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posted in April 1999
Frontier offers GSM core written in C
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4/27/1999   Post a comment
Frontier Design BV (Leuven, Belgium) has altered the world of intellectual property by offering a next-generation GSM baseband core written in the C language with a migration path to an ASIC or FPGA.
A simple route to dc power-rail loads
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4/27/1999   Post a comment
A hot-swap power manager (HSPM) can be used to design a simple, programmable, constant-current electronic load for 3-V to 5-Vdc power rails. Ordinarily, maximum current capability is limited to 2.7 A for this part type, but higher currents can be obtained using external n-channel MOSFETs. The current would then be limited only by the safe operating area of the FET. An undervoltage lock-out trigger on the Unitrode UCC3919 prevents operation when the input power rail is below 2.75 V.
DSP frameworks send voice over IP
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4/27/1999   Post a comment
Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) is the recognized industry term to categorize the array of telecommunications equipment and services that are stimulating the transition from traditional circuit-switched to packet-data-based equipment networks. The technology changes required with the shift from the transport of packet data over voice networks to the transport of voice and fax over packet-data networks is providing a major market for programmable DSPs and the associated software infrastructur
W-CDMA enables 3G cellular design
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4/27/1999   Post a comment
Wideband code-division multiple-access (W-CDMA) is emerging as one of the main technologies for the implementation of third-generation (3G) cellular systems. The complexity of W-CDMA systems can be viewed from different angles: the complexity of each single algorithm, the complexity of the overall system and the sheer computational complexity of a receiver.
Oversampled data simplifies design
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4/27/1999   Post a comment
Multirate signal processing is an enabling technology that brings DSP techniques to applications that require lower cost and higher sample rates. While many of the techniques have been known for more than 25 year, others have a much shorter lineage. Recent activity such as the introduction of signal-processing chip sets and design tools directed to multirate applications reflects a growing awareness of the technology. However, using multirate solutions requires a slight shift in the system desig
DSP schemes navigate multimedia reality
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4/27/1999   Post a comment
Digital audio processing is the key to "full employment" for engineers. That's according to Tomlinson Holman, the inventor of Lucasfilm Ltd.'s THX theater sound and the keynote speaker at DSP World Spring Conference this week (April 26-28) at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, Calif. Holman argues that Dolby digital-5.1 speaker surround sound-is really not powerful enough to convey the realism of a dramatic situation on film or in a concert hall. The 5.1 topology, with left front, c
Mentor, ARC team up on Celaro emulation
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4/15/1999   Post a comment
Mentor Graphics Corp. (Wilsonville, Or.) and ARC Cores Ltd. (ARC) have formed a technology and marketing partnership under which they intend to offer virtual system prototyping of telecommunications and multimedia products.
IP Conferencing: The Next Generation
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4/11/1999   Post a comment
Marty Falaro of VideoServer provides an excellent overview of H.323, a key standard to understand in any discussion of VoIP. H.323 covers audio, video, and data conferencing over non-guaranteed bandwidth networks such as IP packet networks like the Internet or corporate LAN.
Cadence spins off MPU design group
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4/9/1999   Post a comment
Cadence Design Systems Inc. will spin off its Alchemy design group into a new system-on-a-chip (SOC) company focused on microprocessor design.
HDLCon: Keynoter calls for better system-on-chip tools
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4/8/1999   Post a comment
The EDA industry will have to step up efforts in developing system-on-a-chip design tools over the next five years if semiconductor companies are to capitalize on the "consumerization of the electronics market," according to Hector Ruiz, president of Motorola Inc. Semiconductor Products Sector, in a keynote address at the International HDL Conference. Parts Search

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