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posted in December 2004
Class D MOSFET tuned for improved audio performance
Product News  
12/21/2004   Post a comment
The International Rectifier IRF6665 DirectFET MOSFET is for medium power Class D audio amplifiers. The device parameters are tuned specifically for improved audio performance such as efficiency, total harmonic distortion and power density.
Developing Analytical Equations for Determining Power MOSFET Switching Transients
Design How-To  
12/15/2004   Post a comment
If you read only one article about power MOSFETs, this is the one you should read. It explains the switching behavior of power MOSFETs in practical application circuits and shows you how to choose the right device for the application using the specifications typically provided on manufacturer datasheets.
Dish Network Receiver: Analog pulls in the signal
12/8/2004   Post a comment
The man behind the teardowns: From the forthcoming December issue of Planet Analog magazine, David Carey dissects the Dish Network 332 Receiver, finds a number of Broadcom components and good deal of analog. His picture, inside, celebrates another year of Under The Hood on Planet Analog.
The Myth of the Neutral Wire
Design How-To  
12/8/2004   Post a comment
This white paper from American Power Conversion Corp discusses many common misunderstandings about the function of the neutral wire and its relation to power problems. The subjects of dedicated lines, phase reversal, isolation transformers, and grounding are addressed. Various myths are described and criticized.

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