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posted in May 2000
The 68K Rides Again
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5/19/2000   Post a comment
"I hate to keep talking about the 68K, but but the 68K was a classy architecture," says DSPnet site director Ray Weiss. Choices made by the 68K design team are still viable, even with today's higher silicon densities and fast clock speeds.
21st Century Processor Standards
News & Analysis  
5/19/2000   Post a comment
The 68K was the quintessential 32-bit processor standard. It dominated its arena for almost 20 years. Many engineers cut their design teeth on the 68K, where designing a 68K memory system was a test of engineering manhood and ladyhood.
In-System Programmable Flash Memory for 8051 Class Microcontrollers
Design How-To  
5/12/2000   Post a comment
Flash memory allows you to create a system that accepts software upgrades in the field. If you want to use the popular 8051 architecture, however, you have a problem. It can't write to program space, so you can't update software directly. Mark Rootz of WSI provides instructions on what you can do to bypass this limitation.

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