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posted in February 2011
Biomedical signal processor targets wearable biomedical sensor systems
News & Analysis  
2/27/2011   2 comments
imec, Holst Centre and NXP presented a versatile ultra-low power biomedical signal processor, CoolBio, meeting the requirements of future wearable biomedical sensor systems.
NXP expands industrial control series to support energy-efficient controls and appliances
Product News  
2/27/2011   Post a comment
NXP Semiconductors N.V. has unveiled its LPC1200 Industrial Control Series featuring the ARM Cortex-M0 processor, which extends NXP’s 32-bit ARM microcontroller continuum and targets a wide range of industrial applications in the areas of factory and home automation.
Closing the gap between MCU and x86
Product News  
2/27/2011   1 comment
At the Embedded World conference and exhibition, MSC will be promoting an ARM-based module concept that targets cost-sensitive embedded applications.
Streamlining the design of portable medical electronics
Design How-To  
2/25/2011   5 comments
Understand the requirements and structure of this fast-growing group of instruments
Photo gallery: Eye on innovations at ISSCC
News & Analysis  
2/25/2011   14 comments
We snapped a dozen images of innovators and their innovations at this week's ISSCC, spanning display, processors, analog circuits and communications chips.
PC processor market to grow 10% in 2011, says IDC
News & Analysis  
2/24/2011   Post a comment
Worldwide PC microprocessor shipments fell in the fourth quarter, down 4 percent sequentially and down 21 percent compared with 4Q09, according to market research firm International Data Corp. For the full year 2010, however, worldwide PC microprocessor unit shipments grew 17.1 percent, while revenue increased 26.7 percent to $36.3 billion, the firm said.
CPU, DRAM ride organic substrates at ISSCC
News & Analysis  
2/23/2011   3 comments
Papers at the ISSCC described the first simple processor and DRAM built on organic substrates as well a process for printing n- and p-type CMOS transistors on plastic.
AMD's 'Zacate' built with standard EDA tools
News & Analysis  
2/23/2011   9 comments
AMD detailed the technical specifications of the first of its chips known as an "accelerated processor unit," combining microprocessor cores with graphics, at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.
Intel details Sandy Bridge at ISSCC
News & Analysis  
2/23/2011   7 comments
Intel disclosed more technical details of its 32-nm Sandy Bridge processor at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, including further description of its modular ring interconnect, design techniques used to minimize the cache's operational voltage and the inclusion of debug bus for monitoring traffic on the interconnect.
Report: TSMC wins key 40-, 28-nm deals
News & Analysis  
2/22/2011   10 comments
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) is fighting back against rival Globalfoundries Inc. and winning key contracts from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for its 40-nm and 28-nm manufacturing process technologies, according to a Taiwan Economic News report.
ISSCC: China eyes petaflops, IBM hits 5 GHz
News & Analysis  
2/22/2011   9 comments
ISSCC papers described a China-designed processor that aims to power a petaflops supercomputer and an IBM mainframe chip that hits 5.2 GHz.
STMicroelectronics teams with LifeNexus for the Personal Health Card
News & Analysis  
2/20/2011   Post a comment
The Personal Health Card is believed to be the first multi-purpose electronic health card using the embedded iChip for securely maintaining an individual’s personal health record, with a payment card option on the same card.
Fanless design exceeds expectations in high-end digital signage applications
Product News  
2/20/2011   Post a comment
NEXCOM's NDiS 166 Digital Signage Player is built around the Intel I5/I7 processor series and QM67 integrated graphics controller.
Analysis: 'Rogue' design win hurts ARM
News & Analysis  
2/17/2011   2 comments
ST-Ericsson's announcement of a design win for a PowerVR Series 6 graphic processor core from Imagination Technologies Group plc in the Nova A9600 applications processor is a blow to ARM Holdings plc and its aspirations in graphics.
AUTOSAR architecture expands safety and security applications
Design How-To  
2/17/2011   Post a comment
In Release 4.0, AUTOSAR allows both safety and non-safety applications to operate on the same controller. Additionally, AUTOSAR embeds several security-related features into its software architecture.
Qualcomm tips quad-core Snapdragon plan
News & Analysis  
2/16/2011   4 comments
Fabless mobile chip company Qualcomm Inc. has announced that its next processor architecture is called Krait and will offer multi-core chips capable of running at a clock frequency of 2.5-GHz. Dual and quad-core versions are expected to sample early in 2012.
IBM: Playing Jeopardy with tax dollars
2/15/2011   31 comments
Call me a curmudgeon, but underneath all the great press about IBM's Watson computer that will play Jeopardy against human champs, I see a less sexy story.
Qualcomm puts quad-core on LTE roadmap
News & Analysis  
2/14/2011   1 comment
Qualcomm unveiled its road map for integrated and standalone LTE silicon—including an integrated quad-core processor--using 28nm process technology.
Intel, GE: Debates narrow on patent reform
News & Analysis  
2/11/2011   11 comments
The latest push for patent reform could be closer to success than some observers expect, according to testimony in the U.S. House of Representatives Friday.
Nokia's Microsoft deal clouds Finn's future
News & Analysis  
2/11/2011   31 comments
Nokia's decision to embrace Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform is a huge win for Microsoft but raises several questions about the Finnish cellphone giant.
Does EMC stand for exasperating, magic, or confusing?—Part 1
Design How-To  
2/10/2011   10 comments
While it is merely a nuisance to experience radio interference, it is definitely a serious matter if an ABS, stability control, or airbag suffers a malfunction because a vehicle passes a TV tower too closely. Thus, mastering EMC is a basic requirement for automotive electronics designers. Part one of this article explains basic strategies and provides useful hints.
'You asked for it, you got it, Toyota'
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
2/9/2011   19 comments
The U.S. government has vindicated Toyota's electronic control technology in the spate of sudden acceleration incidents, but what happens to the automaker's reputation?
Welcome to the mobile battlefield, HP
2/9/2011   20 comments
Today marks just the first step in a long, difficult journey for Hewlett-Packard to establish itself as a player in the mobile markets that are redefining computing.
NITROX DPI II CPUs offer 40Gbps deep packet inspection /recognition
Product News  
2/8/2011   1 comment
Cavium Networks' next-generation NITROX DPI II family of L7 content processors is the industry's first stand-alone "bump-in-the-wire" single-chip, deep packet inspection processor family that can achieve up to 40 Gbps of application recognition and protocol analysis performance. The on-chip Hyper Finite Automata (HFA) engines and optimized TurboDPI software enable high performance and a rich feature set. NITROX DPI II speeds up time-to-market for OEMs building equipment for enterprise, data cent
PCI/104-Express single board computer with dual-core processor targets harsh environments
Product News  
2/8/2011   Post a comment
Advanced Digital Logic, a provider of highly reliable embedded single board computers, brings its new ADLD25PC single board computer to the embedded world trade fair. The SBC is designed for applications in harsh environments including transportation, military and aerospace.
Teardown: Inside the Verizon iPhone
News & Analysis  
2/8/2011   21 comments
The Verizon version of the Apple iPhone 4 uses a multimode Qualcomm processor opening the door to a future global iPhone, according to a teardown analysis.
ARM announces two new Cortex-R series processors for real-time applications
Product News  
2/6/2011   1 comment
Architectural enhancements are driven by software developers' needs, as the two additional cores to the R series add greater support for dual-core configurations and target applications that demand high performance with real-time response.
Micro ATX board designed for Intel Core i7/i5/i3 64-bit processors
Product News  
2/6/2011   Post a comment
The latest addition to BVM's extensive family of SBCs is the MS-C72, a powerful platform with a wealth of features including I/O and mass storage.
Mini-ITX motherboard features AMD Embedded G-Series
Product News  
2/6/2011   Post a comment
Hectronic has announced the IX55AE Mini-ITX motherboard, based on the AMD Embedded G-Series platform with A55E Controller Hub.
Embedded board using Intel Core i7 processors measures 3.5in
Product News  
2/6/2011   Post a comment
Based on Intel's 32nm process technology and featuring a two-chip platform that integrates the Northbridge chip with the CPU, the ECM-QM57 from Data Modul delivers enhanced performance, energy efficiency, manageability, security functions and smoother visual experiences.
Mdina Media unveils three digital signage solutions based on AMD processors
Product News  
2/6/2011   Post a comment
Mdina Media has revealed its latest digital signage solutions, each based on an AMD processor and targeting low power with guaranteed road maps and support applicable to digital signage applications.
Intel developing IT security game-changer is premature
News & Analysis  
2/5/2011   1 comment
Security lifecycle specialist Tufin Technologies says that reports of Intel developing an `IT security game-changer' that will reportedly stop zero-day security attacks should be tempered with the reality that many company PCs in use today will still be in active use in five years' time.

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