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posted in February 2005
Under the Hood of the Kyocera K112: Low-tier phone leans on analog
2/16/2005   Post a comment
First launched in Brazil, the K112 handset includes games, calculator, ringtones, and an alarm. On a more technical note, the handset also features an internal antenna— an amazing bit of RF engineering in itself—to bypass those breakage-prone stubs and whips. From the February Planet Analog magazine folio, Portelligent's David Carey was impressed.
MOSFET or bipolar, which should you use?
Design How-To  
2/9/2005   Post a comment
MOSFET or bipolar, which should you use? Recent developments in bipolar transistors position the technology to rival or exceed MOSFET performance in many applications. From, a Zetex engineer reviews the characteristics and benefits of each technology to extract the best system performance.
Application processors duel
2/7/2005   Post a comment
Convergence of functionality in handset designs is constantly raising the bar for value-added features, such as cameras, games, music playback and video capturing. It is estimated that the average cost of a handset will drop from about $125 today to $110 by 2008. In contrast, the average cost of the ICs within the handset will increase from approximately $40 today to $44.50 by 2008, as consumers demand higher functionality at a low price. A versatile application processor is key to achieving a s
Adapting Ethernet Controllers to Meet Embedded Networking Needs
Design How-To  
2/3/2005   Post a comment
By improving the architecture of a non-PCI Ethernet controller, designers can improve overall system performance in consumer electronics, entertainment A/V, and home network designs.

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