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posted in February 2012
STMicroelectronics leverages STM32 “DNA” to target budget applications
Product News  
2/29/2012   5 comments
Development of home and industrial electronic applications is simplified using new feature-rich, value-packed family of ARM Cortex–M0 microcontrollers
Industry's most flexible, developer-friendly 32-bit MCUs from Silicon Labs
Product News  
2/28/2012   1 comment
Silicon Labs have just announced what they modestly describe as “The industry’s most flexible, developer-friendly 32-bit MCUs”
Microchip upgrades enhanced core dsPIC33E and PIC24E chips to 70 MIPS
Product News  
2/27/2012   Post a comment
Additionally, three new 64-pin motor-control and general-purpose devices have been added to the family
AUTOSAR timing models minimize ECU risks
Design How-To  
2/27/2012   Post a comment
Timing models are ideal development artifacts for the exchange between different development groups and along the supply chain. The presented methodology minimizes integration risks for ECU projects from the very beginning and constantly keeps real-time capabilities in focus.
Small cell protocol stack optimized for TI's KeyStone multicore processors
Product News  
2/27/2012   Post a comment
Texas Instruments and Aricent collaborate on small cell protocol stack optimized for TI's KeyStone multicore processors
MWC: Intel targets high-, low-end smartphones
News & Analysis  
2/27/2012   3 comments
A high-end Atom chip set is designed to extend the performance of smartphones up to LTE category 3 data rates. The other targets “value” smartphones costing less than $190.
World’s first quad core Mini-ITX board
Product News  
2/27/2012   Post a comment
The EPIA-M900 and EPIA-M910 boards use the 1.2GHz VIA QuadCore E-Series processor for enhanced multi-tasking and multimedia performance on the lowest quad core power budget for next generation embedded products.
Huawei claims quad-core chip outguns Tegra3
News & Analysis  
2/26/2012   29 comments
Huawei announced high-end smartphones and tablets using a homegrown quad-core applications processor it said outperforms the competition including Nvidia’s Tegra3.
ISSCC: Pictures from a silicon exhibition
News & Analysis  
2/23/2012   7 comments
Here’s a few postcards from the International Solid-State Circuit Conference, the annual smorgasbord of innovations in silicon across everything from processors to implants.
TI enables migration of CMSIS-based software to any Stellaris MCU
Product News  
2/22/2012   Post a comment
Stellaris Cortex-M4F-core based microcontrollers (MCUs) from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) now support ARM’s latest Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS).
Microchip announces 8051 Replacements for NXP EOL MCUs
Product News  
2/21/2012   10 comments
Microchip will continue manufacturing 8051/80C51 microcontrollers that are 100% compatible with NXP’s EOL (End-of-Life) MCUs
Digital Core Design launches world’s fastest 80C51 CPU
Product News  
2/21/2012   4 comments
Digital Core Design has introduced what the company claims to be the world’s most advanced 80C51 architecture.
ISSCC: Path to optical links still dark
News & Analysis  
2/21/2012   2 comments
Experts agree printed circuit boards and processors will eventually need optical interconnects, but just when and how the industry will get there is still unclear.
Intel gives deeper look into Ivy Bridge
News & Analysis  
2/20/2012   8 comments
Intel gave a deeper look into Ivy Bridge, its 22 nm processor for ultrabooks and more in a talk at ISSCC where one Intel exec scoped out a vision of terascale-class clients.
Maxim’s processors boast new noise reduction and echo cancellation capabilities
Product News  
2/20/2012   Post a comment
Acoustic Technologies' noise reduction and echo cancellation software is now available on Maxim's MAX98095 based on Tensilica's HiFi audio/voice DSPs
MediaTek launches new MT6575 Android platform
Product News  
2/20/2012   Post a comment
New MT6575 Android platform from MediaTek addresses the growing market for entry to mid-level smartphones.
ISSCC: Intel focuses on low power, digital RF
News & Analysis  
2/19/2012   7 comments
Intel will show progress in research efforts to deliver more power efficient processors and digital RF capabilities at the International Solid State Circuits Conference.
Engineers propose nanogrids, smarter switches
News & Analysis  
2/17/2012   9 comments
One engineer called for distributed nanogrids as an alternative to a central electric utility and another proposed more power efficient switches at a meeting of the Ethernet Alliance.
ZiiLabs samples 100-core, HEVC-ready Android SoC
Product News  
2/17/2012   3 comments
ZiiLabs, a fabless chip subsidiary of multimedia hardware company Creative Technology Ltd. (Singapore), has begun sampling its ZMS-40 media processor optimized for Android platforms.
To have or not to have a fab in India
India Chip Chat  
2/16/2012   29 comments
Several weeks back, a Palo Alto-based venture capitalist specializing in semiconductors said partnering with Israel rather than with U.S. or Taiwanese companies would be a great idea.
Viewpoint: How will the chip wars be won? -- Part 2
2/16/2012   5 comments
The slowdown in the pace of Moore’s Law, the emerging importance of the SoC and the rapid growth of the mobile market all tend to favor an open, plug-and-play foundry and design ecosystem.
Updated: Renesas rolls integrated LTE chip
News & Analysis  
2/15/2012   8 comments
Renesas Mobile announced it aims to ship before the end of the year an integrated LTE applications processor, competing with a Qualcomm part slated to ship in June.
Analyst: UMC 28-nm roll out beating expectations
News & Analysis  
2/9/2012   6 comments
Foundry chipmaker United Microelectronics Corp. is sampling a customer with a 28-nm application processor amid indications that its roll out of the leading-edge process technology is going better than expected, according to analysts at financial services firm Nomura Equities Research.
Kontron supports OCTEON III multicore MIPS64 processors
Product News  
2/8/2012   Post a comment
Kontron has announced support for the new OCTEON III MIPS64 family of 1-48 core multicore processors from Cavium, Inc.
Intel’s Romley poised to roil data center
News & Analysis  
2/7/2012   1 comment
Romley server boards coming from Intel in March will accelerate the growth of 10 Gbit Ethernet and attack AMD at the high-end, two of many data center shifts ahead.
Viewpoint: How will the chip wars be won? -- Part 1
2/7/2012   8 comments
For decades, silicon technology development has been shaped by the growth of the PC industry and the need to continuously increase the performance of digital transistors. A maturing PC industry and a rapidly growing mobile market are changing the dynamics.
µClinux for ARM Cortex-M3
Product News  
2/7/2012   1 comment
Energy Micro and Pengutronix are demonstrating what they say is the world’s most energy friendly Linux for ARM Cortex-M3
AMD: New faces, new road maps, new focus
News & Analysis  
2/3/2012   9 comments
AMD’s new executives announced the company’s first tablet-focused processors, revised CPU road maps and a renewed SoC focus at an annual analyst day.
HP rolls OpenFlow code for its switches
News & Analysis  
2/2/2012   1 comment
Hewlett-Packard has released OpenFlow software for 16 of its network switches with plans to extend that support this year to all its switches.
HP R&D chief shows road to terabyte backplane
News & Analysis  
2/1/2012   2 comments
Prith Banerjee, director of HP Labs, described in a DesignCon keynote the path to a terabyte/second backplane as one step toward tomorrow’s computer architectures.
Aircraft industry heads upward
Military & Aerospace Blog  
2/1/2012   Post a comment
Analysts project 9.3% growth in 2012.
Wanted: 3-D IC standards within six months
News & Analysis  
2/1/2012   13 comments
Standards for 3-D chip stacks need to be in place within six months to stay ahead of chips rolling out in 2013, said a Qualcomm executive driving some of the efforts.

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