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posted in March 2012
DARPA seeks breakthroughs in computer vision
News & Analysis  
3/29/2012   9 comments
Computer vision still has a lot to learn, but if researchers embrace real-world challenges they could make important breakthroughs, said a DARPA program manager.
Analog Devices’ Blackfin processors feature 1GHz core performance, accelerated vision analytic, and low power consumption
Product News  
3/28/2012   Post a comment
Analog Devices, Inc. has launched a series of 1-GHz, dual-core, Blackfin processors optimized for embedded vision applications.
Microchip brings cost-effective analog/digital capabilities to 8-bit PIC microcontrollers
Product News  
3/26/2012   Post a comment
New MCUs feature on-chip 12-bit ADC, 8-bit DAC, op amps, high-speed comparators, eXtreme low power technology, and 16-bit PWM for advanced control
Microchip simplifies C compiler line
Product News  
3/26/2012   3 comments
Provides best execution speed and code size for all PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs
Latest Freescale wireless robot can walk, dance, and teach sensor programming
Product News  
3/26/2012   2 comments
Tower System mechatronics robot and board enable rapid sensor application development with easy-to-use programming language and expanded capabilities
Design West: Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS supports both symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing for multicores
Product News  
3/24/2012   Post a comment
Express Logic, Inc., has announced that the ThreadX RTOS now is available for multicore systems in both Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) or Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) modes.
Functional safety implementations in modern MCUs
Design How-To  
3/22/2012   6 comments
Implementation of safety measures is on the rise in today’s automotive world in order to minimize the hazards in case of system malfunctions. Safety critical automotive operations need compliance with ISO 26262 (ASILx) and IEC 61508 (SILx) standards as their safe operation is directly linked to human and social safety.
XMOS adds analog to processor for audio apps
Product News  
3/21/2012   4 comments
Fabless chip company XMOS has added the XS1-S processor to its family of event-driven 32-bit embedded processors.
New XMOS XS1-S processors simplify high-speed USB audio design
Product News  
3/20/2012   Post a comment
XMOS has released the third generation of its XS1 event-driven 32-bit embedded processors, the XS1-S Family.
Digital audio development board accommodates multiple audio file formats and DACs
Product News  
3/20/2012   Post a comment
The Audio Streamer Micro-Blox development board from technical broadline distributor Future Electronics features an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller with audio file decompression software, a choice of high-end and low-cost DACs, a codec, and digital and analogue microphones.
XMOS launches developer partner program
News & Analysis  
3/20/2012   Post a comment
XMOS has launched a new Partner Program, enabling companies to use XMOS devices and no-cost development tools as well as application code and reference designs to meet their exact product specifications.
Opera TV solutions now available for the MIPS architecture
Product News  
3/19/2012   Post a comment
MIPS and Opera to demonstrate optimized technology at CCBN in Beijing and IP&TV World Forum in London
Microchip unveils serial flash memory device development kit
Product News  
3/19/2012   1 comment
Kit includes three daughter cards for Explorer 16 Development Board; Enables designers to evaluate Microchip’s stand-alone serial flash memory devices
Adapteva close to sampling 28-nm, 64-core coprocessor
Product News  
3/18/2012   3 comments
Adapteva Inc. (Lexington, Mass.), a small and lean fabless startup that has developed a series of multicore floating-point processors, claims its latest device, a 28-nm 64-core processor is close to sampling.
Analyst: Graphics war heating up in mobile
News & Analysis  
3/16/2012   10 comments
Mobile systems are driving toward better graphics, better voice quality and quad-core processors, according to veteran market watcher.
Toyota joins embedded security effort
News & Analysis  
3/15/2012   4 comments
Toyota Motor Corp. joined the Trusted Computing Group to help drive future security standard as part of a new embedded initiative.
A treasure-trove of tasty Turing machines
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
3/15/2012   3 comments
With regard to my previous blog on a very interesting Turing machine, I’ve been bouncing around the Internet discovering all sorts of cool things…
Group rolls open source Android benchmark
News & Analysis  
3/14/2012   9 comments
A new benchmark aims to give engineers and end users a way to measure the performance of single and multicore Android-based systems.
Enter to win a USB card loaded with 32-bit MCU software tools and more!
3/13/2012   Post a comment
I have to say that I really rather like the announcements from the folks at Silicon Labs, who manage to present their message in a “Bang – Bang – Bang” format...
Packet processing software optimized for TI's KeyStone II multicore processors
Product News  
3/13/2012   Post a comment
6WINDGate software accelerates time-to-market for TI customers designing networking products in mobile and cloud infrastructure markets
ST, ST-Ericsson commit to SOI, says Soitec
News & Analysis  
3/12/2012   5 comments
Soitec SA, a supplier of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers, has announced that mobile chip joint venture ST-Ericsson NV has selected planar fully depleted SOI (FD-SOI) technology for use with future mobile chips.
We teardown a Chevy Volt (exclusive videos)
Design How-To  
3/12/2012   2 comments
What makes a Chevy Volt tick (and whirr and hum) is revealed in these videos where the car was taken apart over three days—quality, ruggedness, and modularity for incorporating future technology are apparent.
China unknowns may be next smartphone stars
3/12/2012   13 comments
Mediatek president Ching-Jiang Hsieh has been forging tight links with China’s handset makers, believing they will be the source of the next big wave of smartphones.
One-bit processor and a mega-cool Turing Machine
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
3/12/2012   20 comments
I don’t know about you, but I am REALLY tempted to build one of these Turing Machines for myself..
Atmel extends popular AVR MCU family
Product News  
3/12/2012   Post a comment
14 new devices deliver wider design opportunities to broad range of application areas including consumer electronics, capacitive touch, utility metering, home automation, and medical…
Powering the latest ARM Cortex processors
Product News  
3/12/2012   Post a comment
I just heard from the folks at Texas Instruments about their TPS65k family of Power Management Units (PMUs)…
NFC chip to coordinate multiple NFC secure apps on smartphones
Product News  
3/11/2012   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics has unveiled its second-generation Near Field Communications (NFC) controller, the ST21NFCA, claimed to support all NFC use cases. The chip is able to coordinate multiple NFC secure apps stored in several secure locations, such as the SWP-SIM and SWP-microSD Card or Embedded Secure Element.
Configurable analog maximizes Silicon Labs’ Precision32 32-bit MCU flexibility
Product News  
3/9/2012   Post a comment
Integrated analog with no compromise performance reduces total system cost and design complexity…
Cypress’ easy-to-use GPIF II graphical tool for EZ-USB FX3 USB 3.0 controller
Product News  
3/9/2012   Post a comment
Quickly configure flexible USB 3.0 solution to communicate with any microcontroller, ASIC, FPGA, Image Sensor, or similar devices that need USB connectivity.
ST-Ericsson loses CTO
News & Analysis  
3/9/2012   5 comments
Joergen Lantto, executive vice president and chief technology officer, at struggling mobile chip joint venture ST-Ericsson has decided to return to parent company Ericsson. ST-Ericsson did not state what post Lantto will hold at Ericsson.
MIT makes Hornet multicore simulator power aware
3/9/2012   4 comments
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a software simulator, called Hornet, that they claim models the cycle-accurate performance of multicore chips and scales up to 1,000 of cores.
New iPad may shave Apple’s tablet margins
News & Analysis  
3/9/2012   27 comments
Apple will cut into its profit margins--but only slightly--with its latest iPad and discounts on the iPad 2, according to estimates from UBM TechInsights.
Microchip expands stand-alone Real-Time Clock Calendar device family
Product News  
3/8/2012   Post a comment
New, low-cost I2C RTCC device Includes 64 bytes SRAM and digital trimming circuit that can compensate for crystal error
TI, Nvidia tied for second in tablet CPUs
News & Analysis  
3/7/2012   13 comments
Apple dominated the market for apps processors in tablets last year with TI and Nvidia in a near tie for second place, according to a new report.
Apple steps up graphics with new iPad
News & Analysis  
3/6/2012   43 comments
Apple added LTE and upgraded the processor, display and camera in its latest iPad announced today.
Don’t get stuck in the I/O bottleneck ahead
3/6/2012   1 comment
There are big I/O bottlenecks dead ahead at the board and network levels, so you better watch out or in the next few years you could get caught up in them.
GainSpan offers low-power Wi-Fi connectivity for Renesas MCU-based embedded systems
Product News  
3/6/2012   Post a comment
Designers using popular Renesas 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers can speed product development for connected devices
EIS simplifies battery measurement and characterization
Design How-To  
3/5/2012   3 comments
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is increasingly important for measuring and characterizing batteries and other electrochemical systems. This non-invasive measurement method can be exploited not only in modeling energy storage such as batteries and fuel cells, but also in basic battery research and diagnostics.
Free: National Instruments releases 2012 Embedded Systems Outlook
News & Analysis  
3/2/2012   1 comment
Report outlines latest technology and business trends for the embedded systems market
ISO 26262 cuts electronics complexity risks: Pt. 2- Design for robustness
Design How-To  
3/2/2012   Post a comment
Future development and integration of automotive safety functions will strengthen the need to have safe system development processes and to provide evidence that all reasonable safety objectives are satisfied. ISO 26262 provides guidance to reduce these risks to a tolerable level by providing feasible requirements and processes.
Updated: Parting shots from MWC 2012
News & Analysis  
3/1/2012   3 comments
The outlook for cellular networks is mixed with slow growth expected for LTE roll outs taking diverse approaches to keep pace with a burgeoning set of devices.
China drives servers to base station role
News & Analysis  
3/1/2012   4 comments
China Mobile wants to turn computer servers into cellular base stations, using data center technologies to radically lower the cost and power consumption of cellular networks.

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