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posted in December 2010
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Designing the optimal digital media experience
12/31/2010   1 comment
Remember when phones were used only for making voice calls, and TV was the only way to view video in the home?
Intel launches solid-state drive
Product News  
12/30/2010   26 comments
Intel Corp. has introduced to the market a solid-state drive (SSD) that offers 40- and 80-Gbyte memory capacity in a format measuring 51-mm by 30-mm and only 5-mm deep. The unit weighs 10 grams.
Connected TVs already at 21% of market, says analyst
News & Analysis  
12/30/2010   12 comments
About 45 million units and some 21 percent of all TVs shipped in 2010 are forecast to have internet connectivity, according to market research company DisplaySearch
Intel shrinks SSD drive
Product News  
12/30/2010   3 comments
Intel Corporation has released the Intel® solid-state drive 310 Series, a solid-state drive (SSD) with Intel® X25-class SSD performance that measures 51mm-by-30mm and 5mm thick.
Nine predictions for CES 2011
News & Analysis  
12/29/2010   10 comments
Many at CES will show an iPad-alike, no one will have much to add to 3-D Web TVs, everyone will want to partner in home nets and the AMD/Intel war will take a new turn.
Graphics IP startup claims 40 licensees
News & Analysis  
12/29/2010   12 comments
Vivante Corp., a supplier of graphics processing unit (GPU) IP cores, has announced that 40 companies have licensed Vivante GPU cores, and multiple customers having integrated Vivante's GPUs into semiconductor products due to launch in 2011.
Big stories to track at CES 2011
12/29/2010   4 comments
Big stories to track at CES are the rapid proliferation of tablet computers; new “superphone” devices and applications; the changing operating system landscape; and the decline of the video disc and rise of streaming video services.
Santa brought fewer gadgets in 2010
News & Analysis  
12/28/2010   17 comments
Holiday spending was down in consumer electronics, a maturing sector increasingly focused on profits, not growth, said one leading analyst
5 things to watch for in new cameras during 2011
News & Analysis  
12/28/2010   33 comments
Here are five things defined by camera OEMs and chip vendors as the next battleground for the digital still camera market in 2011.
Automotive MEMS hits record high
News & Analysis  
12/28/2010   8 comments
Automotive MEMS chip sales surpassed a 2008 peak, reaching a new high in worldwide shipments during 2010.
Nordic shrinks 2.4GHz ANT products
Product News  
12/28/2010   Post a comment
Nordic releases miniaturized 2.4GHz products with wafer-level chip-scale packages for space-constrained sports, fitness, and health applications.
Allocating dynamic memory with confidence
Design How-To  
12/27/2010   3 comments
Storing, organizing, and sharing data makes up a large part of the memory requirements for an application. A device application can use an embedded database library to manage memory more effectively, by both imposing bounds on memory usage and analyzing worst-case behavior in a consistent way.
Agilent: GPS receiver testing
Design How-To  
12/27/2010   3 comments
This excerpt from Agilent's 'GPS Receiver Testing' white paper introduces a real-time GPS signal simulation technique capable of generating the required GPS signals for a repeatable and flexible test environment.
Anaren radio modules target European apps
Product News  
12/27/2010   Post a comment
Anaren integrated radio modules A1101R08A (antenna) and A1101R08C (connectorized) are ETSI-compliant for 865-868MHz. With the new modules, Anaren aims to save time and costs for OEMs marketing a wireless product in Europe.
Cypress fleshes out 65nm SRAM family
Product News  
12/27/2010   1 comment
Cypress Semiconductor reports that new devices deliver industry’s fastest QDR SRAM operating speed of 550 MHz while reducing power consumption by 50 percent.
Get a clear view on LTE testing
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
12/27/2010   6 comments
My contacts at Agilent just informed me of a special new site they've developed for LTE designers
Android for medical applications
Design How-To  
12/27/2010   18 comments
Medical-device designers have lots of choices when it comes to operating systems (OSs). The one that’s best for your application typically depends on your specific requirements. In many cases, a strong case can be made for using the Android OS.
Key innovators in 2010
News & Analysis  
12/27/2010   6 comments
Multicore development, the Droid phone and the acceleration of Tesla's electric car head our list of top innovations in 2010.
Has a radical idea ever been the solution to your intractable problem?
12/27/2010   25 comments
Whether you call it "out of the box" thinking, or going against conventional wisdom, it drives some amazing innovation
The digital version of the Nativity story
12/24/2010   10 comments
Since it’s Christmas Eve as I pen these words, there is a lot of holiday-related “stuff” bouncing around the Internet. Two pieces that caught my eye are...
NXP sells off can tuner operation
News & Analysis  
12/24/2010   12 comments
NXP Semiconductor NV, a chip company that has been undergoing a strategic overhaul and downsizing, after being loaded with debt by private equity buyers has announced that Nutune, a joint venture, has been sold to affiliates of American Industrial Acquisition Corp.
ITC won't review Samsung-Spansion finding
News & Analysis  
12/23/2010   5 comments
The U.S. International Trade Commission said it will not review an October determination that Samsung did not violate flash memory patents held by Spansion.
Freescale’s David vs Japan Inc. Goliath
12/23/2010   9 comments
During my recent visit to Japan, I had the pleasure of meeting David Uze, president of Freescale Semiconductor Japan, in his Tokyo office.
ITC finds Knowles infringed ADI patents
News & Analysis  
12/23/2010   Post a comment
A U.S. International Trade Commission administrative law judge ruled that Knowles Electronics infringes valid claims from a wafer anti-stiction application patent held by Analog Devices.
Call any rib roast, call it by name
12/23/2010   20 comments
A new consumer electronics gadget fills the universal need for people to develop a meaningful dialog with the food they cook.
IBM racetrack memory enters home stretch
News & Analysis  
12/23/2010   9 comments
IBM's racetrack memory entered the home stretch to fabricating a prototype solid-state memory chip that can replace both flash memory and hard disk drives.
Top 10 stories of 2010
Design How-To  
12/23/2010   4 comments
Here are the top 10 stories posted on Automotive Designline this year, as determined by your page views.
Many-core Plurality to benchmark on EEMBC
News & Analysis  
12/23/2010   2 comments
The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has announced that Plurality Ltd., a developer of many-core processors, has joined the consortium's Consumer Workgroup.
TI opens branch of Kilby Labs in Bangalore
12/23/2010   8 comments
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced an expansion of its Kilby Labs R&D in Bangalore, India, according to local reports.
Moore's Law could enter the fourth dimension--via the third
12/23/2010   34 comments
The semiconductor industry may stay on track with Moore's Law even if it delays scaling down, while finding a better solution for interconnect and lithography by scaling up—to the third dimension.
FMEA eases automotive ASIC design and deployment
Design How-To  
12/23/2010   3 comments
FMEA can be an overall development tool beyond its commonly accepted scope of reliability (design for production) and failure sensitivity (design for test).
My Windows roadmap for tablets and more
12/22/2010   23 comments
An ARM-based version of Windows for tablets is just the start of what Microsoft needs to deliver to keep its software franchise relevant.
Roboteq publishes free WiFi Robot Platform Design
Product News  
12/22/2010   2 comments
Roboteq, Inc. has published a WiFi Robot design platform featuring Roboteq’s AX3500 DC Motor Controller and an Intel Atom Processor-based Mini-ITX mainboard. The robot is a battery-operated, 4 wheel-drive unit, built around 1.5 by 2 feet (46cm x 61cm) aluminum frame, with WiFi connectivity and video camera.
Axiomtek's new NA-320FL multi-Gigabit network appliance platform is fanless, noiseless
Product News  
12/22/2010   Post a comment
Axiomtek's NA-320FL is a fanless 1U compact network appliance platform with six Gigabit LANs. It supports Intel's low-power Atom processors D510 1.66GHz with Intel ICH8M PCH chipset.
2-A supercap charger balances and protects cells in portable applications
Design How-To  
12/22/2010   Post a comment
Look at the pros and cons of supercapacitors and how more compact, simpler designs can be created using supercaps
Report: Sony to buy back fab from Toshiba
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   Post a comment
Sony plans to re-acquire a semiconductor fab in Nagasaki, Japan, that it sold to Toshiba in 2008, according to a report.
Analyst downgrades Xilinx after sales warning
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   2 comments
Xilinx was downgraded by a Wall Street analyst after the firm cut its sales guidance for the fiscal third quarter due to weaker than anticipated sales to a few large wireless communications customers.
Report sees 1.7B USB 3.0 devices in 2014
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   6 comments
Despite a slow take-off, 1.7 billion USB 3.0 devices will ship in 2014, up from a slower than expected 14 million this year, according to an In-Stat report.
NXP sells off sound division for $855 million
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   15 comments
NXP Semiconductor NV, a chip company that has been undergoing a strategic overhaul and downsizing led by CEO Rick Clemmer, has agreed to sell its Sound Solutions business line to Dover Corp. for $855 million.
Prism Sound adds Bluetooth support to audio tester
Product News  
12/22/2010   Post a comment
Prism Sound's dScope Series III audio analyzer has been upgraded so support audio streaming directly between test system and Bluetooth device, enabling real-time, closed-loop testing of Bluetooth audio systems.
LG to spend $12-bn to turn electronics around
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   4 comments
LG Group plans to spend about 70 percent of a planned capital expenditure and R&D budget of 21 trillion won (about $18 billion) in 2011 on its electronics businesses including smartphones, tablet computers and flat panel displays, according to reports.
Zarlink invests $5 million in timing firm
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   Post a comment
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. has announced it has invested $5 million in Multigig Inc., a fabless chip company that provides clock generation and timing products for the wired and wireless communications markets.
Xilinx lowers quarterly guidance on weak comms
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   1 comment
FPGA vendor Xilinx Inc. has reduced its guidance for its third fiscal quarter which ends with the calendar year.
ARM share price soars on Windows reports
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   20 comments
ARM's share price jumped sharply on reports that Microsoft will use the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month to demonstrate a version of its Windows operating system that will run on processors designed by the U.K. firm.
The fabless company that wasn't
12/22/2010   6 comments
Despite maintaining three fabs, Avago Technologies was ranked 10th among fabless firms in 2010 projected revenue. Say what?
Thermoelectrics could harvest car exhaust heat
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   30 comments
Researchers at the University of Michigan think they have found a way of increasing the efficiency of barium-doped skutterudites to create the commercially viable thermoelectric devices.
13 'fabless' chip firms to top $1B in sales
News & Analysis  
12/22/2010   5 comments
IC Insights said that a record 13 fabless chip companies will top $1 billion in sales this year, though the firm defines the term to include one company that maintains its own fabs but gets most of its wafers from foundries.
Stop! Look! Win a bunch of cool development boards and tools from Microchip
12/21/2010   29 comments
I’ve been chatting to the folks at Microchip about all of the cool development boards and tools they have for different applications, and they’ve sent some to me for me to give to you…
DDC's RP-26300 solid-state power controller handles four 75-amp channels
Product News  
12/21/2010   Post a comment
The RP-26300 from Data Device Corporation (DDC) is a new compact (6.3 in X 4.6 in), multi-channel solid-state power controller card with the capability to distribute and control power to four independent 75 Amp subsystems, and handle high current loads up to 300 Amps with channel paralleling.
Remembering W. Marshall Leach Jr. (and his low-TIM amp)
Audio DesignLine Blog  
12/21/2010   2 comments
The audio field lost a major figure recently with the passing of W. Marshall Leach Jr.
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