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posted in May 2011
Intel Ultrabooks attack tablet market
News & Analysis  
5/31/2011   26 comments
Intel will push down the power and size of the notebook computer to create a so-called. Ultrabook, its answer to tablets that have so far chosen ARM over x86 processors.
Chip makers join embedded vision group
News & Analysis  
5/31/2011   6 comments
More than a dozen vendors including ADI, Freescale, Nvidia and TI have joined a new industry group promoting computer vision in embedded systems.
Model-based methodology optimizes functional safety, Part 2: Challenges of integration
Design How-To  
5/30/2011   Post a comment
Timing is a safety issue—this insight has consequences for safety-relevant evaluation and even the design process. Here is a model-based methodology to maximize functional safety.
Security ICs provide device protection for medical equipment manufacturers
Design How-To  
5/30/2011   Post a comment
Understand the need and tradeoffs, as well as solutions, when implementing data security in medical devices
OEMS speed adoption of IPv6
News & Analysis  
5/30/2011   3 comments
The first of over two dozen IPv6 systems from leading OEMs that are using NetLogic Microsystem's NL11k knowledge-based processors will begin shipping in production in 3Q 2011, with the remaining customer systems expected to commence shipping over the following twelve months.
Ubiquisys collaborates with Intel to develop intelligent small cells
News & Analysis  
5/30/2011   Post a comment
This emerging generation of intelligent small cells (small base stations) will offer new levels of processing power, creating a cloud of IP-enabled "compute engines" much closer to mobile users.
Linaro adds five with partner program
News & Analysis  
5/27/2011   2 comments
Five software companies have joined the Linaro group as part of a new partners program helping developing low-level Linux software for ARM-based SoCs.
Renesas Mobile CEO predicts 10 fold growth for its global market share
News & Analysis  
5/27/2011   3 comments
Ikuya Kawasaki, CEO of Renesas Mobile, hopes to turn his company into a credible competitor against Qualcomm with a 20 to 30 percent share, using a proven LTE protocol stack Renesas gained from Nokia.
Architecture choices balance cost and performance for embedded graphics applications
Design How-To  
5/26/2011   1 comment
High-end graphics display controllers help define product style and value with dynamic graphics that dazzle consumers. At the other end of the spectrum, modest GDCs display information clearly and simply, giving users what they want efficiently and cost effectively.
Microchip’s 32-bit Arduino clones are mega-cool
5/23/2011   15 comments
The whole Arduino concept has attracted a large following, but existing Arduino boards are based on relatively low performance 8-bit microprocessors, until now…
Microchip and Digilent launch first Arduino-compatible 32-bit microcontroller development platform
Product News  
5/23/2011   3 comments
Platform includes development boards, open-source software; 32-bit performance and low cost enable hobbyists and academics of all disciplines to integrate electronics into projects.
Model-based methodology optimizes functional safety, Part 1: Timing
Design How-To  
5/23/2011   2 comments
Timing is a safety issue—this insight has consequences for safety-relevant evaluation and even the design process. Here is a model-based methodology to maximize functional safety.
Spray modeling improves engine combustion control and simulation
Design How-To  
5/19/2011   2 comments
Solving emissions and fuel economy problems "in the cylinder" is cost effective compared to aftertreatments.
Intel: Under the smoke and mirrors
5/18/2011   23 comments
The contrast between what Intel was saying and doing at its annual analyst meeting was pretty revealing.
Intel: ARM gets Windows four ways
News & Analysis  
5/17/2011   34 comments
Microsoft's plan to put Windows 8 on ARM will result in a fragmented set of four releases, none of which will run legacy PC apps, said Intel executives.
Updated: Intel rewrites Atom road map
News & Analysis  
5/17/2011   27 comments
Intel pledged to rewrite its road map to focus on lower power processors, delivering 22 and 14nm versions of its Atom processor in the next three years.
Embedded security, telehealth, ESC top picks & Chrome OS anyone?
5/16/2011   Post a comment
Several recent interesting and relevant blog/community posts here and elsewhere are of note this week.
Multicore processors target Honeycomb tablets
Product News  
5/15/2011   Post a comment
ZiiLabs has announced two new members of its Zii family of media processors, the ZMS-20 and ZMS-40, which target Android Honeycomb-based tablets.
Design starts triple for TSMC at 28-nm
News & Analysis  
5/13/2011   4 comments
The number of IC design starts at 28-nm for foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is more than three times what they were at the equivalent stage in the roll out of 40-nm manufacturing processes, the company said.
Innovation revelation: Engineering the Chevy Volt
Design How-To  
5/13/2011   5 comments
For engineers, development of the Chevy Volt is a ripping yarn which has been likened to a program of "moon shot" proportions.
Updated: Chromebooks challenge netbooks
News & Analysis  
5/11/2011   11 comments
The Google notebook named for its Chrome Web browser hopes to make good on the long sought concept of the thin-client network computer.
Samsung may help switch on GoogleTV
News & Analysis  
5/9/2011   10 comments
Samsung could roll out Honeycomb tablets and GoogleTV set-top boxes at Google I/O, speculates our reporter covering this week's event.
Nvidia agrees to pay $367 million for Icera
News & Analysis  
5/9/2011   12 comments
Graphics and CPU company Nvidia Corp. is stepping into 3- and 4G communications by way of the purchase of Icera Inc. (Bristol England) for $367 million in cash.
What are you searching for at Google I/O?
5/7/2011   8 comments
Help me do a little crowd sourcing in my reporting on the annual developer conference for the Internet search giant.
Cool robot and design challenge from Freescale
5/5/2011   1 comment
Participants in Freescale’s Make It Challenge will develop embedded system designs for the chance to win cash prizes and a motorsport VIP weekend.
Irwin Jacobs on cellular's past and future
News & Analysis  
5/5/2011   3 comments
The founder of Qualcomm and co-inventor of CDMA told stories of cellular's past and predictions of its future on receiving a lifetime achievement award
ARM to win 13% PC processor share in 2015, says IDC
News & Analysis  
5/5/2011   3 comments
The processor architecture of ARM Holdings plc, which is not present in the market for desktop, mobile or x86 servers at present, is going to grab more than 13 percent market share by 2015, according to market research firm International Data Corp. (IDC).
PC processor market up 17.6% in 2011, says IDC
News & Analysis  
5/5/2011   1 comment
The market for PC processors in 2011 is set to jump by 10.3 percent in terms of units and by 17.6 percent to $43 billion in terms of revenue compared with 2010, according to market research firm International Data Corp.
ST's SPEAr1340 embedded microprocessor
Product News  
5/5/2011   1 comment
STMicroelectronics introduced its new embedded microprocessor with advanced multimedia capabilities.
Nokia may lag shift to dual-core phones
News & Analysis  
5/4/2011   19 comments
Nokia may lag the shift to dual-core smartphone processors happening this year for lack of support from Microsoft, its new operating system partner.
If Intel wins Apple, becomes leading ARM maker
5/4/2011   9 comments
Interesting times: if Intel Corp. wins foundry business making chips for Apple it would become a leading, if not the leading, manufacturer of ARM-based processors.
Panel: Wall ahead in multicore programming
News & Analysis  
5/4/2011   19 comments
The wall on the horizon in multicore programming is getting closer, according to a panel of experts at the Multicore Expo.
Green Hills expands security business
News & Analysis  
5/3/2011   Post a comment
At ESC, Green Hills launched a new security division, upgraded its security software and struck a deal to support Freescale QorIQ and PowerQUICC processors
WR secures Linux, updates simulator
Product News  
5/3/2011   Post a comment
Wind River has won advanced security certification for its Linux Secure and upgraded its Simics simulator to handle designs that span multiple boards
ESC: Logic PD rolls industry’s smallest embedded SOMs
Product News  
5/2/2011   1 comment
Logic PD has announced what they claim to be the industry’s smallest embedded modules: the Torpedo System on Modules (SOM) based on Texas Instruments’ DM3730 DaVinci video processor and AM3703 Sitara ARM microprocessor.
AMD brings high-end graphics to embedded
News & Analysis  
5/2/2011   3 comments
AMD announced what it claimed is the first graphics chip for embedded systems to support general purpose jobs using Microsoft's DirectX 11 or the OpenCL standard
ESC: VIA Nano X2 E-Series dual core processors for 64-bit x86 apps debut at ESC
Product News  
5/1/2011   Post a comment
VIA Nano X2 E-Series processors combine two 64-bit, superscalar VIA Nano cores on one die, offering enhanced multi-tasking and multimedia performance on a low power budget. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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