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posted in December 2000
Intel to roll out less costly 1.3-GHz Pentium 4
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12/31/2000   Post a comment
SANTA CLARA, Calif. --Trying to push its new Pentium 4 processor more quickly into the mainstream PC market, Intel Corp. plans to introduce a less-expensive 1.3-GHz chip in January.
Intel to roll out less costly 1.3GHz Pentium 4
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12/29/2000   Post a comment
Trying to push its new Pentium 4 processor more quickly into the mainstream PC market, Intel Corp. plans to introduce a less-expensive 1.3-GHz chip in January.
Zoran cuts forecast for fourth quarter revenue and earnings
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12/20/2000   Post a comment
Zoran Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. today announced that revenue and earnings for its fourth quarter ending December 31, 2000 will be below current forecasts.
Wafer fab delays challenge belief in short-term slowdown
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12/15/2000   Post a comment
Separate announcements last week from Intel Corp. and Microchip Technology Inc. that fab projects will be pushed out by up to a year are challenging industry convictions that the market is wading through a short-term pause in its latest upturn.
Mainstream microprocessors prepare for Level 3 cache
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12/15/2000   Post a comment
MONTEREY, Calif. — Intel Corp. and others are investigating Level 3 cache as a way to juice microprocessor performance. Having exhausted its best X86 design tricks, Intel is looking at ways to boost clock frequency while keeping the number of instructions executed per clock from falling off a cliff. Large Level 3 caches are prime among them.
NEC licenses RISC core from ARM
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12/13/2000   Post a comment
TOKYO -- Japan's NEC Corp. here today announced that it has become the latest chip maker to license ARM Ltd.'s 32-bit RISC microprocessor core. Under the terms, NEC has licensed ARM's ARM946E-S family of products. NEC intends to use ARM's RISC core for use in third-generation wireless handsets and other products.
TSMC ships 0.13-micron wafers with new Cyrix MPUs to Via
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12/12/2000   Post a comment
HSINCHU, Taiwan -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. here today announced delivery of processed wafers with functioning 0.13-micron microprocessors to foundry customer Via Technologies Inc. According to TSMC, these microprocessor wafers are the foundry industry's first 0.13-micron products to be shipped to a customer.
Intel and Power X team to link network processors with switch fabric
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12/11/2000   Post a comment
Intel Corp. and Power X Networks have agreed to co-develop a component the companies said will connect Intel's network processor with Power X' intelligent switch fabric. According to the companies, the technology will accommodate next-generation Internet networking equipment.
Lexra takes steps to end MIPS legal battle
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12/11/2000   Post a comment
MOUNTAIN VEIW, Calif. - MIPS Technologies Inc.'s patent infringement suit against core vendor Lexra Inc. has taken another turn, with Lexra asking a judge to rule in its favor and separately asking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to reexamine one of the two MIPS patents Lexra is alleged to violate. Lexra filed a motion for a summary judgement in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, before U.S. District Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong.
Intel develops 0.07-micron transistor for 10-GHz processors by 2005
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12/11/2000   Post a comment
SAN FRANCISCO -- Providing a sneak preview of its future technology roadmap, Intel Corp. here today will announce development of the world's fastest transistor--a building block device that will enable the company to build 10-GHz microprocessors by 2005.
Intel latest chip company to forecast downbeat fourth quarter
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12/7/2000   Post a comment
Intel Corp., the world's largest chipmaker, became the latest company to warn that fourth quarter revenue is anticipated to be below the company's previous expectation, primarily due to a slowing worldwide economy impacting PC demand.
Motorola licenses 32-bit RISC processor line from ARM
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12/4/2000   Post a comment
AUSTIN, Tex. -- In a move to expand its product portfolio, Motorola Inc. here today became the latest company to license ARM Ltd.'s family of RISC microprocessors for embedded applications. Under terms of the agreement, Motorola plans to introduce a family of chips based on ARM's 32-bit RISC architecture. These solutions are expect to be introduced over the next 12 months and will include chipsets, software, development tools, and reference platforms.
Transmeta stumbles on Crusoe glitch
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12/1/2000   Post a comment
SANTA CLARA, Calif. - News of a glitch with its X86-compatible Crusoe processor couldn't have come at a worse time for fledgling startup Transmeta Corp., which is seeking to gain credibility in an Intel-dominated world. Transmeta's stock tumbled 18% on Wednesday (Nov. 29) and another 10% on Thursday. The glitch, which forced NEC Corp. to recall a number of notebook computers based on the Crusoe processor, was due to a failure that might occur when a user reinstalls an operating system. NEC str
IP core handles soft errors
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12/1/2000   Post a comment
Iroc Technologies has developed what it reckons is the first intellectual property (IP) core to handle soft errors caused by alpha radiation. Parts Search

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