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posted in August 2005
Intel-led alliance stirs angst over future wireless spec
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8/31/2005   Post a comment
Intel has convinced Broadcom, Atheros and Marvell to join forces outside of an IEEE wireless LAN standards group to develop an interoperable physical and media access control layer.
Les partenaires dévoilent les premières caractéristiques du microprocesseur Cell
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8/29/2005   Post a comment
Suite à leur promesse faite en mai, IBM, Sony et Toshiba révèlent les premières caractéristiques précises du microprocesseur Cell.
Key Cell Processor technical documents released for download
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8/27/2005   Post a comment
In a simultaneous release on their respective web sites, IBM, Sony, Sony Entertainment and Toshiba announced the availability of key documents that describe technical details of the Cell Broadband Engine architecture
Production FlexRay controller enables advanced by-wire automotive applications
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8/26/2005   Post a comment
Freescale device provides high bandwidth and deterministic, fault-tolerant data transmission for chassis control, body electronics, and power train uses.
RAD-HARD 8051 MCU mates with Honeywell MRAM for space apps.
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8/25/2005   Post a comment
Targeting space applications, startup company Silicon Laude has launched a rad-hard version of an 8051-based MCU that’s claimed to be capable of reliable operation in 300 krads total ionizing-dose environments.
Partners release first detailed specs for Cell microprocessor
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8/25/2005   Post a comment
IBM, Sony and Toshiba have released detailed specifications for the Cell microprocessor.
ARM7 MCU combines ethernet, CAN, USB, encryption with support for real-time apps
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8/24/2005   Post a comment
Expanding its offerings in ARM7-based solutions, Atmel Corp. is launching two flash microcontrollers at the Boston Embedded Systems Conference. Embedded into the chip is a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, CAN, full-speed (12 Mbps) USB 2.0 and a high speed AES/3DES encryption engine.
MPU integrates up to sixteen MIPS64-based cores for networking/storage apps
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8/22/2005   Post a comment
Cavium Networks has broadened its MIPS-based processor line with a new chips that embed up to sixteen MIPS cores. According to Cavium, its newest processors scale from multi-100 Mbps rates to multi-Gigabit rates for networking and storage applications.
Atmel claims 20-fold ARM7TDMI MCU speed boost with DMA addition
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8/17/2005   Post a comment
Atmel Corp. has begun revamping its 32 bit ARM7TDM-based microcontroller devices with a new peripheral DMA controller (PDC) architecture it believes will significantly improve performance in the networked and secure applications environments.
16-bit MCU line to grow with small, low power units; 50 devices planned
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8/17/2005   Post a comment
In one of its most aggressive moves in the 16-bit microcontroller arena, Texas Instruments is planning as many as fifty new devices in the next 18-months. First out of the shoot will be the MSP430F2001, a tiny 14-pin, 4x4mm footprint boasting 16 million instructions per second (MIPS) of 16-bit performance with pricing starting at 49 cents in 100K units.
August Newsletter: Jeff Bier's "Impulse Response"
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8/15/2005   Post a comment
When people talk about processor benchmarks, the conversation usually ends up being all about speed. Other metrics, such as energy efficiency, are often given less attention or are completely overlooked. The unspoken assumption driving these conversations is that a faster processor is better.
August Newsletter: Freescale Introduces Impressive Application Processors
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8/15/2005   Post a comment
Last month Freescale introduced its latest application processors, the i.MX31 and the i.MX31L. The chips--which offer a number of impressive features--primarily target portable consumer electronics products such as cell phones, portable media players, and portable gaming devices. The chips also target portable medical applications and automotive entertainment.
August Newsletter: Case Study--Benchmarks for Tools, Software Libraries, and More
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8/15/2005   Post a comment
System developers often rely on processor benchmarks to gauge system performance. However, the processor is just one of many components that determines overall performance. Fully understanding system performance requires careful analysis of many other elements, such as code-generation tools and third-party software libraries.
August Newsletter: Telairity Chip Targets High-Definition Video Encoding
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8/15/2005   Post a comment
In August Telairity introduced its first chip, the T1P2000. The chip targets high-definition H.264 video encoding in applications such as broadcast encoders, video servers, and video authoring systems. The T1P2000 includes five Telairity TVP400 processor cores running at 668.25 MHz, as well as a "video controller."
August Newsletter: CEVA Introduces Audio Solution
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8/15/2005   Post a comment
CEVA recently announced CEVA-Audio, a licensable audio platform targeting high-volume audio applications such as portable audio players and home entertainment equipment. The platform includes the CEVA-TeakLite-II core, a memory subsystem, and peripherals. The platform is notable for its small die area.
Multicore CPU handles computational needs of high-definition video codec
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8/15/2005   Post a comment
Telairity Semiconductor multicore video processor handles the demanding computational requirements of the H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) high-definition codec. The programmable Telairity-1 architecture combines five independent vector/scalar cores, a video controller, and a DRAM controller supporting an I/O bandwidth up to 5.3 Gbps in a single multicore SoC.
Silicon Labs expands its mixed-signal 8051 MCU memory options
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8/13/2005   Post a comment
Silicon Laboratories is further expanding its family of pipelined 8051 MCU cores and devices with the addition of four new memory option devices.
SuperH-basd MCUs now fit car and home audio products
Product News  
8/11/2005   Post a comment
Renesas Technology has launched a handful of new SuperH-based 32-bit microcontrollers targeted at car and home audio products. The devices’ instruction set is upward-compatible with the earlier SH-2 CPU cores, yet achieves better ROM code efficiency, helping to reduce program size by approximately 25 percent and thereby save memory cost.
New 32-bit SH7261 SuperH MCUs target audio signal processing
Product News  
8/10/2005   Post a comment
Renesas Technology America, Inc. has released four SH7261 series high-performance 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) for embedded audio designs for the auto and home.
Dual-core CPU enables simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing
Product News  
8/9/2005   Post a comment
NextCom LLC says its new "Flextreme" architecture enables simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing with no performance loss. The dual-core AMD Opteron-based unit is said to use less power and generate less heat than recent single-core processors.
Automotive vision looks to put technology in the driver’s seat
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8/8/2005   Post a comment
More autonomous vehicles means less autonomous drivers. This raises many questions about safety, convenience, and even the role cars play in our daily lives.
8-bit MCU family touts enhanced flash memory and on-chip LCD driver
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8/8/2005   Post a comment
The newest 8-bit MCU line from NEC Electronics boasts 36 product configurations with many memory, peripheral and packaging options.
Korean regulators put the heat on Intel
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8/8/2005   Post a comment
Antitrust authorities in Korea have started looking into rebate and marketing deals Intel Corp. has made with personal computer manufacturers there, according to a regulatory filing. Parts Search

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