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posted in December 1997
Wireless and DSP Backgrounder
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12/17/1997   Post a comment
Andrew Davis' short explanation of the wireless industry is intended to help readers get through the alphabet soup that so many communications articles quickly embrace. So if you want to see the competing families of wireless technology, and learn the difference between CDMA and TDMA, and where the different standards are being deployed, this is for you. The article also covers the different analog and digital histories, and why you can get both PCS and analog telephones today.
I2O in Next Generation DSP Based Telecom Systems
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12/4/1997   Post a comment
In this article, Yogendra Jain and Richard Dargusch of RadiSys present an overview of an emerging standard for Intelligent Input/Output known as I2O. A primary benefit of I2O is the ease with which multiple peripheral devices and boards can be integrated into a single system.
Reliable Real-Time Performance in Windows NT
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12/1/1997   Post a comment
Hard as it may seem to fathom, Windows NT is being considered for many of the next generation embedded systems, particularly in the telecommunications field. Though NT has many features that make it an appropriate operating system for these applications, it also has some serious limitations such as the lack of determinism. This article addresses many of the limitations and shows at least what Radisys is proposing as fixes.

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