaching exascale performance.
China, GPUs on the rise in Top 500 list
News & Analysis  
11/14/2011   4 comments
China and graphics processors—especially from Nvidia—are on the rise in the latest list of the world's Top 500 Supercomputers.
Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku Predicts the Future of Healthcare
Design How-To  
11/13/2011   9 comments
The bestselling author/professor delivered the keynote address at TCT2011, a conference covering transcatheter cardiovascular therapeutics.
Logitech latest to switch off GoogleTV
News & Analysis  
11/11/2011   9 comments
Logitech has dropped out of its partnership on GoogleTV and ended production of its Revue set-top box, according to reports, the second defection following Intel.
Software techniques harden against hacking: Pt. 2—Sandbox solutions
Design How-To  
11/11/2011   7 comments
Software strategies protect externally networked infotainment systems from entry by hackers.
ARM co-founder Tudor Brown to retire
News & Analysis  
11/10/2011   1 comment
Tudor Brown, ARM Holdings president and co-founder, is to retire next May after 21 years with the company.
TSMC reports strong October sales bounce
News & Analysis  
11/10/2011   1 comment
chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has posted a significant sequential sales increase in October, providing more evidence of an upturn in the semiconductor market.
Combine power feed and data link via cable for remote peripherals
Design How-To  
11/10/2011   6 comments
It is possible to combine power distribution and high-speed data transmission by sharing a shielded twisted pair cable. A power feed network is necessary at both ends for power injection and extraction. By properly designing this network, and managing power supply switching noise, performance degradation is minimized.
Microchip debuts small, low-cost PIC32 micros
Product News  
11/7/2011   1 comment
Devices include I2S interface for audio playback plus capacitive touch, USB 2.0, and digital pin remapping.
Software techniques harden against hacking: Pt. 1—The problem
Design How-To  
11/7/2011   8 comments
Software strategies protect externally networked infotainment systems from entry by hackers.
Achieving the lowest power in wireless sensor networks
Design How-To  
11/6/2011   4 comments
Low-power circuit design: Energy harvesting and SOC designs are key to reducing power consumption in autonomous wireless sensor networks.
Ten quotes on parallel programming
11/4/2011   35 comments
Here's ten quotes from the great and the good on parallel programming.
Back EMF method detects stepper motor stall: Pt. 2—Torque effects and detection circuitry
Design How-To  
11/4/2011   5 comments
Technique takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection methods of current and duty-cycle sensing.
IDC: PC processor sales rose 12% in Q3
News & Analysis  
11/3/2011   2 comments
PC microprocessor revenues rose to $10.7 billion in the third quarter, up 12 percent from the second quarter and up 16 percent compared to the third quarter of 2010, according to IDC.
New AT&T cooling policy heats up debate
News & Analysis  
11/2/2011   2 comments
AT&T will stop buying systems next year that don't conform to new policies about air cooling, and it is starting a move to systems using liquid cooling.
Foundries have 28-nm yield issues, say execs
News & Analysis  
11/2/2011   4 comments
Although foundry chip manufacturing will continue to grow faster than the overall chip market for the next few years, it is currently facing challenges at the leading-edge 28-nm manufacturing node, according to market analysis company Gartner and others.
What can consumer electronics teach mil/aero about security?
Military & Aerospace Blog  
11/1/2011   Post a comment
Mil/aero can learn a lot from the consumer market about security risks like side-channel attacks, glitching, and security key management.
HP builds prototype for Calxeda ARM server
News & Analysis  
11/1/2011   4 comments
Hewlett-Packard will build a development system that uses 32-bit ARM-based EnergyCore processors announced by startup Calxeda—as well as other CPUs.
CSR to launch new navigation platforms
News & Analysis  
11/1/2011   Post a comment
In hopes of improving indoor and outdoor navigation, CSR plc is rolling out the company’s next-generation location-based architecture and two new platforms.

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