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posted in January 2004
LG-KV1300 phone: Analog on the leading edge
1/26/2004   Post a comment
LG Electronics' newest cell phones put their emphasis on multimedia. A Wolfson Microelectronics audio codec supplies a stereo output, while two Texas Instruments Class D amplifiers drive the speakers. There's a Samsung CMOS imager with VGA resolution, and a two-color LCD display. From the January PA magazine folio, Portelligent's David Carey finds other analog parts inside.
Popular iPod gets a makeover
1/5/2004   Post a comment
Building on solid success with the original iPod, Apple Computer Inc.'s latest MP3 player upgrades form, connectivity and capacity but remains focused in function.
Inside DSP on Audio: Building Good Audio Software
Design How-To  
1/5/2004   Post a comment
What's special about audio software? This article tackles key audio software development issues, sharing hard-won lessons from years of experience. We focus on challenges and techniques in optimization and testing, using a reverb algorithm as a case study.

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