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posted in September 2012
Slideshow: Intel carves new path to x86 tablets
News & Analysis  
9/28/2012   15 comments
Seven OEMs showed dockable tablets based on Intel's new dual-core Atom SoC, but analysts say its unclear how they will fare against the Apple iPad.
Adapteva Kickstarts Hundred-dollar Supercomputer
News & Analysis  
9/27/2012   14 comments
Adapteva CEO Andreas Olofsson says if supporters donate $3 million to the Parallela project, he will release a 16-core board for $99 and make its software open source.
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/27/2012   15 comments
Ha! 10 points to me I think!
Intel debuts next-generation Atom for tablets
News & Analysis  
9/27/2012   4 comments
Clover Trail, a dual-core Atom SoC, and some of the first tablets using it will be described and shown at an event in San Francisco.
Yes, it is art!
Engineering Pop Culture!  
9/26/2012   5 comments
These ceramic versions of tin cans were created by a mathematician called Ned who specializes in chaos theory.
Yoshida in China: How Nokia failed, MediaTek won
9/26/2012   33 comments
"Reverse innovation" shouldn't be confused with "reverse engineering." Here's how they differ, and how companies like MediaTek used it to run circles around rivals like Nokia.
China Fabless: Rockchip rattled by Android tablet wars
News & Analysis  
9/25/2012   21 comments
China's Rockchip is betting the house on Globalfoundries' 28-nm process technology for its upcoming apps processor. It's next task will be hanging on to its customers as the tablet wars heat up.
Texas Instruments unveils mega-cool Stellaris LaunchPad
Product News  
9/25/2012   Post a comment
Engineers of all experience levels can now explore Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F microcontrollers with an easy-to-use kit priced at less than $5 USD!
New Atmel Cortex-M4 MCUs consume 66% less power…
Product News  
9/24/2012   2 comments
Devices run 90uA/MHz in active mode, deliver 28 CoreMark/mA, and consume 1.5uA in sleep mode with full RAM retention and 1.5us wake-up time.
STMicro's Smart-card MCUs increase security and flexibility
Product News  
9/24/2012   Post a comment
First secure microcontrollers to feature auto contactless-reader detection add secure hardware cryptography plus flexible memory and interface options.
Vote for DCD’s DQ80251 – the world’s fastest 8051 CPU
9/24/2012   3 comments
Digital Core Design has been nominated as the only IP Core and SoC design house for the European Business Award, and they are asking their friends for support…
Nufront licenses leading ARM cores
News & Analysis  
9/24/2012   5 comments
Cortex-A15 and Mali-T658 cores should enable fabless chip vendor to offer hardware supporting 3-D graphics, visual computing.
Life lessons in embedded
9/24/2012   Post a comment
The best way to face the diverse embedded market is with an open mind and a practical attitude—a life lesson I took away from meetings at DESIGN East.
Book Review: Empower Your Inner Manager by Ian Mackintosh
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
9/21/2012   Post a comment
if you want to be a manager – or if you are already a manager – I would really appreciate it if you would read this book.
Analyst says Apple A6 processor uses custom CPU core
News & Analysis  
9/21/2012   9 comments
Apple's A6 processor uses an internally-developed processor core rather than the ARM Cortex-A15, according to an analyst.
ARM TechCon to tip 'big-little' processors
News & Analysis  
9/21/2012   2 comments
A presentation at the upcoming ARM TechCon will detail the so-called "big-little" processing approach, including power savings and the first processors to use the technique.
Intel's Embedded Framework Gains Traction at DESIGN East
News & Analysis  
9/19/2012   Post a comment
Embedded vendors at Design East welcomed Intel’s Intelligent Systems Framework, praising its motives while expressing a mix of hope and skepticism about the effort.
TI introduces new SafeTI MCUs and PSU for safety-critical apps
Product News  
9/18/2012   2 comments
Latest 32-bit Hercules RM4x safety MCUs, TPS65381-Q1 power supply, software and documentation help designers more easily achieve IEC 61508 SIL-3 safety standards.
New SafeTI functional safety design packages from Texas Instruments
Product News  
9/18/2012   2 comments
Customers can more easily achieve IEC 61508, IEC 60730 and ISO 26262 safety certification for industrial, transportation, automotive and medical applications.
Sensor-fusion MCU kit from STMicroelectronics
Product News  
9/17/2012   Post a comment
Easy-access development kit combines power of STM32 F3 DSP core and floating-point arithmetic with MEMS gyroscope and e-compass for sensor-fusion applications.
Microchip adds 15 new 8-bit PIC MCUs to USB portfolio
Product News  
9/17/2012   Post a comment
Three scalable, eXtreme low power families offer substantial system cost savings by eliminating external crystal; available with a wide range of features.
Slideshow: Intel on ultrabooks, Haswell and more
News & Analysis  
9/17/2012   Post a comment
Win8 Ultrabooks and Haswell dominated attention at the Intel Developer Forum, but Atom-based smartphones, embedded systems, microservers and more also were on tap.
Kalray claims customers for 256-core processor
News & Analysis  
9/17/2012   5 comments
Kalray SA, the well-supported French launching a parallel processing chip and software, has 25 customers and is hopeful of winning more in Germany and Japan, according to CEO Joel Monnier.
Intel, Apple may be two ships passing in the light
9/14/2012   8 comments
I was humbled—and just a bit frightened--to see the Apple and Intel cruise ships pass so closely as they sailed down San Francisco’s Howard St. this week.
Intel, Apple may be two ships passing in the light
News & Analysis  
9/14/2012   1 comment
I was humbled—and just a bit frightened--to see the Apple and Intel cruise ships pass so closely as they sailed down San Francisco’s Howard St. this week.
Intel describes 22-nm SoC process, not chips
News & Analysis  
9/14/2012   6 comments
In separate IDF talks, Intel described the system-on-chip variant of its 22-nm process technology but not the Atom-based tablet and smartphone SoCs to be made in it.
Analyst says Apple A6 processor is dual-core Cortex-A15
News & Analysis  
9/13/2012   26 comments
The A6 processor inside the iPhone 5 mobile phone is a dual-core Cortex-A15 manufactured for Apple by Samsung Electronics using its 32-nm HKMG manufacturing process, analysts said.
IPhone 5 draws praise, iPod gets camera
News & Analysis  
9/12/2012   18 comments
Apple's much anticipated iPhone 5 is winning initial praise as a solid upgrade and the new camera in the iPod Touch suggests Apple will attack consumer point-and-shoot cameras.
Intel’s Haswell boosts battery life, graphics
News & Analysis  
9/11/2012   Post a comment
Longer battery life and better graphics lead a laundry list of improvements in Intel’s Haswell (shown), its first new CPU design for its 22nm tri-gate transistor.
Intel Ultrabooks speak, tap and offer $1M prize
News & Analysis  
9/11/2012   9 comments
Intel's Dadi Permutter (shown) demonstrated technology with Nuance and Mastercard--and offered a $1 million prize--for creating novel user interfaces for Ultrabooks.
Intel launches embedded middleware push
News & Analysis  
9/11/2012   10 comments
David "Dadi" Perlmutter, general manager of the Intel Architecture Group, showed off an intelligent vending machine at the Intel Developer Forum, where the company rolled out a framework for management and security middleware.
AMD fabric takes first step to broader market
News & Analysis  
9/11/2012   3 comments
AMD's SeaMicro group will ship in November Ivy Bridge and Opteron versions of servers using its Freedom Fabric to link to up to five petabytes of external storage.
LCD dot matrix solutions with ultra-low-power MCUs
Design How-To  
9/10/2012   4 comments
Using design techniques to optimize the system hardware and software, low-cost, ultra-low-power microcontrollers can be used to drive dot matrix LCD displays that previously required larger, power-hungry processors.
IPhone 5 expected to sport quad-core, LTE
News & Analysis  
9/10/2012   24 comments
Apple iPhone 5 is expected to sport a custom quad-core processor, LTE and a new, smaller connector, but pundits debate whether it will pack NFC or a larger display.
Intel preps interconnect for server CPUs
News & Analysis  
9/10/2012   5 comments
Intel is developing an interconnect it will integrate in future Xeon and Atom server processors to address uses ranging from supercomputers to microservers.
Kalray samples 28-nm processor
News & Analysis  
9/10/2012   1 comment
Kalray SA, fabless chip company that developed the MPPA multicored processor family for embedded applications, has announced it is now providing samples of its 28-nm MPPA-256 chip, which includes 256 processor cores.
TSMC set to expand 2013 capex
News & Analysis  
9/10/2012   1 comment
Foundry chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. will boost capital expenditures for 2013 to $10 billion, up from about $8.25 billion in 2012, according to reports that also reckon it will be making processors for Apple in 2013.
Intel revenue hit by weak demand
News & Analysis  
9/7/2012   14 comments
Intel Corp. has lowered its forecast for third quarter revenue due to weaker than expected demand and said that it will reduce capital spending for 2012 below the previous minimum estimate of $12.1 billion.
Broadcom's Samueli makes 15-year predictions
News & Analysis  
9/7/2012   21 comments
By 2027, mobile devices will sport Gbit/second cellular modems powered by 5-GHz apps processors, predicts Broadcom chief technologist Henry Samueli (shown).
Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote -- I WANT!!!
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
9/6/2012   9 comments
I'm too young for all of this excitement. I just saw a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote.
Quanta QCT preps server using Atom CPU
News & Analysis  
9/6/2012   3 comments
Quanta QCT has become the second company, following Hewlett-Packard, to say it will use Intel’s upcoming Atom-based Centerton processors in microserver this year.
Xilinx and OmniTek launch the Era of All Programmable SoCs
Product News  
9/6/2012   Post a comment
Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC-based platform combines fully programmable hardware and software to reduce time-to-market and enable focus on innovation and differentiation.
Altera unveils innovations at the 20nm node
Product News  
9/6/2012   Post a comment
Altera's mega-cool next-generation devices extend the promise of "Silicon Convergence"
Intel forum is next front in x86 vs. ARM war
9/6/2012   15 comments
AMD, ARM, Apple and Intel are gearing up for a small but significant skirmish next week in the war over the future of computing—and it’s all happening during the Intel Developer Forum.
Altera achieves production rollout of all 28-nm FPGA families
Product News  
9/6/2012   Post a comment
Industry's broadest range of optimized 28-nm FPGAs meets diverse product design and differentiation requirements for customers.
Energy Micro: Faster processing consuming less energy
Product News  
9/3/2012   1 comment
Benchmark tests using IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 6.40 confirms EFM32 Gecko as the lowest energy microcontroller…
New Silicon Labs' MCUs deliver best-in-class temp sensing accuracy
Product News  
9/3/2012   Post a comment
Silicon Labs’ new C8051F39x/37x 8-bit MCUs are ideal a wide range of consumer, industrial, and communication applications.
Microchip's new volatile digital-to-analog converter (DAC)
Product News  
9/3/2012   Post a comment
Low-power, low-cost 6-bit volatile DAC with command code features 1.8-5.5V wide operating voltage range along with I2C and SMBus compatibility.
GainSpan’s reference design codes provide easy Wi-Fi connectivity
Product News  
9/3/2012   Post a comment
Facilitating easy connectivity to Atmel and STMicroelectronics MCUs gives access to advanced networking features and reduces development time.
TI introduces $17 C2000 LaunchPad Eval Kit
Product News  
9/3/2012   Post a comment
Prototyping with Piccolo 32-bit MCUs is easier and less expensive with hardware and software that expands to TI BoosterPacks, enabling a myriad of applications. Parts Search

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What are the engineering and design challenges in creating successful IoT devices? These devices are usually small, resource-constrained electronics designed to sense, collect, send, and/or interpret data. Some of the devices need to be smart enough to act upon data in real time, 24/7. Specifically the guests will discuss sensors, security, and lessons from IoT deployments.

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