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posted in November 2010
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Intersil Li-ion battery manager IC ensures performance and safety
Product News  
11/30/2010   Post a comment
Device emphasizes accuracy, diagnostics, and robust communication.
Big score for TriQuint GaN program
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
11/30/2010   4 comments
I just heard from TriQuint that they scored a $17.5M GaN manufacturing development contract form the US Air Force Research Laboratory.
Active balancing boosts HEV/EV Li-ion battery utilization: Part 2—Methods
Design How-To  
11/29/2010   5 comments
Popular active balancing methods are reviewed and details given of a unique active cell balancing battery management system.
Active balancing boosts HEV/EV Li-ion battery utilization: Part 1—Range anxiety alleviated
Design How-To  
11/29/2010   Post a comment
Passive balancing has dominated Li-ion battery packs in the past. Economic pressures are forcing automotive OEMs to choose more advanced, active balancing systems to squeeze out every drop of energy from the battery pack to mitigate range anxiety.
NIST aims quartz microbalance at nanotech
News & Analysis  
11/29/2010   4 comments
Using a new twist on the traditional thermogravimetric analysis technique, the National Institute of Standards and Technology demonstrated a new method for taking Nanoscale measurements of the purity of carbon-nanotubes, coated-nanoparticles and surface features on thin films.
Wireless for medical applications
Design How-To  
11/29/2010   3 comments
Providing better healthcare, for more patients, at lower cost is an ongoing mission. It sounds simple, but as we’re all well aware, it’s a daunting task.
Diagnostic, patient monitoring, and therapy applications guide
Design How-To  
11/29/2010   Post a comment
This whitepaper features technical information for various patient monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic applications including digital stethoscopes, patient monitors, ECG, EEG, pulse oximetry, ventilation, CPAP, dialysis machines, infusion pumps, and AED.
CTO confirms IBM's PCM expectations
News & Analysis  
11/29/2010   17 comments
Jai Menon, an IBM Fellow and chief technology officer with IBM's systems and technology group, has confirmed that IBM believes that phase-change memory (PCM), a non-volatile technology, could scale beyond where flash memory can go and could be of use in server computers in three to five years.
Boeing Dreamliner's travails yields lessons for most engineers
11/27/2010   18 comments
The technical challenges and problems of the Boeing 787 show that progress can't be scripted
Establishing industry endurance standards for solid-state storage
Design How-To  
11/27/2010   6 comments
While HDDs use standard methods for determining overall reliability ratings based on mean time between failure (MTBF) or annualized failure rates (AFR), SSDs are just now establishing a standardization process. Testing with a validated format is critical for any OEM provider of enterprise servers or client-based systems that will integrate SSDs.
Toshiba to source rare-earths from Mongolia
News & Analysis  
11/26/2010   17 comments
Toshiba Corp. has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mongolia's MNFCC LLC agreeing to discussions on cooperation in the development of Mongolia's mineral resources, including uranium, rare earth and rare metals products.
Automotive MEMS sales rebound, says iSuppli
News & Analysis  
11/24/2010   6 comments
Driven by the sharp rebound in the automotive production and inventory rebuilding, the market for automotive microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors will grow to record size in 2010, according to market research firm iSuppli.
Quantum hard drives on the horizon
News & Analysis  
11/23/2010   6 comments
Entanglement may be used someday to read and write information onto quantum hard drives.
Narda: 3dB attenuator handles 6GHz
Product News  
11/22/2010   Post a comment
Narda miniature fixed 3-dB attenuator covers up to 6 GHz and handles 200W peak power.
NAND, PCM vie for ISSCC attention
11/22/2010   1 comment
Multiple non-volatile memory technologies will be represented at next year's International Solid-State Circuits Conference, due to take place in San Francisco, California, Feb. 20 to 24, 2011.
Validate electronics robustness: Part 2—Find the worst case
Design How-To  
11/19/2010   8 comments
Ensuring that today’s complex electronic systems meet specific quality, robustness, lifespan, and safety goals requires validating that the system implementation matches the specification. An important step in verification is to gain an accurate understanding of the system’s worst-case behavior.
Sandia upgrades supercomputer benchmarks
News & Analysis  
11/19/2010   4 comments
Sandia National Labs has teamed with Intel, IBM, AMD and others on a new graphics-oriented supercomputer benchmark that concentrates on performance when analyzing large-scale but sparse data sets.
Tactile feedback solutions using piezoelectric actuators (Part 1 of 2)
Design How-To  
11/17/2010   6 comments
Understand how these versatile actuators work as well as their design and interface issues and tradeoffs
Startup touts benefits of chaotic logic
News & Analysis  
11/17/2010   35 comments
The chaos that results from non-linear mathematics could have a part to play in semiconductor logic, according to researchers drawn from universities in the United States and India, and a startup company called ChaoLogix.
Energy harvesting conference shows you may be able to get something for (almost) nothing
News & Analysis  
11/17/2010   18 comments
Lots of vendors and intensity, plus deliverables, at Energy Harvesting & Storage Conference
Software claims military grade computer security
News & Analysis  
11/16/2010   1 comment
Large Software's cheap and easy-to-use drag-and-drop military grade encryption algorithm can use "visual passwords" to simplify mil-spec security.
Software design tools offer 'round-trip' engineering for AUTOSAR development
Design How-To  
11/15/2010   1 comment
In an AUTOSAR-based development process a number of different tools are used—it is crucial that these tools work smoothly together.
Talking Teardown with Charbax
11/15/2010   Post a comment
Patrick Mannion and I interview Nicolas Charbonnier, aka Charbax, about the Archos 7 teardown.
Student Entrepreneur's Hawaii adventure
11/15/2010   4 comments
Simon Barker, EE Times' resident student entrepreneur, reports back on his trip to Hawaii to present at the IEEE Sensors Conference.
Key fob foibles
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
11/15/2010   31 comments
How about a simple solution to this annoying problem?
TSMC could make solar modules in Europe
News & Analysis  
11/15/2010   1 comment
TSMC Solar Europe has been formed in Hamburg, Germany, and could have a manufacturing role, depending on how TSMC's energy-related business plans evolve.
ATIC cash draws chip research to Abu Dhabi
11/15/2010   2 comments
The Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC) has announced it is extending its university research partnership to serve the needs of technology ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. Under the agreement SRC member companies will conduct research in Abu Dhabi, sponsored by the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC).
Program aims to make the connected home a reality
RF & Microwave Designline Blog  
11/12/2010   5 comments
With more broadband penetration in homes and new home and building automation enabling technologies such as ZigBee and low-power IP being embedded into products, broadband service providers are looking to enter the security, monitoring and automation (SMA) market this year.
Omron crafts MEMS for mobile
News & Analysis  
11/12/2010   3 comments
Omron is expanding from its traditional medical and industrial markets for MEMS chips into mobile consumer devices and green energy.
Algorithm pioneer wins Kyoto Prize
News & Analysis  
11/12/2010   11 comments
Algorithm pioneer Laszlo Lovasz, whose mathematical methods have enabled myriad breakthroughs in information technology—from RSA encryption to 4G channel capacity—has received the Kyoto Prize, a $550,000 award that some believe rivals the Nobel Prize in international stature.
Mobile device connectivity keeps the car relevant
Design How-To  
11/12/2010   6 comments
Automotive OEMs are looking for new ways to leverage the consumer mobile service infrastructure and to bring Internet-based services into the vehicle.
Plessey signs to make 'disruptive' sensor
News & Analysis  
11/11/2010   7 comments
An electric potential sensor that promises to be highly disruptive in multiple markets is set to be manufactured and commercialized by Plessey Semiconductors Ltd.
Kinect's BOM roughly $56, teardown finds
News & Analysis  
11/11/2010   26 comments
Microsoft's Kinect motion-gaming add on for its Xbox 360 gaming platform carries a bill-of-materials of roughly $56, according to a teardown analysis performed by UBM TechInsights.
Smart grid for water turns tap on innovation
News & Analysis  
11/10/2010   11 comments
Entrepreneurs are flocking to one of clean tech's newest and perhaps most critical sectors: replacing water utilities' 19th century technologies.
E-ink unveils color ePaper
News & Analysis  
11/9/2010   11 comments
E-Ink unveiled its long anticipated color version of its ePaper displays called Trition Imaging Film.
Silicon 60 successes: CMOS, software and a sales proposition
News & Analysis  
11/9/2010   3 comments
An analysis of the more than 250 startups to make the EE Times 60 Emerging Startups list over the past six years reveals that the keys to success have been a clear sales proposition and that the industry's fundamentals still boil down to CMOS and software.
An Electronica Compendium
News & Analysis  
11/9/2010   Post a comment
Gathered below are a number of our stories from the Electronica 2010 exhibition
Electronica: CEO panel basks in upbeat mood
News & Analysis  
11/9/2010   Post a comment
In the traditional CEO panel on the opening day of the Electronica exhibition, the participants were unanimous that the semiconductor industry handled the economic crisis of 2008-2009 well, and that the industry is now set fair for return to "normal" growth.
MEMS gyro/accelerometer combo chip debuts
News & Analysis  
11/9/2010   7 comments
Invensense introduced the world's first integrated MEMS chip to include both a gyroscope and accelerometer on a single CMOS die.
Freescale rolls with automotive safety
News & Analysis  
11/8/2010   3 comments
Freescale Semiconductor unveiled new automotive sensor chips to meet consumer demand for increased safety and growing government regulations for better electronic stability and collision at Electronica 2010.
Accelerometer maker offering gyroscope, too
News & Analysis  
11/8/2010   1 comment
Kionix, one of the biggest suppliers of accelerometers, is branching out into gyroscopes, introducing its first such device this week.
Unification in the RF front-end : the new MIPI standard
Design How-To  
11/8/2010   4 comments
MIPI RFFE is the specification of a bus interface specifically tailored for the needs of current and future mobile wireless systems to control the slave devices in an RF front-end. This article gives an overview of MIPI RFFE Version 1.0 and discusses the desires and rationale behind the development of RFFE, including a survey of existing alternatives.
HP pursues 'sensing-as-a-service'
News & Analysis  
11/5/2010   10 comments
An HP business strategist outlined the company's championing of sensing-as-a-service, a play on software as a service, which bundles its wireless MEMS sensors with the data processing expertise to interpret the raw data feeds.
Next-gen power electronics spur energy efficiency
Design How-To  
11/5/2010   Post a comment
Over the last 30 years, it is estimated power semiconductors have helped improve efficiency of cars by 40%. Now with government green-energy and CO2 reduction plans, the power semiconductor industry is expected to contribute further improvements in energy efficiency. Here are the options.
The effect of vibration on reliability and performance of quartz crystals
Design How-To  
11/4/2010   Post a comment
Understand how vibration impacts the ubiquitous quartz crystal, heart of many oscillator circuits
VTI champions MEMS timing chips
News & Analysis  
11/4/2010   Post a comment
VTI Technologies, the leader in combo micro-electro-mechanical system (MEM) chips, has entered the consumer market for gyroscopes and silicon-MEMS oscillators.
Analysts split on MEMS growth rate forecasts
News & Analysis  
11/4/2010   Post a comment
Analysts from iSuppli and Yole Development offered differing projections of MEMS growth rates for the next few years at the MEMS Executive Congress.
Startup opens retina implant fab
News & Analysis  
11/4/2010   11 comments
Retina Implant AG, a developer of electronic sub-retinal implants for the visually impaired, has opened a manufacturing plant to meet anticipated demand for its devices.
Is IBM serious about phase-change memory for servers?
News & Analysis  
11/3/2010   26 comments
IBM is looking forward to improving its server computers within a few years through the use of phase-change memory, according to two separate reports that reference different senior executives with the company. This is despite review papers and discussion within a patent application that seems to acknowledge problems with the scaling of PCM.
Rice University: Making memory out of silicon oxide
Design How-To  
11/3/2010   5 comments
I came across the authors' research on the ACS web site and contacted them to see if they were willing to write up their work for the Memory Designline. Happily, they agreed and have given us a glimpse into some of the research going on in resistance random access memory (ReRAM).
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