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posted in June 1997
DSP Prospects in Motor Control
News & Analysis  
6/20/1997   Post a comment
This overview by Will Strauss, president of Forward Concepts, discusses the various approaches to motor control and highlights the major market opportunities being addressed by DSP vendors.
The H.320 Recommendation Overview
Design How-To  
6/13/1997   Post a comment
This article explores the architecture of H.320, which has become the standard format for a series of ITU recommendations in the intervening years. Andrew Davis discusses the components of H.320, why they are important, and the benefits of a standard for audio/video communications.
Acoustic Room Response Analysis
News & Analysis  
6/5/1997   Post a comment
This piece, contributed by applications group manager John Edwards of Loughborough Sound Images, addresses the issues of room response analysis and how DSP technology can be used to apply the acoustic response of a concert hall to music recorded in a studio. The end result is more flexibility in the creative process, and lower costs. This technical article discusses the hardware and software required to implement an acoustic room response analysis technique.

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